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Dovpo E LVT 2 from VapeB2B

The original Dovpo E-LVT was one of my favorite mods and this version 2 is every bit its equal – but extends the functionality to today's sub-ohm coils and requirements for higher wattage.

You can click on the image at the left to see the larger image of all colors available: gray, green, blue, camo, purple and brown. The one I received for testing and review is the one shown at the right in the box: bright blue (and hard to lose).

The dimensions are the same as the original. What's changed are excellent improvements:

  • Variable wattage from 7.0 to 30.0 watts
  • Coil resistance range from 0.3 ohms to 1.0 ohms (15 to 30 watts) and 1.0 to 3.0 ohms (7 to 15 watts)
  • New logos (product and company)

It features the same quality zinc alloy frame and silicone "skin", LED flashlight at the bottom of the unit, power bank functionality and pass through charging.

The top is a gold color plating adjustable screw (as shown at the right). The beauty ring around the top (21.3 mm) covers a 510 and eGo connector to provide maximum compatibility with just about any *mizer tank – and it's removable so cleaning is really easy and accessible.

The Dovpo E-LVT remains one of the most rugged devices on the market and is ideal for trades people, mechanics, sports enthusiasts, hunters, folks that love the outdoors and many others. A friend of mine that owns one ran over it with a mini-van ... wiped off the tire marks and you couldn't even tell that anything had happened. It worked flawlessly.

The E-LVT 2 is marketed as a water resistant device. It's rated for IPX level 1 water resistance, meaning that it can be splashed with water – possibly even submerged for a split second – and remain functional. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use it in a light rain or snow – and at this time of year for us northerners, it's a great vape without having to worry about inclement weather. My E-LVT is always with me in the side pocket of my car (now, it's the E-LVT 2).

Included with the E-LVT in the package:

  • The alloy/silicone unit
  • Spare battery cover screws
  • Spare clearomizer connector screw
  • Mini philips head screw driver
  • Dual-head micro USB cable (micro USB and Lightning)
  • Very good user manual

The Dovpo E-LVT review is posted at this link. It's always been a keen competitive product to the MVP even doubling as an emergency power bank. The E-LVT actually surpassed the MVP in many areas. Now the Dovpo E-LVT 2 surpasses all versions of the MVP easily ... and is ideal for our weather conditions – particularly now with rain, sleet and snow. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? When the Dovpo E-LVT first version came out, I received a test unit and bought a second. It's the same with the E-LVT 2 ... I received a bright blue unit to test, and I'm rushing out to buy a second ... not sure what color this time, but I am partial to the camo green. The E-LVT 2 is pass through charging and sits really comfortably in the hand. The width is nice, the height is nice, the thickness is nice (and well shaped). About the only issue of this that I find strange is that the silicone "skin" is actually slippery on a hard surface ... only occasionally I want to stand this up on a counter while I wash my hands and it tends to "slip" onto its side. But, that's the only issue ... vaping with the E-LVT 2 is a pleasant experience with rock-solid electronics. And as with the E-LVT first version, I wish they would have put the micro USB input port on the opposing side – but that is by no means a show stopper, just something to get used to. So, yes, I highly recommend this.