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Innokin VTR from Total Evapes

Comprehensive, long lasting, slick, superb system!

As shipped, this is as complete as it gets. All you need to add is eLiquid and a battery and you are ready to vape for at least a full day. 

Before I received this unit, I had heard quite a bit about it. Yes, it is large and heavy. Yes, it is extremely well designed and built. Yes, it is a high-end unit with high-end components. And, this is the revised version with the fixed 510 connector (that doesn't rattle). It even sub-ohms, as low as 0.6 ohms.

The Innokin VTR is 22.2 x 54.4 x 106 mm (0.87 x 2.14 x 4.17 in.) in size. It features variable voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in 0.1 increments, variable wattage from 3.0 to 15.0 in 0.5 increments using an 18650 high drain battery (unprotected). I used one of the new Sony VTC4 2100 mAh rated at 30 amps. This setup ran an incredible 26 hours with a bit of power still left. 

The Innokin VTR ships with an iClear 30S clearomizer. The combination is one power house vaping machine. Incredible power and incredible taste. I have reviewed the iClear 30S before and found it to be one amazing clearomizer with absolutely faithful taste. The eLiquid you put in the iClear 30S is the same taste after the awesome iClear coil does its job. And with the Innokin VTR powering this taste tank, you have a system that will deliver the taste for long sessions. 

I like every Innokin product I have tried, used and tested. The quality is apparent starting with the packaging. There is no guessing with Innokin. The product is well identified with serial numbers and certificates of authenticity. You can verify the product you received is an authentic product by visiting the Innokin website and typing in the number on your box and get feedback immediately. It's easier than that though ... this is one of the few products that have current and relevant instruction manuals. The instructions are clear, well written, informative and complete. All certifications are included.

The Innokin VTR is compatible with all popular standards. The threaded clearomizer that is recessed into the unit is designed specifically for the iClear 30S or any other 510-only threaded clearomizer that is up to 18mm in diameter and at least 41mm high. I need to note that the iClear 30B at 19mm does not fit, but I was able to use other clearomizers like the Davide BDC and the KangerTech Aerotank. For other clearomizers, Innokin includes an extension tube that fits into the recessed area and you can then attach your tank at the top of the Innokin VTR. Kudos to Innokin for thinking this through and making an attachment that lets us vape any clearomizer we want to use.

The screen on the VTR is similar in concept to the VV V3.0 and the MVP. It is a chrome look with the display only visible when on. The power button is at the side (away from the clearomizer). The button is easy to find and even has five small bumps to make it easy to feel/find. There is a light panel above the button for the Innokin familiar color displays (red/orange/green). Adjustment is different than the other Innokin products though. You press a button at the top and rotate the dial for functionality. Innokin call the top button its "function" key. Press it and hold for two seconds to display the coil resistance (ohms). Press for one second and you display either the current volts or watts. To switch between volts and watts, you press the function key until the ohms display, release, and press again to switch between volts and watts. Once you have your selection made, use the rotator wheel to increase/decrease your selection. It sounds more complicated than it really is, you get used to it quite quickly and it is fairly intuitive.

The firing button at the site is also the standard on/off switch. It follows the standard Innokin style: press three times and the unit powers on. Press three times again and the unit powers off. When you power on, the light display above the button will cycle through the standard Innokin colors to alert you of remaining battery capacity. Red means you need a recharge fairly soon, orange is about 50% capacity remaining, and green is nearly fully charged. Press and hold the button, and it fires the clearomizer coil for you to vape.

The Innokin VTR uses 18650 batteries of your choice. These can be unprotected batteries and virtually any capacity that suits you. Get the new style high drain 30 and 35 amp batteries and you are ready for some serious time vaping. Just as important, you can also use more inexpensive batteries and have just as great a vaping experience. The batteries may not last quite as long as the high amp ones, but they work just as well.

This unit is on the heavy side. Weight is not documented in the instructions, but it is heavier than the MVP unit. Much of this has to do with some outstanding materials, though. This is designed and built to last and the components clearly show that. Even the ejection tube for the battery is made of metal and is spring loaded ... no cheap plastics in this unit.

Innokin packages the VTR in a padded aluminum carry case. For shipping purposes, that is wrapped in bubble wrap and inside a gift box. 

This is not an inconscpicuous or "stealth" device. This makes the statement you are vaping!

For those interested in using the VTR with sub-ohm atomizers: yes, it is possible. There are reports of the VTR being used with low resistance coils (as low as 0.6) and firing properly.

Total Evapes offers the Innokin VTR for $99. My thanks to them for providing this unit for review. Look for this unit as a contest price in an upcoming promotion ...


  • Posted by paul gibson on March 3, 2015, 2:18 pm

    I use my VTR with an aspire nautilus mini, you have to leave the coil and airflow ring on the device and just unscrew the tank, if you get the snowflake patterned stainless and pyrex mini this is very easy to do with a bit of practice and it blows the innokin tank out of the water :)