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Cloupor Mini Meltdown Pictures

The Cloupor Mini has been reported by users to have melt down issues. The intial reports indicated this was a problem while charging, particuarly in pass-through mode (vaping while charging). Reports are now indicating the melt down is happening when in standby mode and not being used. The unit we have tested and reviewed was part of a batch received by a retailer in the Toronto Ontario Canada area. Of the units they received, two have melted down. We have inspected both units, and taken pictures of this one unit.

We did insert a battery into the melted down unit and it did power up. The "melt down" damage seemed to be restricted to damage of the plastic covers, discoloration and apparent melting of electronic components, and a burned odor of plastics and electronics.

We do not recommend the Cloupor Mini. If you purchase one of these units, please be cautious. We find Cloupor's claims that only 0.1% to 0.2% of Cloupor Mini units they have shipped out are reporting problems to lack credibility.

And, here is Cloupor's response. Click Here.

You can click on the pictures below to see larger versions. These were taken on February 17 2015 with my iPhone 5 camera.

In the three pictures above, note the discoloration at the positive and negative connection points of the battery. Those appear to be arcs from shorting out. There is also a shorting out arc above the negative post close to the edge of the case.