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Innokin iTaste V3.0

The iTaste V3.0 is a microprocessor controlled variable-voltage/variable-wattage (VV/VW) personal vaporizer that lets you adjust the voltage or wattage in seconds with just a few button presses.

This "cube" design kit is available in White, Black, Chameleon, Pearl and Chrome. The battery is rated at 800 mAh, equivalent to about 8 hours of use before needing a recharge.

Some of the features are incredible for a device this size. It features Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage. Choose between the two and the microprocessor automatically adjusts the other. At the bottom of the unit is a LED display that can show the Puff count, voltage, wattage, battery indicator and the clearomizer resistance (ohms). With flexibility in mind, the iTaste V3.0 has a pass-through standard micro USB charge port. You can charge and vape at the same time. Having the charge port at the bottom has multiple advantages: you do not have to remove the clearomizer to charge, the micro USB charge port doubles as a battery vent, and uses a standard micro USB cable to charge.

The top of the iTaste V3.0 features a connector that is fairly standard in the industry: a 510 thread and eGo style thread for compatibility with a wide range of cartomizers, clearomizers, and atomizers. The actuator button maintains the "cube" look and is multi-colored. The actuator button will glow green indicating full battery life, yellow indicating half capacity, or red indicating charging needed. Click the actuator three times in succession to turn off the battery, three times again to power on. While at this end of the battery, also note in the picture showing the thread connectors, the corner edges are bevelled – when you use a round *tomizer the fit is absolutely perfect!

The battery is 15 mm square with rounded edges by 108.5 mm in length. That's .59 inches square by 4.27 inches in length. There is a distinct advantage to the cube design: put the iTaste V3.0 down (car seat, sofa, table) and it stays put. Unlike the eGo style round batteries, you won't be hunting under your sofa to find this. It will be exactly where you put it down!

Innokin is known for its innovation and quality. The iTaste V3.0 does not disappoint: it is solid, extremely well balanced, and beautifully designed! The complete kit, as shown at the top right, includes: the iTaste VV (V3.0) 800mAh Polymer Li-ion Intelligent Rechargeable Battery, an iTaste USB Cable, a USB Power Charger, FIVE empty iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizers, and an Instruction Manual. This is all packaged in an attractive Gift Box.

When I tested this, I had several aspects that I wanted to spend extra time looking at. The first seems to be such a waste of words when there is such meana great looking device to test out: but those tests really have meaning when properly explained. Ohm's Law, as it applies to eCigs, works this way: The resistance (ohms) of the clearomizer is fixed. When the volts are set through the adjustable + / - buttons, the iTaste V3.0 microprocessor should automatically choose the correct wattage. Conversely, if you choose to set the wattage the iTaste V3.0 microprocessor should automatically choose the correct volts. It may not be obvious why you would want to do this ... variable voltage and variable wattage until recently were two features available only on high end "mods". 

Changing voltage means that you are able to direct more power to the heating coil getting a better or more efficient heating of your eLiquid. Changing the wattage lets you adjust for different coil resistance levels to achieve a consistent vape. Since the iTaste V3.0 can measure all three of the main elements of Ohm's Law, it should mean that you have one powerful automatic system that you can set and basically forget – yet achieve a consistent performance level regardless of battery charge remaining or condition of the *tomizer. 

I am so pleased to report that this works perfectly and flawlessly on the iTaste V3.0 ... Innokin's innovation wins out again.

I tested every possible setting for voltage. This worked perfectly and I could sense and taste the difference at each voltage setting through the clearomizer. 

I tested every possible setting for wattage. This is now one of the features that I "must have" on my mid-size batteries: the end result was a consistent vape experience regardless of which clearomizer I tested it with. I tried it with a Davide Mini (2.5 ohm atomizer), a Unitank Mini (1.8 ohm atomizer), and iClear 16 S (2.0 ohm atomizer). All three are designed for the 14 mm mid-size battery. On the 15 mm iTaste V3.0, they looked like the belonged ... the rounded edges of the iTaste V3.0 fit perfectly with the rounded style of the clearomizers. It is clear that the iTaste V3.0 microprocessor adjusted the voltage based on the setting I picked for wattage. What this means is that regardless of the condition of the clearomizer, the vaping experience will always be the same. Clearomizers need new coils. Depending on how you use yours, this could be as frequently as every few days or every few weeks. But, it is clear that they degrade. Choose to use the wattage setting on the iTaste V3.0, and it won't matter. Your first puff on a new coil will be the same as your last puff on a well used coil!

As I describe the wattage changes, keep in mind I am describing "throat hit" based on my throat, your experience may be more pronounced or weaker.

With a setting of 11.0 watts, the smoke was thick and a hard throat hit. Wow! I just haven't had this type of experience with any mid-size device at any price. Although you can change the wattage in 0.5 increments, I changed the watts to 10.0 watts. Again, WOW! You can tell the difference in just 1 watt increment. A smoother experience, smoke nearly as thick. I then started to reduce the watts in 0.5 increments and noticed distinct changes at each step. Even at the lowest possible setting (5.0 watts), the smoke was great and the throat hit noticeable. (PS. I was using a blend I make on my own from two commercially available eLiquids: the first is Ice Menthol, the second is Minty Fresh. Both are 12 mg/ml nicotine. One is a 50/50 while the other is an 85% VG mix – ultimately, I believe I am getting about 27/73 mix). 

The iTaste V3.0 is slightly more expensive than a comparable eGo battery. But, you get more value from the iTaste V3.0 than you could from any eGo battery. It's worth the extra few $$. 

Go for the entire kit. There are FIVE iClear 16 clearomizers that come with the kit. Buy those individually, and they will cost you about $22. Buy the full kit for $60. You end up with all the other extras for a difference of $38. – that's value!

Update #1:  Battery life. This is totally unexpected. I fully charged this and the charge finished at 4 pm. I did not time how long it took to charge. However, the charge lasted 10 hours and 50 minutes before changing from a green light (indicating it has not even gone done to half charge yet) – after that it still had half life left, so at least another few hours of vaping before recharging.