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ALERT: SMY God 180 watt

KickButtAndVape has refused to publish a review of the SMY God 180 watt device after running into quality concerns and safety concerns. These are not inexpensive devices, but they are cheap. Anyone who has dropped their SMY 180 watt device even from a short distance report a dead device after picking it up. Button rattle is extreme. While it is an attractive looking device, that belies its poor quality. 

Based on this poor quality, our concerns of using this THREE-BATTERY system connected IN SERIES is heightened.

Here are five screen shots of a conversation a vendor has had with the SMY sales representative. To be fair to the sales rep, it appears he is stuck in an endless loop with his un-named boss. The end result, however, is that a vendor trying to do support with a vaper is screwed. Note that the conversations trying to get a replacement unit starts on October 30 2014 – after the vendor complied with SMY's request to send a video of the defective unit. As this writing (January 22 2015) nearly three months later, the issue is unresolved with an uncooperative SMY. And please note, at one point in the conversation, the SMY sales rep directs the vendor to contact their US office ... the vendor attempted that and received no reply from the US office and resumed discussions with the SMY sales rep.

Note: the vendor is identified as "me" from his own messaging system and is Wayne Porter of


  • Posted by Randall Carruthers on January 25, 2015, 2:56 pm

    Good read and informative. Warning recieved and understood! Thanks for the heads up, this particular mod was a running candidate when I was deciding in a purchase. Luckily (now), I went with an itaste vtr. I will pass on the word about the 180 accordingly!