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Presa TC100W (26650)

The Wismec Presa is ergonomic and sleek. It fits very nicely in the hand. The oval-style shape has no hard edges – even though this is designed to use with a 26650 battery, it actually feels the same size as devices that house an 18650 battery.

And, it can also house an 18650 battery. Wismec include an adapter sleeve that fits on the outside of the 18650 so that it can be inserted in the Wismec Presa TC100W without any rattling. It's a nice fit, although the sleeve does slide a bit up and down the battery. Makes it handy for those outings where you have a spare 18650 and you run out of battery power.

The Wismec Presa TC100W is available in three colors, shown at the lef: White: Silver, and Black.

We received the black unit for testing and review.

There are three striking features about the Wismec TC100W to emphasize.

The first is not visible in the picture. The 510 connector at the top is spring loaded, gold colored, and a perfect size to connect with any atomizer connector.

The second is the high contrast OLED screen that displays in any lighting condition.

The third is the sleek looking panel at the front that doubles as a firing button (at the top). The panel pivots at the bottom and you press the top portion to fire (and with multiple clicks in rapid succession, access the menu, lock, etc.)

And note that "button" at the top front. That's not a button, it is a sliding switch that when moved all the way to the right prevents the fire button from firing. All the way to the left and the fire buttons fires. A nice touch to prevent inadvertent firing.

Here's a close up of the 510 connector.

If you've ever been frustrated by a mod that won't fire your atomizer, but the atomizer works on other devices, this is the perfect mod for you. Those devices that won't fire some atomizers have huge 510 pins that make a connection to both the negative and positive portions of your atomizer. The Wismec Presa TC100W resolves that by having the ideal size 510 connector pin that can connect with any atomizers.

Well done Wismec.

At the right you can see the bottom of the Presa TC100W. There are five slots for battery venting.

In the picture, you can also see the battery cover. There's a thumb nail slot to remove the cover to access the battery compartment.

The cover is held in place by two large rectangular magnets. And, by the way, the battery cover does not slide downwards. The only way to remove it is by pulling it from the bottom using the thumb nail slot to lift.

To explain: there are no silicone slip cases available for the Presa TC100W yet. When they are, you will be able to slip the cover on and off without also pulling off the battery cover. It's a gripe I have with a few other similar designs where the battery cover can slip downwards.

While we are on "gripes", the only one I have for the Wismec Presa TC100W is in the battery compartment. There is no lift tab to help get the battery out. You can't pull out the battery from the sides. Fortunately, the top part of the battery compartment is flat, so you can get a finger nail on the edge of the battery and push it downwards and then pull it out. It's not a major beef, but a ribbon lifter would have been a bonus.

Here's a focused view of the front of the Wismec Presa TC100W.

The safety switch works. It's not complicated, and mechanical only. It's not electronic. Slide it right, and it blocks pressing the fire button. Slide it left and the block is removed from under the fire button.

That OLED screen is high contrast. We were able to view it all lighting conditions, except direct sunlight.

There are six sets of data displayed:
– working mode
   (VW, Bypass, Ni200, Ti, SS316, TCR)
– wattage/voltage
– real-time resistance (ohms)
– puff counter/puff time/PCB temp
– real-time power (amps)
– graphical battery charge

To change the display options, it's three clicks and then the left adjustment button to select one of the six displays, and then the right adjustment to change the option.

Below the screen are the left and right adjustment buttons and below that the micro USB port.

The micro USB port can be used for charging the battery and for firmware upgrades. Wismec recommend that the battery be charged externally.

At the left is an enlarged view of the OLED screen.

At the top is where you select your working mode.

The next selection needs some explanation. This is where you can display either Voltage or Wattage. When you are in Temperature Control mode, you will want to display the Wattage and be able to adjust that. When you are in Power mode, you will want to display Voltage. In Power mode, you can display wattage – but that will display the wattage at the top as well as in this section. Sort of a waste, when you really want to view the voltage.

To the right of V/W is the resistance with the Ohm symbol. That can be locked in when the coil is at room temperature. It's more useful to lock in when in Temperature Control mode.

The next selection (shown is PCB) is where you have your choice of displaying PCB temperature, number of puffs, and time of puffs (or draw duration). I have the test unit set to PCB temperature ... mainly because I have a 26650 battery that shows "hot" on another device and I want to see if it does the same on this device, compared to a known good 26650 battery.

To the right is the Power display (shows as A). This is a real-time display. While you are firing, the amperage at that moment is displayed here.

And, finally, the graphical battery charge display.

There are a number of outstanding features on this device. One we haven't discussed yet is the design around a 26650 battery. Finally mod makers are making good quality temperature control devices that use the 26650. The 26650 battery is 8mm larger in diameter than the 18650. It's bigger, meaning these devices need to be bigger too. Wismec has engineered this with an oval shape that ends up feeling like it is the same size or smaller than many of the 18650 temperature control devices. That's excellent. To users, a 26650 based mod means longer battery life. As I write this, one of the best and highest capacity battery is the LG HG2 3000 mAh IMR 18650 battery. Compare that with the Efest 4200 mAh IMR 26650 ... that's 40% more vaping time based on the numbers. FORTY PERCENT ... less time between recharging means more quality vaping time. There's even a 4500 mAh AWR battery available that would give 50% more vaping time (the 4500 mAh AWR, by the way, is the battery that is generating "hot" messages, not sure if it is isolated to one single battery or a symptom of that brand).

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Yes, absolutely, recommended. The fit and finish of the Wismec Presa TC100W is outstanding. The finish is a semi-gloss black and textured. It does not show hand or finger prints.

What’s in the box?

  • Wismec Presa mod
  • 18650 adapter sleeve
  • User manual
  • Authentication card
  • Micro USB cable (charge and firmware upgrades)