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In a separate article, I have reviewed the Joyetech eVic, one powerful advanced personal vaporizer. The eVic is by far the most intelligent, sophisticated and flexible system I have tested and reviewed to date.

I would like to thank for providing some accessories that further enhance the eVic from a user's perspective. As you may have noticed from the tone of these reviews, I like "stealth" devices. That is, devices that are small, unobtrusive, and are as "invisible" as possible.

It is quite a contradiction to have power and "stealth" in one unit. Power usually means that you are using an 18650 lithium-ion battery based system (or two stacked 18350 batteries), ending up with a device that is 7 or so inches in height. "Stealth" usually means you are using an 18350 based system ... the 18350 battery is only 35 mm (1.37 in.) in height compared to an 18650 at 65 mm (2.56 in.). 

The Joyetech eVic is noted as a powerful and innovative device. After testing and reviewing the eVic, I concur. It is excellent. However, Joyetech does not make an 18350 battery tube for the eVic. I find this strange. With the popularity of box devices and some adjustable extension tube devices, I would expect the market is voting for more devices that accept 18350 batteries.

My friends at came through. Once I explained what I was looking for, they supplied the Anyvape 18350 tube for the eVic. They also helped out and provided an eVic ECA Atomizer Type A.

Have a glance at the left. This is my eVic with the Anyvape 18350 tube. From the very top to the bottom, this is 92 mm (3.62 in.). Not only is this a tiny full powered advanced personal vaporizer, but it weights next to nothing. I have been using this for several days now, and the Efest 700 mAh battery keeps it powered for well over 9 hours.

Using the 18350 battery does not mean giving up any functionality either. Every aspect of the eVic works flawlessly. It even charges the 18350 through the pass-through USB connector and interacts fully with the Joyetech MVR software. 

Over the next few days, I plan on getting a few more "extras" ... like a black beauty ring to match the color of the Anyvape 18350 tube. That will be the same beveled beauty ring you see in the picture at the left. I also plan on getting a straight beauty ring so that I can use larger diameter atomizers and will also likely get the eVic ECA Type B atomizer. The only difference between the eVic ECA Type A and Type B atomizers is that the Type B has a "skirt" so that you can remove the beauty ring and attach the Type B atomizer and maintain a flush looking appearance. In the picture at the right (of the ECA Type A), it looks like a skirt is included with the atomizer: it isn't. I can only guess that is supposed to represent the flat style beauty ring.

While I am at it, I want to single out the support team. I have had direct contact with the Canvape support team and they are exceptional. They truly cares about customers and getting their orders right and out as quickly as possible. On the Canvape Facebook page, the speed of getting orders fulfilled and in the buyer's hands is constantly highlighted as a positive experience. I've ordered product from Canvape as a regular buyer and completely agree with this. 

The emphasis of is on products that suit the needs of those health challenged suffering from Diabetes, Pancreatitis and other gastro intestinal diseases. We constantly remind users to find suppliers that provide VG based eLiquids. provide a 100% VG based eLiquid line up with good flavor and good throat hit. With the exceptional support team and super fast delivery, I highly recommend lists the eVic ECA Type A at $15.00 on their website. The Anyvape 18350 tubes are $7.95 with your choice of colors: silver, black, purple, gold, blue, red and green. The Efest 18350 high-drain 10.5 amp batteries are $7.95 each ... real deals! They also carry the Joyetech eVic for $87.50.

Again, my thanks to for providing the eVic accessories that further enhance the use of the wonderful Joyetech eVic intelligent and advanced personal vaporizer.