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Sigelei Fuchai 200W

It's a rather unusual shape. We are so used to plain rectangular shapes, this will take a few seconds to get used to. Once you think "outside the box", you'll get it. It fits nicely in the hand, everything just ends up where it's supposed to.

It works well for either firing with the index finger (flat on the inner palm), or with the thumb (flat towards the fingers). With this device, I prefer a thumb fire ... and, it works well either left or right handed. Only gripe with this is that the screen orientation cannot be changed.

Sigelei is known for bang-on technology. Displays are utilitarian ... not pretty, but functional. Recently, Sigelei have introduced some new design elements. Perhaps their effort to compete. There are new colors, new design elements that move away from square/recantangles. Some have resulted in some looks that are out in left field, some are avant garde and lead the field. The Sigelei Fuchai fits in the later. It's a shape that is fairly familiar, and once you use it, it just works.

Sigelei carries on with their tradition of providing bullet proof hardware ... accurate, secure, safe, efficient, and effective. This is one of the first Sigelei displays that abandons the four part screens and moves to a more graphical display that we are used to. The front panel is more akin to art deco than to a regular box mod.

The Sigelei Fuchai 200W is available in three colors, as shown at the left. Black, Blue, and Red. We specifically requested a blue unit and it came with a translucent white silicone skin.

This is one capable device easily competing – and winning – in the "beast" category.

Sigelei is one of the few companies that leans towards the safety side. There are no charge ports on this device, you must slip off the silicone skin, and remove a sturdy battery cover to access the batteries. These need to be recharged in an external charger.

Don't get me wrong, I think a micro USB port to charge in the device is convenient. But it is not entirely safe. With dual batteries (especially in-series), these devices with built-in micro-circuit chargers have a major challenge: load balance the charging cycle to make sure each battery is charged evenly ... and without blowing up. It's a challenge to pack all that safety into a small foot print like these devices. I'd prefer to err on the side of safety, and apparently so does Sigelei.

Here's the unit with the battery cover taken off. Both the exterior and interior of this device is meticulously assembled. It's a zinc alloy and the heft shows it. Not overly heavy. The sliding battery cover is held in place with two excellent magnets. There isn't even a hint of a rattle anywhere in this device. It's extremely well designed and perfectly executed.

The maximum voltage output from this is 7.5 volts. That's less than the possible output from a fully charged set of batteries, so clearly a step-down is at work here. That also means you'll get extra life from a set of batteries. And, that's exactly what I got while using this. I managed to use this for a full 12 ml of juice before needing a recharge. Exceptional.

And the unusual shape became quite a familiar fit in my hand after a few days. I was looking forward to using it actually. It's comfortable. I'd like to be able to rotate the display, though. My personal preference is to use my thumb for the fire button and in my left hand. While doing this, the screen orientation is away from my line of vision. Ah, perhaps an upgrade later on?

All of the Sigelei devices have an excellent and efficient transfer of power to the coil. It's as close to instantaneous as you can get. The closest device to compare this with is the Sigelei 150W ... hard hitting, long lasting battery life. With its bent towards more attractive designs, this is one great device.

Where the rubber meets the road ...

I have become accustomed to dual battery devices. They are all boxy and beefy. This is perhaps even slightly larger than some due to its slight angles. It is more comfortable, but also a bit wider. Strangely enough, the angles help it fit a bit easier into smaller hands. The back angle fits perfectly in the finger fold ... just like it belongs there. Sigelei has delivered another power house mod.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Yes, yes, yes. I paired this with a new Nixon V2 dripper. That's the one with glass tank and silicone seals that are identical in color the Sigelei blue coloring. The drip tip included with the Nixon V2 is not quite the same shade, though ... but close enough. I also used it with several temperature control tanks. Didn't matter whether it was in power mode or variable temperature mode, the Sigelei Fuchai delivered a thoroughly satisfying vape every time I pressed the fire button. It's reliable and it's powerful.

What’s in the box?

  • Sigelei Fuchai 200W unit
  • Translucent Silicone Skin
  • User Manual
  • Security Code Card
  • Warranty Card