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Charging video

There are many concerns about charging a dual batteries box mod connected in series with a 9 volt adapter.

Let's address some of those concerns. First, what are the specifications of the charger?

The charger is a regular 9 volt 2 amp charger with a 3.5 mm barrel (outside) and 1.35 mm inner post. The center post is positive. And, it works quite nicely. The only issue we have found in our tests is that the batteries have never hit a full 100% charge even after nearly 24 hours on the charger. The IPV 4 does not seem to go much past the 95% charge capacity.

The second concern expressed by many users is the safety of using a 9 volt charger on this mod. This is a balanced charge circuit made by Yihi. Balanced means that it outputs two separate streams of power, one for each battery. There are two LED's on the charge circuitry, one for each of the batteries. It's the circuitry that needs to be balanced, not the charger. Any regular 9 volt charger will work. All we had access to was a 1 amp charger (that will work as well, but take twice as long to charge). The circuitry is designed for 2 amp charger.

The next concern is the location of the charge circuitry. The balanced charge circuit board is located immediately below the 510 connector. The case is split at that location to allow access to the internals of the device if repairs are needed. There is also a small hole in the case that allows for air ventilation and for the two LED's to glow through indicating the charging cycle status. And, there is also a larger hole in the battery case for the barrel plug of the charger. With these gaps and openings, the concern is that any vapor liquid that leaks from the tank could come into contact with the circuitry and short everything out. 

Pioneer4You have posted a video showing the charging process. While the device is charging (with the back off completely exposing the circuit boards so they can show a multi-meter display of the voltage) they actually drip vapor liquid directly on the circuit board – with NO PROBLEMS!!!. Here's a link to the video:

Specifications of the charger

Pioneer4You have not been very clear in telling users what the charger specifications are. You can source a charger from anywhere (we got several through Amazon). So, here's what we know:

  1. 9 volt charger with 2 amp output (1 amp will also work, but take twice as long to charge)
  2. The connector outside diameter is 3.5 mm
  3. The connector inside diameter is 1.35 mm
  4. The connector center pin is positive.

With that information, you can look for the best bargain you can find ... just make sure it is a reputable product that is safe.