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KangerTech KBox from Twisted Coil Vapes

Packaged in the new style red KangerTech box, this new KangerTech KBox represents a new direction for KangerTech.

This is the very first mod they have released.

And, it's nice. It's priced right. And it's unusual.

First, let's go over some specifications and what's included in the box: there is the unit itself (as shown at the right), an instruciton manual, and a certificate of authenticity along with instructions on how to check for authenticity. It's minimalistic.

The unit is designed for a single 18650 battery with a maximum discharge of 20 amps. The wattage range is 8 watts to 40 watts. It does have safety features: short circuit protection, over current protection, over use (10 seconds) protection. If you look at the unit at the right, the narrow section near the bottom is where you will find two rows of small LED lights. This is not your typical OLED screen, the small LED lights are the indicators. On the left side, that row of LED lights is to indicate the battery charge remaining. The LED lights at the right are for each of the supported wattage steps. The increments are 8, 13, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 watts. Those are fixed steps, nothing in between.

This is clearly designed for the KangerTech Subtank ... I put the 25mm Subtank on the KBox and it's an absolutely perfect fit. The KBox with the Subtank is flush all the way from the bottom to the very top. You'll also like the spring loaded 510 connector. I don't want to leave you the impression this will work only with the Subtank ... it is a 510 connector and the top has generous air channels for any tank that has air flow through the connector. Any tank with a 510 connector will work with the KBox.

The combination shown at the right is with the KangerTech Subtank Mini. You can see where even the smaller diameter of the Mini tank looks perfectly suited to the KBox.

There are two design elements that I hope get some attention and improvements in the next version though. The fire button (you can see it at the top image) sits in a housing with an outer ring that gives a false sense of security. Anytime I've ever seen that style of outer ring, it protects the fire button from being accidentally pressed. Not so with the KBox. When put on a flat surface, the fire botton will fire.

At the left is the bottom view of the KangerTech KBox. The battery cap is knurled to make it easier to grasp and screw in or out.

I found two issues with this, though. The first is that the threads are not smooth ... the aluminum body appears to be sand (or glass) blasted. The resulting finish is great for overall look, but the blasting is done after the threads are machined into the body. The blasting also impacts the threads making them rougher than they need to be. When you combine that with a very stiff spring, getting the battery cap on is a challenge (getting it off is not a problem). When you want to put the battery in and screw the cap back on, you have to use pressure on the top to counter the strong spring while trying to turn the cap to thread it onto not-so-smooth threads. Once you get the threading started, it gets a bit easier though – but it is difficult to do with one hand (I had to hold the unit with one hand, grasp the cap with the other hand and use the index finger of the first hand to push so that it would keep the cap in a straight line threading in).

Overall, this is a pleasant device to use and vape with. It sits comfortably in the hand. I honestly don't miss an OLED screen. I actually prefer the minimalistic design of this device, there are fewer parts that can get damaged and the construction has fewer moving parts (and nothing loose, nothing rattling).

When I initially unboxed the KangerTech KBox and looked at the tiny LED displays, I really expected to be disapointed in the limited wattage selection. Surprisingly, the choices offered work quite well. And the more I thought about it, it's an awful lot like the new features on a competitive product offering memory settings ... five of them. I have several of those competitive devices, and the memory functions are basically what I stick with, I don't seem to adjust beyond that. And the wattage range matches the levels of the new sub-ohm tanks almost perfectly.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? A short few months ago, a device with these capabilities would have been nearly twice its size (and nearly three times its price). The KangerTech KBox is in the "mini" class and a wonderful fit in the hand. It certainly is well designed and built. I can't emphasize that enough – too many of these devices give you that "shake, rattle and roll" feeling when you use them. The KangerTech KBox has nothing loose and no button rattle. It's solid. You'll get that sense of quality the minute you hold it. It also is a very nice and smooth vape. The price point of this is just excellent and a must have.


  • Posted by randall peevey on May 31, 2015, 3:45 am

    These are the best box mods out theout that is what has helped me on making the decisins on what items i have for the price I bought me 2 of them and 5 kangertech sub tanks 2 each nano,sub tank plus l sub tank 6 ml. I'm a bed fast disabled veteran I'm stuck in a hospital bed 24/7 here at home I mix my own juices and make my own coils and wick them just have my wife hand me what box I need gives me something to do and at my Vale store these only cost between $22.00/$25.00 and I run all 5 my atomizers on 13 watts works great big vapor and my juices taste great especially my sweet Camel and l good thing is they take either flat top batteries or button top I already had 12 batteries because that is what my cree brand flash lights take so I can use a 3,000 may or a 5,000 may they work fine and they last about day and half to two days the easy simple settings is nice nothing fancy but for the price the are very excellent and in 2 days when I get my disability check I'm buying 3 more then the 22 vision 1650 batteries and all the pro tank mini and other atomizers are going to find them a new owner really cheep because with 5 k box and sub tanks I'm setup for the 5 tobacco flavored juices I vape I've tried all the juices just about there is and when I smoked for 52 years I smoked tobacco not fruit or pie or candy I was about to die on oxygen 24/7 coughing my head off 3weeks after I started vapeing I quit halfing to have oxygen and my oxygen machine has not been turned on since that was 3 year ago may 11 this month so its been 3 years 20 days ago and I'm still alive and my oxygen level went from 86% to 98% in the first year the doctors can not believe how much the ecigarettes done for my health I'm living proof of how good they are over regular cigarrettes god bless the person that invented them and also GOD bless all you balding friends out there and try these k box from kangertech you will be very satisfied with it thank you all out there in the

    Vapeing community for all you're reviews and the things you have figured out

    Reply: Thank you for letting us know of your successes with vaping. Keep up the good work. A special thanks to your loved ones for helping you.