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Cool Fire 1 from Total Evapes

Add an 18350 battery and a bit of eLiquid to the Innokin Cool Fire 1 kit and you are ready to vape. 

Innokin designed this to be easy to use and appeals to almost every segment of electronic cigarette users. It is so incredibly simple to use that I had it fully assembled and using it without reading any instructions (with a pre-filled clearomizer).

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 uses one single 18350 IMR battery. I picked one of the new Efest "purple" high drain batteries that was fully charged and showing 4.1 volts. I did this all in the dark of my car late in the evening. The battery was the only 18350 I had that was in a box, that was easy to find. I removed the Cool Fire 1 from the box (shown at the top right) and unscrewed the battery cover at the bottom. I then inserted the battery, screwed the cap back on, put a clearomizer I had with me ... and was vaping within seconds. This is one simple and easy device to use.

Most users comfortably vape at between 7 and 9 watts. I personally vape at around 8 to 8.5 watts. Innokin has preset the Cool Fire 1 so that it always functions at 8.5 watts. That's perfect for me, and for the vast majority of users. Let me explain what this means: variable voltage and variable wattage devices are popular because you have a choice of adjusting or using your system at default. At default, you get 3.7 volts output. One of the advantages of variable devices is that you get to "dial in" a higher voltage or wattage depending on your personal preferences, the clearomizer resistance, and the type of eLiquid you are using. It is fairly commonly known that if you set the wattage only, you get the best of all possible worlds. Let's say that like me, you prefer 8.5 watts. If you set your device to 8.5 watts, then regardless of your remaining voltage in your battery, regardless of the resistance of your coil (or regardless of which coil you use), you always get the same vape experience and always at 8.5 watts. The system controls the voltage delivered to the coil and heats it up the same – and it doesn't matter what the resistance is. 

That's how the Innokin Cool Fire 1 works. The first clearomizer I tried it with was a 2.1 ohm iClear 30s. The experience was outstanding. I ended up with the same vaping experience and taste as my other mod that is set to the same 8.5 watts (but much higher price). When I got home, I unpacked the iClear 30b that comes with the Cool Fire 1, put the same eLiquid in the iClear 30b that I had in my first test, and used that. Identical experience. I then used an inexpensive top coil clearomizer and filled it with the same eLiquid. Identical experience. I then tried a fourth clearomizer that is bottom dual coil: identical experience. If you want consistency regardless of which clearomizer you use, the Cool Fire 1 is for you.

The build quality of the Cool Fire 1 is remarkable. Remarkable for smooth threads. Remarkable for build quality. Remarkable for size. Remarkable for design: this is one attractive unit. Since the Cool Fire 1 is designed to consistently deliver the same wattage, it does not require the huge head found on other mods. Fully assembled, I measured the Cool Fire 1 at less than 82 mm (less than 3.2 in.). At its widest point, the diameter is 21.5 mm (0.85 in.). This is the smallest device I have, and it fits perfectly in the hand. 

The firing button is also located nicely and can be easily reached with either your thumb, index or middle finger. Great flexibility in how you use this.

I like "stealth" vaping, that is where the unit I am vaping is as "un"visible as possible. This fits the bill – and with maximum compatibility. The top threads are compatible with 510 and eGo clearomizers. 

Have a glance at the right: I ended up testing the Cool Fire 1 with a new Aspire Nautilus clearomizer. It is a perfect fit with the Nautilus design matching the Cool Fire 1. 

Total Evapes has an incredible deal on this unit: the Cool Fire 1 kit includes the Cool Fire 1 and an iClear 30b for $45. If you are fortunate to live in the GTA, you can also arrange for pick up and avoid shipping wait times and costs.