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Vapeonly vPulse from Canvape

  • 1600 mAh
  • Variable Voltage
  • Variable Wattage
  • Passthrough vape/charge
  • Pulse and DC output power modes

Vapeonly is a name you don't see much when talking about batteries and starter kits. I know you'll be seeing more of that brand, though. For August 2014, we decided to focus on eGo and EVOD style starter kits and upgrades that made sense for those looking for a bit more out of their vaping experience.

Usually we look at increased battery capacity: this one is an 1600 mAh battery. On a full charge, this should last you between 15 and 16.5 hours of regular vaping. Or, we look at variable voltage systems: this one has variable voltage from 3 volts to 5 volts in 0.1 volt increments. Rarely do we look at variable wattage, though, not many are available as upgrades: this one has variable wattage from 3 watts to 12 watts in 0.5 watt increments. Never have we seen an upgrade that has all three, plus an LED display, battery life indicator, and a built in coil resistance display (ohms).

More? There is also an entirely new feature: the ability to select DC output (what batteries normally output) or Pulse output. With Pulse output, the unit has a combination of different voltages each second, providing a higher atomization efficiency and enhanced vapor.

The Pulse output does make a difference. I noticed that the response when drawing is faster with Pulse output than DC output. When vaping any other eGo/EVOD style product, there usually is a two-draw process a vaper uses to get good flavor and throat hit. The first draw is a bit lighter than the second, the two combined form one mouth/lung full. In Pulse output, I only needed one draw for full satisfaction. I originally thought this might be a gimmick, but it works. 

Before I get too far ahead, let's review the basics of the unit. This has an EVOD style button that is flush with the battery tube. It has a LED around the firing button that provides feedback to the user through various colors and flashes. It's also a standard five clicks on, five clicks off. When it is off, holding the firing button for five seconds will blink the LED blue, indicating it is now in Pulse output mode next time it is turned on. Repeat while it is off, holding the firing button for five seconds will blink the LED white, indicating it is now in DC output mode next time it is turned on. It is very easy to tell which mode you are in when vaping ... when you press the firing button to draw from the clearomizer, the LED lights up in the color of the output mode: blue and you are in Pulse output, white and you are in DC output.

The bottom of the unit has a rocker style + and - button with a rubbery feel. One quick note: the picture at the left is incorrect, the + (plus) button is the furthest away from the display. This picture came from the Vapeonly marketing literature.

If you press the + (plus) button and hold it down for five seconds, you enter the Variable Voltage mode where you can then adjust the voltage up or down with the same rocker button. The range is 3 volts to 5 volts in 0.1 volt increments. You cannot hold down the button to speed up increasing / decreasing. Each change requires a separate push of the plus (or minus) button.

if you press the - (minus) button and hold it down for five seconds, you enter the Variable Wattage mode where you can adjust the wattage up or down with the same rocker button. The range is 3 watts to 12 watts in 0.5 watt increments. Each chagne requires a separate push of the plus (or minus) button.

As much as this behaves like a regular rocker button, you can also press both the Plus and Minus buttons simultaneously for five seconds to toggle between "lock" and "unlock" functionality. In Lock function, the settings cannot be changed. In Unlock function, all settings are available to change.

The Vapeonly vPulse provides excellent compatibility. The top of the unit has both 510 and eGo style connectors with a really nice beauty ring included for those clearomizers that have only a 510 connector. You can see the 510 and eGo connectors at the left, and the same top with the beauty ring threaded on. Look closely, there's also slots in the beauty ring for those clearomizers that sit flush – and provides air flow channels. The center pin floats, by the way, an excellent feature.

The features of the Vapeonly vPulse are significant and all useful. Here's one more: this has full pass-through charging capabilities. That means you can be vaping and charging at the same time. This is really important. If you are trying to find a battery that will provide you an all-day vaping experience, this can be it. Charge it at night and take it with you for the drive to work. Vape at work. On your way home, you can plug it into your car's USB charger and be charged up for the rest of the night. Without losing one single draw.

The package includes a USB cable. Nice and long – it looks like it is about 1 meter (3 feet) or so. Plus, you get an excellent user manual with very good instructions in english you can understand. The box is clearly high end, just as the contents are.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? When I started vaping, my first eGo style kit included a 400 mAh constant voltage battery. I quickly bought two more and still ended up charging five to six times a day. I liked the 'stealth' look of the smaller batteries, literally only a portion of the clearomizer was visible when I was vaping. (That was an upgrade from the Joyetech eRoll by the way – those only lasted about 1.5 hrs each before recharge.) That didn't last long, though. Like most, I was quickly looking for longer lasting batteries. I was tiring of spending more time focused on recharging instead of vaping. I progressed through the eGo line up: 650 mAh, 900 mAh, 1300 mAh and growing satisfaction. The 1300 mAh introduced me to variable voltage and a full working day of vaping. But, I still needed to take a 510 style charger with me and one at home. You know, those short little things. I wish something like the Vapeonly vPulse had been available back then. I would have been on it like a hungry dog on a bone. The Vapeonly vPulse is a smooth vape, it's a long lasting vape, and it is incredibly simple to charge. At 145.7 mm it is on the high side, though. But it's so light, you probably won't care – and it's 1600 mAh, one of the highest capacity eGo/EVOD style batteries available. Canvape has these an an incredible price. It's up at the right of this page along with a link to view more details.

Update: August 08 2014: Facebook member Roy Patenaude points out that the beauty ring has a sharp edge that user's and potential buyers should be aware of. Quite frankly, I missed this – likely because I am using a large clearomizer on the unit. Regardless of why I missed it, it is an error on my part – my thanks to Roy for catching that quickly. I had a closely look at the beauty ring and need to point out that the air channels are actually made up of four brass inserts with edges that are not "chromed" or "stainless steel" look like the rest of the beauty ring. They look like they have been applied afterwards. The edge of the inserts is a distinctly brass color. And, they are sharp. That's poor quality control on the part of Vapeonly, but still a bargain that a little bit of sandpaper, or other abrasive, can quickly fix if you find yours too sharp.


  • Posted by John Patenaude on August 8, 2014, 12:50 am

    I got 1 for wifey while there was a fantastic 10.00 deal on them :-) money well spent and @ that price we couldnt go wrong even waiting 2 weeks from china

    I find it works great and has passthrough tech almost compares to the MVP2 in specs except for battery style and capacity I agree it's a Wonderful Starter unit and hopefully MORE canadian shops carry it @ a reasonable price :-D