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Vamo V5

This Vamo is made by Rainbowheaven Technology. The Vamo V5 is an inexpensive full featured eCig system. 

I choose to get the Vamo V5 by itself (as you can see at the right). I have a complete collection of clearomizers, batteries and chargers and did not need the full kit – although, it is a great value.

The Vamo V5 is available in three finishes. You can get these in a black anodized version, a chrome version, or the one I selected: a brushed stainless steel version. The brushed stainless steel is a bit more expensive, but worth every cent. The fit and finish is excellent. All of the threads are smooth and fit together extremely well. 

As you can see at the left, this is a full extension system. It is complete with a ring for the top, an extension tube, and the bottom cap. It's is well packaged in a gift box that includes full english language instructions.

For little more than the price of an eGo battery, you can have a vaping experience that is exceptional and flexibility that you will appreciate. 

The Vamo V5 can be used with one 18650 battery, one 18350 battery, or two stacked 18350 batteries. To use it with just one 18350 battery, remove the extension and you have a stealth style length that fits comfortably in your hand. With one 18350 battery (no extension), I measured it at 103 mm from the very top to the extreme bottom – that is actually shorter than a 1300 eGo battery. With the extension, it measures 135 mm. The Vamo V5 is also one of the smallest diameter mods available at just 21 mm. 

And, by full featured, I mean full featured: the LCD is 8.5 mm x 16 mm and has a nice contrast. This also features variable voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in 0.1 increments; variable wattage from 3 to 15 watts in 0.5 increments. The LCD can also display the coil resistance (ohms) and remaining battery voltage. The screen "scrolls" to display quite a bit of information and also displays two lines of data. There is also quite a bit of security built in: reverse battery circuitry to prevent putting the battery in the wrong way, battery monitoring to shut off the system once the battery is depleted, amperage protection to prevent over-current, thermal monitoring that shuts off the system in the event of high temperatures, and a time limit funciton that automatically shuts off if a puff exceeds 10 seconds. The only restriction I am aware of is that the Vamo V5 cannot be used with clearomizers or atomizers that are less than 1.6 ohms or greater than 5 ohms according to the specs. I have a few lower resistance clearomizers but chose not to test this out. You can also power off the unit by pressing the actuator five times in sequence, and power on the same way.

Button placement is good. It is comfortable to use, even with the full extension and 18650 battery. I tested this with many different clearomizers at various wattage and voltage settings. The variable funcitons work as expected and flawlessly. I prefer variable wattage: in theory you are supposed to get the same vaping experience from the same wattage setting regardless of the clearomizer (or coil resistance) used. With the Vamo V5, I found that to be absolutely true. I tested this with a KangerTech Unitank Mini with a 1.8 ohm coil, an iClear 16 with a 2.5 ohm coil, a no-name throw-away clearomizer with a 2.8 ohm top wick coil, and even a cartomizer. Overall, I preferred it with the KangerTech Aerotank that I reviewed separately. That had more to do with the overall look, though. The Vamo V5 worked flawlessly with all the tanks I tried.

As you can see at the right, the KangerTech Aerotank has the same brushed stainless steel finish and they fit very well together.

I would recommend the Vamo V5 without hesitation. Not only is it inexpensive and full featured, but it is well built and will last.



  • Posted by Henrik Herskind on June 21, 2014, 12:32 am

    In response to Wasyl Lysohirka:

    I did have the same "breaking" experience with a Vamo V5, but I had it replaced on the warranty, and the new one is simply perfect!

    The thing is that V5 - as well as V4 and apparently V2 - is assembled between the battery compartment and the control unit by "press fit", whereas the V3 is assembled at this point by threads, which makes it unbreakable.

    Yet, as I mentioned, my replaced V5 seems totally alright, and the same goes for a V4 that I've tested. But in my opinion the V3 is better built.

  • Posted by Wasyl Lysohirka on June 15, 2014, 3:20 am

    Mine lasted 2 months at 1 month I noticed it was slightly bent . It was separating at battery tube to control head. At 2 months it completly separated from control head to atomizer mount. Have evic and not completly happy with it either. First contol head was flooded from leaking tank and never worked again. Got new contol head and evic tubes but find plastic tanks after 3 or 4 fills gasget leaks kind of an nuisance. They are only about 80 cents each so I guesse it could be worse. am looking for somthing else havent really decided yet. Been vaping for 4 months haven't had cig. in 3 months after smoking about 40 or more a day for over 55 years. Thank for the space to vent now I'll have a vape! By the way I was talking about VAMO 2 I think. It goes in 2nd mode holding the buttons for 10 seconds.