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Joyetech eMode

Joyetech introduced a software program "MVR". MVR is an acronym meaning My Vapor Record that interacts with the head unit on their new eMode and eVic advanced personal vaporizers.

As much as the name suggests this is a record keeping software program, MVR actually works in tandem with the eMode and is able to configure and customize your device settings directly from either a PC or a Mac.

The Joyetech eMode was released in October 2013 to a long awaiting public. The eMode is part of a series of product releases from Joyetech. If no one else noticed it, these releases are all based on devices with replaceable batteries. One of the earliest releases in this new strategy was the eCab with a replaceable 10440 360 mAh battery. The eMode uses 16650 batteries that are available in ICR technologies ranging from 2200 to 2500 mAh. Joyetech recommend the Sanyo 16650 battery and include one of those in their eMode kit.

The eMode has a diameter of 18 mm (0.78 in.) and an overall length of 190.5 mm (7.48 in.). That is roughly equivalent to the length of many much larger diameter 18650 advanced personal vaporizers – but is 2 mm smaller in diameter that even the smallest 18650 system, and lighter too I might add.

You can think of the eMode as a smaller version of the eVic (Joyetech seem to think of it this way too, even referring to the eMode as the eVic-S in the manual). It has much of the same functionality with variable voltage, variable wattage, and similar RVV and RVW modes. RVV and RVW are an innovation that personalize the vaping experience based on how an individual vapes a particular juice. You can alter the characteristics of either voltage or wattage with a progressive power "banding". I'm technically savvy, but even I don't completely understand the "how" of applying this. All I know is that after trying it, I can tell you it works.

To properly evaluate the eMode, you really have to look at all of its components individually and then as a system.

The eMode battery tube houses a single 16650 lithium-ion battery. This is included with the Joyetech eMode and is based on the Sanyo 16650. There is nothing printed on the battery that is in the Joyetech box, however, a quick google search shows this is rated at 2100 mAh, ICR, and unprotected. The 2100 mAh rating is aggressive, most tests show this to be 2000 mAh. It is a flat-top design. The eMode battery tube itself appears to be made of stainless steel and is threaded at the top and bottom. Threading this on/off is smooth. The top of the tube as a C clip and helps prevent the battery from slipping past that point. The bottom cap has a strong spring and I suspect it would be very difficult to use with button type batteries. ICR is not normally considered in high-drain applications, but Joyetech make this work quite well with the eMode lasting a good 17 to 18 hours while on variable wattage (9.0 watts). This is quite unusual and validation of Joyetech's technical capabilities.

The eMode control head works in tandem with the battery tube. Others have called it a mini eVic, but it is much more than that. the eMode control head is sleek and a perfect companion to the eMode system. The unit I received is black. While the words are in small type size, the color against the black is perfect and fairly easy to read. The firing button is an oval shape with the acronyms VV, VW, RVV, and RVW to the right of the button. This represents Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage, Real-time Variable Voltage, and Real-time Variable Wattage (3 levels). The acronyms also have small LEDs that light up to identify which is the default while in use. To the left of the oval firing button, you will find a USB port. This is an incredible feature: it is used to charge the unit (you do not need an external charger and no need to remove the battery from the tube). It is also pass-through, while you charge you can be vaping. The USB port also doubles as an interface to the Joyetech MVR software. MVR means My Vaping Record ... but it is much more than just record keeping. You can change the configuration options of the eMode using the MVR software on your PC or Mac. Joyetech even supplies the USB cable. You are not limited or even required to use the MVR software. At the bottom of the eMode control head is a 360 degree rotating ring. Depending on which mode you are in, it controls voltage or wattage. Variable voltage can be set from 3.3 volts to 5.0 volts. Variable wattage can be set from 4.5 watts to 11 watts. RVV allows you to set the voltage over time while inhaling. RVW allows you to set the power over time while inhaling – and can be customized to three different levels or personalizations. To power on and off, press the firing button five times in less than two seconds. From power off, press and hold the firing button to cycle through the different modes.

The eMode Atomizer uses the new Joyetech C2 coil design. This is a very impressive coil. I was under the impression this was a "wickless" coil, but there are two small wicks on the intake ports of the coil. This coil provides excellent flavor when vaping. The coil can be changed through the bottom threaded portion of the atomizer. The tank itself is glass. There is a threaded top that covers the air flow tube and two smaller inlets for filling the tank – yes, this is top filling using a narrow needle filler. The top threaded cap also is machined to accept 510 style drip tips. There are two drip tips included with the eMode. One is a round hour glass shaped metal tip, the other is a plastic flat shaped tip. The unit I received is all black and I used the black plastic flat shaped tip providing a seamless looking and very attractive unit. There is also an air flow control valve ... if you look at the picture on the left, it is below the glass tank in the center. Joyetech include an adjustment tool. As set from the factory, it was perfect for me providing a reasonably tight draw.

With the drip tip on, the eMode system is almost 191 mm (7.5 in.) long. The diameter is 18 mm (0.71 in.). The eMode is a stainless steel unit and has a heft about it yet is still quite easy and simple to use. I found the eMode extremely well balanced. When palmed as most advanced personal vaporizers are held, the firing button is in position to be pressed by your thumb – but the balance is incredible. There is no weight advantage to the top or bottom of the eMode.

Throughout the past week, I have been using Joyetech personal vaporizers exclusively. The eMode has made it difficult to switch between the Joyetech devices. It has been a joy to use – particularly with the flavor from the eMode Atomizer. 

Joyetech has supplied two of their branded eLiquids: Apple and Strawberry Mango Ice. First, let me explain that I never use supplied juice in any test or review. I only use juice that I know and have vaped for some time. That is the only way to properly evaluate any tank (or system) and its ability to transfer flavor, throat hit, and vape experience. After my testing was complete, I continued to use the Joyetech eMode, it's just a natural fit. But, I also wanted to test the eLiquids Joyetech had sent. The sampler bottles they sent are both 10 ml. These are packaged with a narrow drip tip that are perfect fits for the eMode and eCom filler holes on the Joyetech Atomizers. Both are also 6 mg/ml strength – that is about half the strength I usually use.  The Joyetech eLiquid is awesome with outstanding flavor. Despite the lower strength than I am used to, the throat hit and satisfaction was great. 

Every vendor of juice should take note of Joyetech's efforts here. The packaging is absolutely incredible. The box itself contains appropriate instructions, warnings, and use disclaimers. The bottle is safety sealed with a break away ring once the top is twisted. It's a safety cap that is designed to be child-proof. Both the box and bottle have printed "best before" date, strength, and flavor. There is no information on the PG/VG ratio used in the Joyetech eLiquids. I did request additional information from Joyetech and am told that it is approximately 60/40. (Sixty percent propylene glycol, forty percent vegetable glycerine). For those with diabetes and pancreatitis, this is a bit high on the PG side – you will have to decide on using this ratio of mix. I would like to point out though that the quality of the juice, the taste, and the packaging make this one worthwhile juice to have. I also encourage you to visit the Joyetech website and read up on the history of Joyetech Flavors & Fragrances company that was founded in December of 2012. Not only are the Joyetech juices formulated for optimal use in Joyetech products, they use sanitary and safe processes.