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Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Mods are supposed to be "modifieds". Most used to be customized or created by their owners. Today, "mods" or Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) are powerful systems that are available commercially as well as devices that are customized from commercial products or created by their owners.

For testing purposes only, I acquired several of them. I also have received several Advanced Personal Vaporizers that are leading edge technology.

The first one I purchased is shown at the right. It is an inexpensive APV called the Vamo V5. This unit is great for newbies and costs only about $55. It is the "full" kit, that is it has extension tubes that can use batteries in virtually any configuration: either one 18650, one 18350, or two 18350 (stacked, or "in series"). 

This unit features electronics capable of changing the voltage from 3.0 volts up to 6.0 volts and can also adjust the wattage from 3.0 watts up to 15.0 watts (known as VV / VW). It features an OLED display with all the information. It can also display the atomizer/clearomizer ohms. The connector at the top can accommodate 510 or eGo atomizers/clearomizers.

It is entirely stainless steel and weighs 126g. Height is 141 mm and diameter is 22 mm. It's a hefty unit.

The second unit I bought is known as a mechanical mod. It is a really nice looking unit and a clone of the popular "Caravela" mod. (The original Caravela is no longer manufactured.)

This is quite a bit less expensive than the real unit. It is stainless steel with polished brass components. The unit at the left is called the "mixed" full kit. The different tubes are to accommodate either one 18650, one 18500, or one 18350 battery. The actuator is spring loaded at the bottom of the unit. This has a 510 threaded connector at the top and will only accommodate 510 style atomizers/clearomizers.

To use on both of these, I acquired several clearomizers, including the one at the right. It is a recently released clearomizer shown at the right. This has been reported to be a "revolutionary" design. The Aspire Nautilus features stainless steel construction, adjustable air flow, and threaded pyrex glass. It has a bottom dual coil. It's also a hefty unit and is 83.65 mm high with a diameter of 23.45 mm. The coils are available in 1.6 or 1.8 ohms. I already own several mini Aspire ET bottom dual coil clearomizers and find them to be excellent. This Nautilus should be even better, particularly since it can hold up to 5 ml of eLiquid.

In several areas of this article, I have mentioned "atomizers" or "rebuildables". There are several types of rebuildable atomizers, including "drippers". I do not plan on using or testing "drippers". Atomizers are units that are completely customizable, adjustable and most can be rebuilt. Drippers are used by what I call "competitive" vapers. They "drip" eLiquid into the atomizers and have to fill them up, usually after only 15 drops. Users of these atomizers see them as units that create huge volumes of smoke. Pesonally, I prefer the convenience of a clearomizer that I do not have to fill up more than once a day.

Obviously, there are considerably more "mods" available. I have seen some that are hand-built entirely and with some absolutely quality artisan craft work. The creativity involves in mods is awesome and inspiring (for a hobbyist and electronics guru). 

I will report more on mods as I get involved in this aspect of vaping.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 9:20 am

    I disagree with the statement that drippers are for competition and cloud chasing. I drip, I drip a lot, and not or the reasons you stated. The Nautilus is a great tank, I've had mine quite some time now, the flavor with the then new style coils is fantastic. However; the main reason I drip is for...flavor, I fave no thought to chasing clouds or competition or anything else. When I got my first rebuildable a Russian 91% clone, it is a Kayfun style rebuildable tank. After that first build got the coil in at 1.3 ohms got it wicked with pure organic cotton, filled it wkith my favorite juice...I was blown away! The flavor was incredible, since then I use my drippers, my tanks, sub ohm tanks, and believe it or not, my Nautilus is still a large part of my daily vaping. I always have it filled with one of my favorite juices of the day. Vape On!