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Aspire CF SUBΩ from Stinky Canuck

Make no mistake about it – this Aspire CF SUBΩ battery is designed specifically for the Aspire Atlantis tank and sub ohm vaping. It's a specialized unit for this purpose. See my notes below, though, I was able to use this with a Nautilus tank with a 1.8 ohm coil.

The unit I received for testing and review is shown at the left, and my thanks to Stinky Canuck for sending this. I have already reviewed the Aspire Atlantis and found it to be a real performer for sub-ohm vaping with outstanding flavor, throat hit and vapor production. Pairing it with this Aspire CF SUBΩ battery is absolutely ideal. By the way, that's the Aspire Atlantis at the top left – that's the new stainless steel hollow sleeve with glass insert (about 0.3 to 0.4 ml extra capacity too).

As you can see at the right, the Aspire CF SUBΩ is available is four colors: gray, red, black and blue. All the colors are in a shiny carbon fiber wrap.

This is a regulated advanced personal vaporizer. With its 2000 mAh battery, maximum current is 40 amps, and maximum wattage is 40 watts at a maximum of 4.2 volts. It's dependent on the coil resistance, you'll only get 40 watts output with an 0.3 ohm coil. At 0.6 (as with the Atlantis coil), you are getting approximately 29.4 watts.

The shaped square firing button works as expected: five clicks to power on, and five clicks to power off. There are three light colors: white, blue and orange. The white/blue are power indicators. When firing, the color is blue when the voltage remaining is between 3.5 and 4.2 volts. When the voltage drops to between 3.2 and 3.5 volts, the color is orange. When the battery needs to be recharged, the orange blinks on and off 15 times. The charger for this is a standard eGo/Evod style 510 screw in type. It is not included in the box – you will have to purchase that separately.

As a regulated device, this offers:

  • overcharge protection (device will stop charging when voltage reaches 4.2 volts)
  • coil shortage protection (if the coil is shorted, the device will blink both colors 3 times in succession) and will not fire
  • charge shortage protection (if the charger or battery short out while charging, the device will go into sleep mode and blink both colors 6 times in succession)

A complete charge takes between 2 and 5 hours depending on the charger. I used a 500 milli-amp charger and it took about 5 hours for a full charge. Battery usage time varies depending on how you use it, coil resistance, and draw time. With the Atlantis 0.6 ohm standard coil, I managed six and a half hours of use from a full charge. For an all day vape, you'll have to bring along a 510 style charger or have a spare battery with you. But, it's worth it: the vape experience of the Aspire CF SUBΩ battery paired with the Aspire Atlantis tank is just incredible.

You do need to be aware that this battery is for sub-ohming ... this is not a regular battery that you can use with any tank. The specifications state that this will only work with coils that have a resistance between 0.3 ohms and 1.0 ohms. I have heard of people using this with higher resistance coils, but I suspect that is an exception – don't expect that performance, it is clearly outside of the specification range. I did try the Aspire CF SUBΩ with an Aspire Nautilus that had a 1.8 ohm coil and it fired fine. And the Aspire Nautilus looks great on the battery too. The Nautilus is also 22.0 mm in diameter.

Aspire has been updating its packaging lately. I noticed that with their new atomizers. At the right you can see the packaging for the new Aspire CF series batteries. It's a round tube with the battery wrapped in celophane. There's also an insert at the top with a marketing blurb for other products. The authenticity code is on the outside of the tubular packaging. The top of the tube slips off to reveal the contents. It's  nice packaging, but I am sure it is a pain in the a** for vendors trying to keep a sane and neat display case.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The Aspire CF SUBΩ is very much in the same category as the Innokin Cool Fire 1 in that it is set at a specific wattage. The Cool Fire 1 is set at 8.5 watts to match the typical vaper's preferred wattage while the Aspire CF SUBΩ is set at 40 watts. The Cool Fire 1 is fixed, while the Aspire CF SUBΩ is dependent on the final coil resistance. To get 40 watts from the Aspire CF SUBΩ you have to be using 0.3 ohm coils, anything above that and the wattage adjusts automatically. For example, with the Nautilus tank and the 1.8 ohm coil, I was getting about 9.88 watts in total. I like this feature because it means that regardless of the condition of the coil, the device will adjust automatically to give you the same vape experience. The Aspire CF SUBΩ is a bit on the expensive side ... but its unique looking design and feature set add to the value proposition and make this a worthwhile buy and addition to your collection.


  • Posted by Matt Sadowski on May 31, 2015, 7:34 am

    I am currently using 2 the Aspire CF Sub Ohms as my all day mod (swapping them out when one needs recharged) and I vape at .22 ohms no problem. It won't fire any lower than that though, but it seems that Aspire is being just a little modest about the power of this bad little device.