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Sigelei 150W TC

Highly anticipated is the Sigelei 150W temperature control advanced personal vaporizer. One of the first devices from Sigelei supporting temperature control.

I've been a fan of Sigelei products, the older Sigelei 150 watt placed Sigelei right on the manufacturers to watch for incredibly accurate devices that are effective and good value.

The Sigelei 150W TC is shown at the right. From the first pictures I saw, i was taken by the design. It's an unusual shape for a vaping device with its raised 510 connector section. In hand, it looks great. 

The 510 connector (the round chrome part), by the way, is raised very slightly. You can barely see the gap between the black painted part and the bottom of the atomizer, I suspect to protect the paint. There are four small slots in the chrome portion to allow for atomizers with air flow through the 10 connector. So, all atomizers with a 510 connector will work on this device regardless of air flow through the sides of the base or through the 510 connector. The 510 connector copper pin is spring loaded. I also want to point out that the 510 connector pin is smaller than usual – I think that's great. I have run into devices where the 510 connector pin is too large and makes contact with the negative sides of atomizers causing a short. Won't happen with the Silgelei 150W TC.

The Sigelei 150W Temperature Control is a bit on the heavy side. It is roughly on par with most box mods that accommodate dual 18650 batteries. 

Every edge on this device is rounded and smooth. I received the black unit– the black is not a regular paint, it has a rubbery texture to it that hides most finger prints and hand oils. Air vents are through the bottom with small air vent holes all along the perimeter of the device. 

The good news with the Sigelei 150W Temperature Control is the sliding battery cover. It is solid with two rectangular magnets, one at the top and one at the bottom. There are two "tabs" that slide into the body housing, and two square raised blocks that fit into the rounded section. Every aspect of the Sigelei is well designed: there are absolutely no rattles or loose parts making any sounds at all when shaken. Even the buttons are firmly in place. Note: the Sigelei 150W TC uses two 18650 batteries connected in series (not included).

Roughly three months before the release of the 150W Temperature Control device, Sigelei discontinued the 150W. Inventory dried up for these high powered devices – and it's been worth while waiting. The 150W TC has an excellent modern design using materials that are high quality, with a finish that is incredible. The good news for buyers is the magnetic battery cover and a futuristic looking design. There are indentations built into the device that line up near perfectly with how your hand wraps around the device. Very impressive.

Unlike previous devices, the silicone skin slides upwards towards the atomizer. All silicone skins on all devices are a challenge to remove and slide back on. I've found a little trick that makes it easier. To remove the silicone skin, I pinch both sides of the top of the silicone skin with each hand and push against the atomizer drip tip. It comes up much easier. To slide it back on, I pinch both sides of the silicone skin at the bottom and push against the bottom of the device and it slides on fairly easily. Trying to slide it on any other way leads to the screen cut out catching on something and far more of a challenge to get it in place.

Sigelei has always made devices that are incredibly accurate in detecting coil resistance, output power, and near-instantaneous delivery of that power to the coil. The 150W Temperature Control carries on this tradition of precision in a well thought out design. It is well engineered, and incredibly well built. All individual parts fit perfectly, all threads are buttery smooth. You just get the feeling of a high end device.

The display on the Sigelei devices is utilitarian ... all the information is there is four quadrants. It's clear, it's easy to read, and it's bright. The display has a mirror like finish over it, yet it still displays brightly. No problems reading the screen and getting the information you need. 

I mentioned four quadrants. That's a bit incorrect. At the far left of the screen is a rectangular area that connects to the display quadrants as a graphical display of remaining battery charge. I found this to be quite accurate as well – unlike most other manufacturer products. 

When I first saw pictures before the 150W TC was released, I assumed the raised 510 connector portion of the device was to create an optical illusion for a device that was quite high. I was wrong. The Sigelei 510W TC is shorter than the IPV 4, about the same width, and just a shade thicker. The raised 510 connection portion of the device is nothing more than a design choice by Sigelei and it sets it apart from the "me too" products out there.

I would have preferred that Sigelei include suport for titanium coils – that's the only feature that seems to be missing. Not a big deal to me, I don't use titanium coils yet – and the excellent vape experience of the Sigelei 150W TC exactly as it is today is great.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

With the depleted inventory of the original 150W prior to the release of this Temperature Control version, this device was eagerly anticipated with a lot of demand created. it's been worth while waiting. The Sigelei 150W Temperature Control is without doubt a must-have device. It supports Kanthal, Nichrome and Nickel 200 coils – and does it quite effectively. The menu is simple and accessing the menu is easy. No surprises, no wonky features to get around, it is worth every penny. Definitely recommended. 

What’s in the box?

  • Sigelei 150 watt temperature control unit with translucent white silicone skin
  • User instruction manual
  • Warranty card