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Innokin MVP 3.0 from Twisted Coil Vapes

Right out of the box, this is a very familiar looking device. It keeps to the traidition of the Innokin iTaste MVP line. This version, the MVP 3.0, is a solid system with familiar functionality.

Let's get through the specifications and then we'll move to functionality. The box includes:

  • The unit itself
  • A micro USB cable
  • A 510 to eGo adapter
  • User manual
  • Innokin logo stickers

The Innokin MVP 3.0 carries through with the incredible features:

Battery Level Indicator is a tri-color LED at the very top of the unit. This changes from the standard Innokin style of having the color as an outline of the fire button. The three color values remain the same though: Green means that it is nearly fully charged; Yellow means that it has reached about half capacity; and Red means it is low power and you should recharge. Charging is through the micro USB port – and that port is at the front bottom just below the OLED. You won't have to lay this on its side and mar the finish to charge. Charging is also pass-through, you can vape while charging.

Low Voltage Warning – The Red LED and Battery bar will continue blinking when the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the iTaste MVP3.0 Advanced Personal Vaporizer will automatically power off.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection – Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection protects the iTaste MVP3.0 Advanced Personal Vaporizer against shorted atomizers and will stop the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions.

The iTaste MVP3.0 features automatic real-time atomizer resistance (ohms) detection. If the resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.4 the Ohms bar will blink and the MVP 3.0 will not power on.

Voltage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 9.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments. Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 30.0 Watts in 0.5 watt increments.

The MVP 3.0 will remember the last Voltage or Wattage setting. When the iTaste MVP 3.0 is turned off it will remember the current voltage or wattage setting and it will retain the setting when the iTaste MVP 3.0 is powered on.  

The MVP 3.0, like its predecesors, is a portable power source for electronic products. To charge your portable electronic device with the iTaste MVP 3.0 plug the built-in Micro USB cable into the electronic device and power on the MVP 3.0. The included iTaste MVP 3.0 starter kit charging cable (built in, at the bottom of the MVP 3.0) can also be used. Plug the larger USB port into the MVP 3.0 and the Micro-USB into the electronic device and power on the iTaste MVP 3.0. You may only charge one electronic device at a time. Charging more than one device at the same time may damage your device – don't try it.

The MVP 3.0 also includes a 510 to eGo connector adapter.

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 retains its brick-like overall look, yet the appearance is definitely improved. The most noticeable change (and welcome, in my opinion) is moving the firing button from the width section to the depth section above the OLED display. While the button on the first version and the MVP 2.0 worked alright, if you used more than one box mod, you had to get used to a "non-standard" positioning of your hand to access the MVP 2.0 button. After using the MVP 3.0 for some time now, I really appreciate the button location being in a familiar position.

I also like the button design (as I did with previous versions). It's rectangular, but more important, the button is framed with a fixed raised portion that makes inadvertent pressing of the fire button nearly impossible.

The MVP 3.0 is slightly larger than previous versions – actually, that sort of depends on how you "view" it. The previous versions had an atomizer connector that was compatible with both 510 and eGo tanks. That means that it stuck out from the flat top. If you consider that as part of the height (which you should), then the MVP 3.0 is shorter. But, it is still wider by nearly 5 mm and the depth is 1.1 mm greater. The weight is similar despite the size difference – but you also get a huge increase in battery capacity from 2600 mAh to 3800 mAh.

You can click on the picture at the right to view the larger version. Note that the MVP 2.0 shown at the right is customized. I added a carbon fiber wrap over a silver MVP 2.0. I actually prefer the look of the MVP 3.0 with its dimpled finish.

There are supposed to be several colors available, according to Innokin. Those are: Black, Silver, Blue, and Red (look more Pink than red). However, at the retail level, the only colors I have seen are Black and SIlver.

There have been several times where I could have used the MVP 2.0 power bank functionality ... but I was without a micro USB cable. That's usually when you slap your forehead regretting not having a usb cable in your briefcase or coat pocket. With the MVP 3.0, though, they have thoughtfully designed the base with a built-in short cable with a micro USB end on it. In the picture at the right, it's that matte gray rectangle at the base of the unit. That slides out of the base to reveal a micro USB connector that you can slip into your cell phone or bluetooth headset (or any other device) for a quick charge.

Innokin have also taken another step towards standardization by changing the P and U labels on the adjustment buttons to a more familiar + and - sign.

In practical use, the MVP 3.0 is a very smooth vape. Like its predecessors, the MVP 3.0 is a direct current power to the coil. When you press the fire button, it is instantaneous power transmitted directly to the coil. Innokin products are always stable and efficient.

One aspect of the MVP 2.0 that I really liked was the 2600 mAh battery. I had absolutely no problems making that last nearly a full day of vaping ... and others reported even longer times than I experienced. The 3800 mAh battery of the MVP 3.0 is over 30% increase in capacity. That means longer vaping times.

The MVP 3.0 also supports coil resistance as low as 0.4 ohms. That clearly makes the MVP 3.0 one of the more flexible devices available today. At the upper end, it also supports coil resistance as high as 2.5 ohms.

As I mentioned at the top of this review, the MVP 3.0 will also be known as a "brick" ... this is a solid device that that will take some beating and still keep on working. Solid and reliable.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The market has been dominated lately by smaller devices that claim high capacity batteries. They are small, they are colorful, and they are light – but that is also their Achiles-heal ... being light means they are made of light and thin aluminum. Along with the light weight materials, are also some less desirable "features" like button rattle. With the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 you get a solid device. Shake it and it's solid – no button rattle, nothing "loose" to annoy you. It's built like an heirloom ... it's a device you'll be proud to own and use. And, yes, I recommend it.