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iCig V9

Oh, it's unusual alright. Just look at it at the right. At the top you can see the light emitting diode that can turned on or off while you vape. In a darkened environment, you can enable this to shower your cloud with four different light colors and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. Even the buttons are unusual in design and shape.

Right up front: I do not recommend this product. The electronics are inaccurate. I use a lot of box mod systems – to get the same vape from the Icig V9, I have to set the wattage to double any other device. The LED at the top fires at the most inappropriate times – like when you have the tank pointed at your face and the LED fires into your eyes. Poorly thought out with an emphasis on the gimmicky.

It's also wrapped in PU Leather. A nice striking dark brown leather. PU Leather is described as: "Bicast leather (also known as bi-cast leather, bycast leather or PU leather, sometimes described as split leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane (hence the term PU leather) that is applied to the surface and then embossed". So, it's leather, but it isn't. It's still a nice overall look, but will not last anywhere near as long as leather.

The bottom is also very unusual ... look to the left. It features the + and - buttons and the micro USB port (with a reset). Look closely and you will also notice that there is an edge around the entire bottom so that setting this down will not inadvertently click the + or - buttons.

The top is "close" to what you would expect to see – except for that "bulb" over on the left. It's a light emitting diode that can change colors. While you vape, you can have the LED power on and shine it at the clouds of vapor you generate. In a darkened environment, you stand out from the crowd. With the position of the button, it's also easy to light up the LED while you are vaping and get an eyefull of all the different colors this automatically switches to. Note that I used this with the KangerTech Subtank ... even at 25 mm diameter, the Subtank fits almost perfectly with about 0.5 mm of the Icig V9 edge still visible – darn near flush. Note that the 510 connector is fixed and not adjustable or floating. Roughly half of the tanks I tried on this did not connect.

The power button is also an unusual shape. is an oval that is shaped to the round edge of the top zinc top.

The inside of the unit is remarkably clean and free of visible glues. The cover is held in place with two philips head screws (there is also a screw driver included in the package). You'll need something flat to lift off the cover, it doesn't "pop" out on its own.

This works with one single 18650 battery. Since it supports a maximum of 20.0 amps for input current, a 20 amp battery is quite sufficient. I used it with the Efest 3100 20 amp purple battery and got some decent life from it.

Make no mistake about it, as nice and unusual a design as this is, it is still a very powerful and functional device supporting variable wattage from 5 to 50 watts in 0.1 watt increments. It also supports coil resistance from 0.2 ohms to 3.3 ohms. It's quite the range and provides you flexibility.

The bottom and top are made of zinc and painted with a paint resistant to finger prints and finger oils.

When I first got this, I was taken aback a bit by what initially looked like missing buttons to adjust the wattage. I was further taken aback by finding them in an unusual location. They are at the bottom beside the micro USB port. The buttons are a BB style – and fortunately there is a lip around the entire bottom so that you can set the unit down without clicking the adjustment buttons. 

I really don't know that many vapers that go beyond 30 watts. Some may these days with the sub-ohm clearomizers available (Aspire Atlantis or KangerTech Subtank) that support up to 40/45 watts. Any advanced personal vaporizers supporting up to 50 watts really covers the vast majority of vapers and the possible tanks they have. This unit supports sub-ohm resistance as low as 0.2 ohms and as high as 3.3 ohms – again, a range that is far more than most of us need or use.

The zinc components of this device make it a bit on the heavy side – but not unusually heavy. The dimensions are reasonable and comfortable. I don't expect the PU Leather finish to last long though ... but to someone handy with double-sided vinyl, it should be fairly simple to recover and still have use of this unusual device.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? You really have to be "into" unusual devices. I like using devices that aren't that common. The iCig V9 is part of the family of devices made by iCig. This is the company that made that ridiculous Muse ... some people loved it, most couldn't stop laughing when they saw it. This one, at least, can be practical and has some appealing features and looks great. I like it, but recommend it only for those looking for an unusual design and those that understand its limitations (you have to set the wattage a lot higher than other devices to achieve the same vape). One note of caution: I question the accuracy and engineering of this device – for example, to get a "reasonable" vape using the Icig V9 with the KangerTech Subtank, I had to set it to 14.0 watts. The same "reasonable" vape on the IPV Mini is set at 8.5 watts. Overall, I don't recommend this for the average vaper. I've also now modified the LED firing button and glued it in place so that it can no longer fire – it's nothing more than a poorly thought out and poorly implemented gimmick.

Update - February 16 2015: I hate to give up on anything. I decided to figure out how to take this apart and disable the LED light and LED firing button. The top has a plastic over cover that is held in place with double sided tape. Once removed, there are four screws holding the top in. I removed all of those and it exposed fairly clean assembly and I was able to cut the two wires (and seal those) for the LED light and LED button. Surprisingly, once I did that it seemed that the device started firing at an accurate wattage (closer to what it is set on the OLED display). Strange, but after reassembly it is a safer vape with no possibility that the LED will inadvertently fire into your eyes while vaping. It's still a gimmicky device that I do not recommend.