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Smok M80 Firmware Upgrade

The Smoktech M80 Temperature Control Firmware Update is now available.

Download these two files: – this file is "M80_V1.5_alert.hex" – this file is "" (Windows PC, there is no MAC version)

Expand the files in the ZIP. The ZIP file contains the installation executable:
"Setup, NuMicro ISP Programming Tool, v1.44.exe"
... double click on that in your Windows PC and install the file. Notice where it installs it, you'll need to go there in your Windows Expolorer to find the program and launch it.

Before you proceed any further, you need to be aware that you will need a good quality USB cable for the actual upgrade of the firmware. It's quite likely your dollar store USB cable won't work. Don't blame the software and don't blame the Smoktech M80 for a poor quality USB cable. Most of the USB cables are designed to recharge only, they are not the best data transfer cables around. I ended up trying three different USB cables before finally pulling out my blood glucose meter cable and using that (worked fine).

OK, now that the software is installed, navigate to the installation location. Fine the launch program "NuMicro ISP Programming Tool.exe" ... right click, and select "Run As Administrator".

Now that the software is running, let's go through the finicky process together.

  1. Insert the USB cable in your computer, and the micro USB connector into the bottom of the Smoktech M80. (make sure you do NOT have an atomizer on it).
  2. Find a pin that you can insert into the reset hole (between the + and - buttons on the M80). I used the end of a mechanical pencil.
  3. Press the FIRE button and hold it ... then insert the pin into the reset hole and press it and then release that WHILE CONTINUING TO HOLD THE FIRE BUTTON ... you will be HOLDING THE FIRE BUTTON THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE UPGRADE PROCESS.
  4. While you hole the Fire button with one hand, use your other hand to click on the APROM button in the upgrade software.
    – now navigate to where you downloaded the .HEX file.
    – in the dialog box, it is looking for config.bin ... at the right of that, select ALL files (instead of Bin Files) and find the .HEX file
    – click on the .HEX file and then click Open
  5. At the very bottom, click on Start and watch the progress bar complete the upgrade process. Once the progress bar reaches the right hand side, you are done.

You can then release the Fire button.

To verify that you have the upgrade installed in the Smoktech M80, press and hold the Fire button while you press the reset. Release the reset, release the Fire button and the device will display the SMOK logo for a few seconds and then display a two line message: XPRO at the top, and V0005 if the upgrade was successful. If not successful it will display V0004 – so repeat the process.

If you have Nichrome 200 wire coils, you can test the temperature control functionality of the Smoktech M80. As a reminder, you can set the M80 in three modes: Wattage Mode, Mechanical Mode, and Temperature Mode. To do that, you press the Fire button three times in quick succession and display the 1. option, in two seconds, it will display one of the three modes ... you can cycle through all three until you display the Temperature option and then stop there. Two seconds later, the display will go back to normal and you are now in Temperature mode. You likely left it at the default temperature of 450 F. You can adjust that (I set mine to 420 F) by clicking the Fire button three times to get to the options screen, then click until you reach 4. with the "Hot" picture. Wait two seconds and it will display the temperature which you can adjust with the + or - buttons. Select the temperature you want and then leave that displayed until the screen returns to normal. That will then be your new Temperature selection.

Go ahead and give it a try. In the tests I ran, I found the Temperature control was not working. The upgrade did fix the fire lag time, the power now hits the coil as close to instantaneously as possible. However, if it is doing anything to control the temperature of the coil, I will be quite surprised. In practice, I was able to burn through several cotton wicks ...

I did compare the temperature control with the Vaporshark rDNA 40 and a Vapor Flash DNA 40. I know those work, the Smoktech in similar circumstances does not stop transmitting power to the coil when it exceeds the selected temperature.