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Luxyoun Smaug V2

I decided to proceed with this review since the Luxyoun Smaug V2 has its dual 18650 batteries connected in parallel. There first is the challenge of verifying the maximum output can even make it to 150 watts with essentially a 4.2 volt limitation (connected in parallel). The next challenge is accepting that a mod with these specs can be priced so low and have any quality. The final challenge is trying to filter through the wide assortment of comments from users: some complain about the quality, some rave about it.

I received the silver unit. There are three colors available: Silver, Black, and Blue. 

This clearly has been updated since I first heard about the Luxyoun Smaug. This version 2 has nearly identical specifications, but the changes are quite welcome. 

The battery cover is now magnetic. I don't think any mod should come with a back cover held in place with those tiny screws anymore. The other change is the buttons – they are now in a triangular shape instead of the typical round ones that we see on all mods. 

Other than that, the device seems to be the same as the original. The specs have not changed, the chipset set seems to be identical, and the OLED display seems to be the same. 

The risk with these dual battery systems is minimized with Luxyoun's implementation as an "in parallel" mode connection. This means that the total voltage going into the device is the maximum charge of 4.2 volts. The increase is in the mAh, that gets doubled. I am testing this with two new purple Efest 2500 mAh batteries. That means I am going to get a total of 5000 mAh – and, if that is working as it should, the time between charges should be two days of all day vaping (or more).

At the right, is the Luxyoun Smaug V2 bottom portion that shows the vent holes and the micro USB port. Included in the box is a micro USB cable and it can be used for charging the device. The manual suggests to remove the batteries and charge them in a dedicated charger, though. I had no problems charging with the micro USB. I also tried it in pass-through mode and it did work – I'm not sure anyone should vape while charging. There's a lot going on with charging two batteries simultaneously and a lot of heat generated with the charging process. Adding to that heat load by also drawing power from the batteries is an unnecessary risk.

Once you remove the magnetic back cover, the insides are clean and clearly display the "in parallel" connection of the batteries. There is reverse battery protection built into the device. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but near the + sign of the left battery, there are a couple of wires visible. The one I received has these wires a bit on the long side and needed to be pushed back into the frame. The frame, by the way, is aluminum. Despite the light weight materials used, it still comes in at around 268 g with the batteries in place.

The top  has a copper 510 connector. My only issue is that this is a fixed connector and can only be adjusted with a flat top screw driver. It's difficult to see, but the top surface of the 510 connector is chromed and slightly raised above the frame body. The air flow slots would work well for those atomizers with air flow through the 510 connector. Threading on the connector is very very smooth. If you look at the picture at the left, you can also see the dragon image on the side of the device. I could have done without that ... but it seems that many Asian manufacturers have a need to include some type of dragon related graphic on their devices. Oh well, time to take out my carbon fiber and wrap this to hide that graphic.

I am quite impressed that the Luxyoun Smaug V2 functions so well at this price point. It has buck and boost converters (well, boost is pretty darn obvious – you can't get to 150 watts without boost). 

Other users of previous versions of the Luxyoun products had reported that the buck conversion generated a humming or buzzing type of noise when you set low wattage. That was indicating that the buck converter was generating that noise in reducing the power output from the battery to the lower level needed to reach the low wattage.

This Luxyoun Smaug V2 does not have ANY noise associated with high or low wattage. It's a nice quite device and provides a very pleasant vape. Pressing the fire button gets power to the coil near instantaneously. Also surprising is minimal button rattle. The workmanship on the device is quite good – certainly better than its low price suggests it would be.

I used this with the new Aspire Atlantis V2. The coil is 0.3 ohms and I had the device set to 20 watts. What a terrific experience. The direct current from the Luxyoun Smaug V2 fired the coil quickly and a minimal 3 second inhale generated vast amounts of clouds. At 50 watts, it took a bit for the clouds to dissipate. I tried it all the way to 80 watts (the maximum rating for the coil), and was absolutely pleased. The big difference is that at 80 watts you only need an inhale for slightly less than 2 seconds to generate your own weather pattern.

While the frame itself is all aluminum, the panels and inserts are an acrylic plastic material. The plastic is shiny too, and show hand prints quite easily ... ah, another reason to put carbon fiber wrap on this. Ok, I've convinced myself now.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? When it comes to dual battery systems, I report only. I do not recommend any dual battery system for anyone. If you choose to buy a device with dual battery systems you need to be aware of the risks and consider those as one of the major criteria in your purchase decision. Any of these devices featuring dual batteries have to offer additional protection. Pairing batteries is extremely important – you need to "marry" two batteries together. Buy them at the same time, charge them at the same time, use them at the same time. Dual batteries connected in series should never be charged with the batteries in the device ... unless the charging system in the device and the charger has load balancing, you are taking a major risks of "blowing up" the batteries while they are in your device. Charging batteries that are connected "in parallel" is safer, there really is no need for load balancing as long as the wiring and soldering transfer the power equally between the two batteries. Where "in parallel" batteries are risky is while they are being used, there is a potential for one battery to be weaker than the other which means one battery could actually be charging the other while it is being used. Understand that batteries generate heat when being discharged and generate heat when being charged. In a dual battery setup (in parallel, or in series), you should never use them in pass-through. And, the negative I would give to the Luxyoun Smaug V2 is that Luxyoun should have added one more feature: disable the fire button when the device is charging through the micro USB port. Caveat emptor (buyer beware). And, a quick note. Vendors offering this device show in the description that it includes a spare 510 connector pin and a screw driver. The box includes the mod itself, a micro USB cable and user instructions. Nothing else but the small plastic bag that the mod is slipped into to protect the finish while in transit.