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Oval v6 VV System

The Oval v6 is one "mod" that is difficult to categories. I have it here in "mods", but it really is a stealth device that may fit better in the "mid-size" category. You be the judge.

It is impossible to tell who makes the Oval v6. The instructions are not helpful (although it does spell the product as Oval, not Ovale as website promote it), no contact information, no warranty. I decided to try it after seeing several reviews: none of the reviews were outstanding by the way ... but the size of this device is what I was looking for at the time. 

The box includes the Oval v6 unit, two old style polyfill cartomizers, two 18350 long life batteries, and a charger. Oh, and a certificate of authenticity. Not sure why, this is a clone of the Gripper and not sure why anyone would clone a clone of a clone.

This may sound like it will turn into a negative review, but read on. I like this unit for several reasons. First, I will get all the negatives out of the way:

  • It's cheap. Low price and made of plastic. The plastic does not join perfectly and leaves a sense that any eLiquid leaks would destroy this thing.
  • The bottom is slightly rounded. Difficult to set down and have it stay there.
  • The clearomizer is a "well" ... it is recessed and only clearomizers up to 14 mm (0.55 in.) with a 510 only thread will work. eGo style clearomizers with the skirt covering the threads will not work – neither will any clearomizer over 14 mm (that leaves out the Vivi Nova style tanks).
  • It's gimmicky: the formed finger shapes on the one side are pretty much useless, you would have to have one very small hand for those to fit.
  • The included polyfill cartomizers may see one-time use, but that is about it. I wouldn't even trust using them once.

Now for the plus side.

  • It's cheap folks. The included batteries are worth the price of the kit. It's made of plastic folks, and you can read into that it is very light.
  • The batteries are worth every cent of the kit cost. They are an extremely long life. I have no idea what the technology of these batteries is, they are not labeled with that information. The label says "Special Lithium Battery" and 900 mAh. I suspect they are IMR, possibly NCM. If they are NCM, they are worth way more than the entire kit. Other reviewers have tried to drain these batteries as I have and after only after 28+ hours did they succeed. These batteries last and last and last.
  • It is a variable voltage system with three possible settings: 3.7 volts, 5 volts and 6 volts. At 6 volts with a 2.1 ohm coil, you are essentially getting 17.14 watts of power. At 5 volts with the same coil, you are getting 11.9 watts. At 3.7 volts with the same coil, you are getting 6.52. After trying this at 3.7 volts, I suspect you are really getting around 4.2 volts – with the same coil, that would be 8.4 watts (and where I am usually at with variable wattage devices).
  • Stealth ... this is one small unit. The height is 73.5 mm (2.89 in.). That is small. It fits in the hand perfectly and is completely hidden from view when using it.

The recessed 510 thread is a bit of a problem (shown at right). That stumped me for a while, it can severely limit what clearomizers you can use. I measured the 510 connector from the seating position to the top of the Oval v6. That came out at 8 mm (0.315 in.). I ended up looking for a 510 to 510 extension, but found none (locally at least) that were tall enough without having to stack multiple adapters. I then found a near-perfect solution. I bought an eGo to 510 thread adapter (shown at left). Before I paid for it, I tested it in the Oval v6 with an Aspire ET-S BDC clearomizer that has eGo style threads. The fit was absolutely perfect, so I bought the adapter. On leaving, I decided to try the adapter with an Aspire Nautilus tank. The Nautilus is quite large at a diameter of 21.5 mm ... there is no way this tank would fit in the recessed area. But, it does sit nicely above the Oval v6 with the eGo/510 adapter. And it works. The nice thing about the eGo/510 adapter is that it has two small air vents in the edge of the adapter. I used a blade across both of those air vents and managed to tighten the adapter into the Ovale v6 so it would be very difficult to unscrew it when removing a clearomizer.

At the right, I have put a picture of the Oval v6 with the eGo/510 adapter firmly screwed in place. It does stick out a bit, but as you can see on the left, that doesn't show when an eGo style clearomizer is threaded on. 

The black Aspire ET-S BDC clearomizer looks nice on the Ovale v6 too. 

Now, let's get on to performance.

I mentioned previously that the finger forms on the Ovale v6 are useless. I think it is more gimmicky than functional. In practice, you "palm" the Oval v6 with your fingers on an angle, they wouldn't fit the finger forms anyhow. Once you do that, the firing button is perfectly aligned with your thumb and is very easy and intuitive to use.

I vape with either hand and the Oval v6 when used this way works great. 

I even set the unit on a table, the rounded bottom has a bit of a rocking motion, but it did stay straight without tipping over.

The button fires firmly. The firing action is positive, that is you can tell when it fires with a bit of a click. The button also is the selector for the variable voltage as well as turns the unit on and off. You have to cycle through the entire range for both on and off, though. With no included instructions, I had to find a video to figure it all out. Here's what I discovered.

When you put in freshly charged batteries, the unit is off by default. To turn it on, click the firing button five times. At the back of the unit, there are three small holes, each with different colors. Looking at the unit from the back, with those three holes upwards, the right LED is red and indicates 3.7 volts. The middle LED is orange and indicates 5.0 volts. The left LED is blue and indicates 6.0 volts. So, when you turn on the device it is in 3.7 volt mode. To get to 5.0 volts, click the firing button five more times. To get to 6.0 volts, click the firing button five more times. To turn off the unit, click the firing button five more times. That means if you are in 3.7 volt mode and want to turn off the unit, you have to click five times, pause, click five times, pause, and click five times again. The reason for the pause in between is the LED is still blinking, clicking too quickly will not have any effect.

When I first put the Aspire ET-S BDC on the Ovale v6, I set it up for 6.0 volts. Ooooo, what a hit and tons of vapor. I wasn't able to calculate the ohms at that point (I was in my car driving at the time), but have since determined that with the Aspire ET-S BDC coil, that 6.0 volt ended up giving me 17.14 watts. That is more than double what I usually vape at. It was too much for me, so I backed off to 5.0 volts. Ooooo, what a hit again and tons of vapor. Turns out that was 11.9 watts and still more than I usually vape at – acceptable, but a bit harsh for regular vaping (for me at least). So, I backed off to 3.7 volts. Ooooo, what a hit again and tons of vapor. After checking when I got home, this should be giving me 6.52 watts, but I have serious doubts about that. I think the 3.7 volts is really 4.2 (maybe even 4.3) which means this is outputting 8.5 watts or a bit more. That's where I usually vape at and perfect. This is the lowest setting too. I should be able to get a full day of vaping out of this, at the very least, before needing a recharge.

It may be cheap, but I am satisfied with the Oval v6. 

Would I recommend this to anyone else? Yes, I would but with a few qualifiers: 1) make sure you use it with a clearomizer that you know will not leak. I am not 100% certain, but looking at this unit leaves me with doubts that the plastic joinery is tight – I suspect leaks would go into the housing and could cause damage to the circuitry and possibly the batteries; 2) get an adapter for the recessed 510 threaded connector (eGo threaded clearomizers will NOT work, this is 510 only). You essentially have several choices for overcoming the 510 only recessed threads. You can choose a 510 only clearomizer: the only one I found still available is the Aspire BDC 510 (it is 14 mm) – but that limits you to only one choice (please note: you can also use clearomizers designed for the e-Smart, 510 clearomizers like the Vivi Nano, and 510 cartomizers). You can find a 510 to 510 threaded extension: however, most websites do not provide specifications for their extensions and I have tested a few finding that the highest is one with a body that is 5 mm (you would need to stack two of those together for it to work). The third option is the one I went with: an eGo thread to 510 thread adapter – it is about 9 mm high overall (it sticks above the Oval v6 a bit, but with the rounded nature of the top, that leaves room for larger tanks like the Nautilus and others). The eGo/510 adapter seems to me to be the best overall compromise. You can use any 510 clearomizer/cartomizer and any 14 mm eGo style clearomizer. Note I said 14 mm eGo style: those will still need to go into the recessed portion of the Oval because of the skirt on the clearomizer. The Oval v6 is great value (cheap for what it does), is a real work horse for vaping like a mod, and is stealthy.