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Heatvape Defender

The Heatvape Defender is a new "mini" box style mod. It's mini in size only and max in battery capacity: 2600 mAh (20 amp).

It's an all day vape (and then some) in a very attractive form factor.

And a bonus: not only is it humongous battery capacity, everything is totally self-contained. No extra parts to carry. The top is reversible and supports both 510 and eGo threaded connections. Not only that, but this "mini" supports even the latest sub-ohm coils. All the way down to 0.5 ohms. And an incredible resistance range all the way up to 3.0 ohms.

The box includes everything you need to power up almost any clearomizer. The depth of the unit is 23.2 mm – and a perfect fit for just about all the clearomizers from 14 mm all the way up. Even the 25 mm KangerTech Subtank sits nicely with less than 1 mm on either side – darn near looks flush fit. This takes the "mini" segment of the market to new heights – and even has an floating spring-loaded center pin.

It's five clicks to power up, and five clicks to power down. Three clicks to switch between variable voltage and variable wattage. The fire button almost looks like an EVOD style firing button, but is a lot easier to find in the dark. It protrudes just ever so slightly from the case – but easy for the finger to find ... there's no mistaking that.

The OLED display is about 0.63 inches and below that is the switch for the plus and minus adjustments. It's one switch that pivots in the center. When you click either side of the pivot switch, you increase (or decrease) in 0.1 increments. If you press and hold for more than 2 seconds and then release, it increments automatically until you click the opposite side of the pivot switch ... you don't  have to hold the pivot switch until it's completed.

The top of the unit is removable and reversible. The threads are incredibly smooth. Knurled, you can actually spin them with one finger. The center pin floats – it's spring loaded and will connect even with stubborn clearomizers. You can see the top portion at the right. Put in on the regular way and it supports any tank system with a 510 connector. Flip it over and it supports any tank system with an eGo connector. And no need for beauty rings ... the 510 connector side is flush with generous air flow slots, the eGo connector side is recessed and will cover the eGo base completely. It's really innovative and slick. The top of the unit also accommodates an included lanyard. Heatvape really have thought of everything possible on this unit.

(A hand-check photo at the left showing the Heatvape Mini with Aspire Atlantis).
The "mini" advanced personal vaporizer segment is taking off like wild-fire, initiated by the iStick. It's clear to me from testing this Heatvape Defender that this is a serious contender for the top spot. It's less expensive, has nearly 20% more capacity, supports higher wattage, and is totally self-contained (no need to carry any extra parts). The finish is similar to other Heatvape vaporizers – sort of an automotive glossy finish. It does show finger prints if you look close enough. I expect this will be available in a range of colors, but at review time I only know about the black one.

The package also includes a two page user instruction guide, lanyard, and micro USB cable. Charging the unit is through the micro USB port at the bottom of the Heatvape Defender. And, it's pass through as well. You can vape while you charge. The lanyard has a pinch style ring that is really easy and simple to connect to the top of the unit ... it's a fabric unit with a wide strap that will sit comfortably around your neck.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Oh, absolutely. This is slightly deeper than the iStick and accommodates far more clearomizers because of that. For example, the Aspire Atlantis is 23.5 mm in diameter and over hangs the iStick, but sits perfectly atop the Heatvape Defender. It's like they are made for each other. At a lower price than the iStick, it offers quite a bit more capacity and wattage. The iStick has issues that you won't find in the Heatvape Defender. I used the Atlantis from 16.0 watts to 25.0 watts and enjoyed every second of smooth vaping. I also tried out various other clearomizers from 7.0 watts and up and had the same satisfying smooth vaping experience. The Heatvape Defender is a must-have.

There have been no announcements yet, but I expect Heatvape will release a series of adhesive vinyl wraps for the Heatvape Defender. The front portion where the display and buttons are located has two natural lines where these could line up. Heatvape – any plans?

My thanks to Heatvape for providing this unit to test and review.


  • Posted by Steve Sheriff on May 15, 2015, 10:04 am

    It is not a passthrough

    Reply> You can use it in pass-through mode.

  • Posted by Dave Coon on January 30, 2015, 4:42 pm

    Does it do .1 in watts

    Andy>> Yes, if you look at the specifications at the top right, it shows that increments are 0.1 watts.