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Vaporshark rDNA from Stinky Canuck

Excellent form and function.

Vaporshark have released their anticipated rDNA mod. Slightly bigger than the original VaporShark DNA, the rDNA features a replaceable 18650 for those looking for a larger capacity battery in a high performance Advanced Personal Vaporizer.

Designed by Vapor Shark, the rDNA features 120 day warranty, plus:

  • Powered by Evolv DNA 30
  • Pocket Size
  • Resistance from 0.5 ohm up
  • 7 to 30 watts
  • Spring-Loaded Gold Plated Center Pin
  • Sony VTC4 (2100 mAh)
  • 800 mAh USB Pass Through Charging
  • Improved Tactile Buttons

This features an authentic Evolv DNA 30d chipset and LED display. It features five clicks to lock/unlock the battery. You can also lock and unlock the wattage up and down button. If you press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for 7 seconds, it locks. Press again simulataneously for 7 seconds to unlock.

Other functions only work when the unit is in battery lock mode:

  1. Press the fire button and - for normal mode (preset in "normal" mode where the screen displays)
  2. Press the fire button and hold the - button for stealth mode (no screen display, toggles)
  3. Press the fire button and hold the + button until the "left mode" displays (preset in left mode)
  4. Press the fire button and hold the + button until the "right mode" displays (toggles)

The screen is located at the bottom of the unit with a raised edge to prevent the screen from getting scratched or damaged when setting the unit on a level surface. 

The back of the Vaporsharp rDNA has a Philips head screw. The screw holds the cover in place covering the replaceable 18650 battery. This is one complete unit that even includes a Sony VTC 4 2100 mAh battery (already installed). There really is no need to remove the cover unless you want to replace the battery: charging is through a micro USB port on the lower front corner of the front of the rDNA. The charger is an 800 mAh pass-through and the cable is included in the package.

This is packaged in a hinged cover acrylic package with the instructions printed on a sleeve inside the clear acrylic box (and visible without opening the box).

The 510 connector is spring loaded and gold plated for solid power transfer to the coil. Ah, and while mentioning the coil, this unit supports sub-ohming with as low as 0.3 ohm coils. I really like the spring loaded connector pin ... I have a few atomizers that are non-adjustable at the clearomizer end and they all work with the Vaporshark rDNA. Plus, the top is well vented with four large vent slots that conform perfectly with the lines of the box mod.

I really like rectangular box mods. They fit nicely in the hand – but this unit is the smallest there is. Perfect for carrying, nicely sized for the hand. What I really like is the buttons, though. After using the Hana mod that hurt when using the BB style buttons, the flat style buttons of the Vaporshark rDNA are very very welcome. The firing button also features a round blue light that activates when pressing. The only confusing part of that is when the device is locked, the blue light still activates.

Like the original Ford Model T, this unit is available in various colors: black, black, and black – and in a nice satin finish. This still will show fingerprints, but the satin finish subdues those finger prints and make them barely visible. 

This is one of the few units that use a DNA chipset where the firing button is instantaneous on pressing, even from a shut down display. Most of the DNA devices have a lag time ... and frustrating. Vaporshark have resolved this and transmission of power to the coil is as close to instantaneous as you can get. I normally vape at 8.5 watts with most devices – with the Vaporshark, 7.5 provides the same flavor and throat hit. And that means a longer lasting battery without compromising on the vape experinece I am used to.

As the image at the left shows, the screen displays battery charge remaining, the coil resistance (ohms), voltage being transmitted, and wattage setting.

With the screen at the bottom, I took advantage of the "stealth" mode setting and turned off the display so that when I pressed the fire button, the screen would not display. It still displays important information, though, just not while firing. For example, it will display when locking and unlocking the battery, or when locking and unlocking the wattage. I like the screen, it is small but very informative. I also like that the display has two intensity levels. When in normal mode, the display is in full intensity, and when in stealth mode (for those funcitons that display) the screen is in half intensity.

The Vaporshark rDNA has a nice heft to it. It is neither too light nor too heavy, just a nice feeling and weight. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? There are a very few authentic advanced personal vaporizers made in North America. The Vaporshark clearly shows design superiority, engineering excellent and superb built quality. I removed the back cover off the unit to have a look at the inner built quality – and something as simple as a plastic washer under the cover where it screws in means that this is not going to rattle if slightly loose. Inside the quality is as superior as the outside. It's an outstanding unit. The Hana Modz is larger, but lighter. The Vaporshark rDNA has user-friendly buttons. Both are priced nearly identical. My personal preference is the Vaporshark rDNA. I chose that over the Vaporshark DNA which is smaller – largely because the rDNA has a replaceable 18650 battery.