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Smok XPRO M50 from Canvape

At 115 grams (4.1 oz), the Smok XPRO M50 rivals the iStick for weight. It's likely the smallest 50 watt device available (we haven't seen or heard of any smaller).

Smok is into the "mini" game big time. The XPRO M50 features a wattage range of 6.0 watts to 50.0 watts in 0.1 watt increments. As you hold the + or - buttons, the wattage increments faster the longer you hold the button. It's pretty quick to get from 6.0 watts all the way to 50.0 watts. That isn't that important, however, since you likely vape at the same wattage consistently.

At the right (top) is most of the contents of the box. What isn't shown is the "parts" packed. Below, left, there is a picture of the top and bottom of the units.

This is the first "gotcha" ... the battery is retained in place by a cover that has four hex head screws. Granted, the hex wrench is included in the package, but this is a nuissance to remove. While the battery is replaceable, Smoktech does not make it easy. You'll have to remember to have your M50 charged if you are away from your charger and USB power source. And – the second "gotcha", you won't be able to charge while out either ... this is not recommended for pass through charging/vaping.

The third (and biggest) "gotcha" is that Smoktech did not include a buck converter on the chipset. That means that if your coil is sub-ohm (like the Atlantis and Subtank at 0.5 ohms), you will always be getting the rated power capacity of the battery charge through the coil, regardless of the wattage setting you selected on screen. For example, with a battery that has a capacity of 3.5 volts and the Atlantis with an 0.5 ohm coil, you will be getting 24.5 watts – even if you selected a wattage lower than this on the M50. No buck converter. So, if you prefer to vape at lower wattage, you will need to use a higher resistance coil (in the example used, you would have to be using at least an 0.8 ohm coil to achieve 16 watts). That's a serious limitation that removes flexibility from the vaper.

Other than these three "gotchas", the Smok XPRO M50 is an incredibly stealthy device for an advanced personal vaporizer that delivers up to 50 watts. We recall when one of the first 50 watt devices was launched (the IPV 2), everyone was enamored with the high wattage ... and that's nearly double the size of the M50. Not only is the XPRO M50 small, it's light too. Nearly the same weight as the iStick, and that's with a battery in place.

The XPRO M50 is made from a zinc alloy and the box includes:

  • SomkTech XPRO M50
  • Micro USB charge cable
  • Hexagonal screw driver
  • Hexagon socket head cap screw (4)
  • 510 / EGO adaptor
  • Spare silicone button
  • User manual

Nowhere in the Smok XPRO 50 documentation is it mentioned that there is no buck converter built into the device. Because of that, I will emphasize this portion and give some examples of how this affects the settings at various coil resistance.

To get the full range of wattage from 6.0 to 50.0 watts, you will need a coil resistance of 1.9 ohms. That's based on Ohm's Law. The XPRO M50 will stop working when it reaches 3.4 volts in the battery. So, from that voltage to fully charged and to achieve the full wattage range, you need to use Ohm's Law based at 3.4 volts and 6.0 watts – and Ohm's Law says that results in 1.9 ohm resistance. Here's some other possible settings, based on 3.4 volts:

  • 7.0 watts: 1.7 ohms
  • 8.0 watts: 1.4 ohms
  • 9.0 watts: 1.3 ohms
  • 10.0 watts: 1.2 ohms
  • 11.0 watts: 1.1 ohms
  • 12.0 watts: 1.0 ohms
  • 13.0 watts: 0.9 ohms
  • 14.0 watts: 0.8 ohms
  • 15.0 watts: 0.8 ohms
  • 16.0 watts: 0.7 ohms

The two most popular tanks that would be ideal for the XPRO M50 are the Aspire Atlantis and the KangerTech Subtank. Both provide incredible flavor, throat hit, and the sub-ohm experience typical for these devices. The Aspire Atlantis is the same diameter at the very bottom and it is perfectly flush. There is a protrusion on the Atlantis slightly above the air flow ring that increases in diameter to 23.3 mm – but that does not affect the look. The Aspire Atlantis has available coils that are 0.5 ohms. The KangerTech Subtank is a larger diameter at 24.9 mm. That means that 2.9 mm will overhang the M50 – about 1.5 mm overhand on each side of the depth. On the width side, there is a finned channel on the M50 connector side and the overhang over that channel is about 1.5 mm, but the Subtank is flush at the edges outside the channel – so the overall look on the width is flush. The KangerTech Subtank has available coils that are 0.5 ohms and 1.2 ohms. For the average vaper, the 1.2 ohm coils would provide more of a full range of wattage than the sub-ohm coils – particularly in the "sweet spot" around 8.5 watts – but not quite through the full voltage range. Before the M50 stops working from a depleted battery, the lowest wattage would be 9.63.

The Smok XPRO M50 is available in four colors: Golden, Silver, Gray, and Black (as shown on the left). The picture at the left is not quite accurate – the fire button and the + and - adjustment buttons are the same color as the unit.

We received the Black unit (as shown on the right). The picture at the right is accurate, the Black unit has color matched buttons (as does all the other colors).

It's an impressively small unit. Battery life should be longer than expected since the M50 features Pulse Mode Modulation – but it's nearly a flat line meaning that the vape experience will be smooth. The bottom (picture above) has a micro USB port for charging.

The XPRO M50 has a feature that is unusual in these devices: you can switch between "Wattage Mode" and "Mech Mode" ... Mech Mode works like a mechanical mod with no regulation at all ... the battery power passes straight through to the coil. Switching back and forth between Wattage Mode and Mech Mode is fairly straight forward and described in the user manual. Rapid click the fire button three times to display the choice, when #1 is displayed press the fire button again to alternate between Wattage Mode and Mech Mode. In Wattage Mode, the M50 works like all other similar devices with adjustable voltage and adjusts in 0.1 increments. In Mech Mode the wattage displays as 0.0 and will display the wattage delivered based on the remaining voltage of the battery.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? I am quite disappointed in the "gotchas" of the Smok XPRO M50 ... really quite disappointed mainly in the lack of a buck converter that limits vapers to higher resistance coils to get the wattage range they think they are paying for. The bottom cover has four hex screws (hex wrench included) is a slight disappointment, but I understand this is to achieve the small overall size of this unit. I hesitate to recommend this ... it's a choice you will have to make – are these "gotchas" acceptable? This is really a personal choice based on your own vape preferences. You should note that the price is quite low and reflects at least the lower price of not having a buck converter.