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Sigelei Spark

Sigelei Spark BoxSigelei has been coming out with new mods lately that are quite functional, breaking away from their previous standard "boxy" designs, yet faithful to the solid engineering and excellent vape experience that they are known for.

The Sigelei Spark supports both wattage (power) mode and temperature control. Designed for the average vaper, it has a slightly oval shape that fits quite comfortably in the hand.

The package includes a translucent skin that fits perfectly.

The screen is the familiar four-quadrant style found on most Sigelei devices. It's functional and has all the information necessary to "dial in" your perfect vape.

The Sigelei Spark button layout and spacing is identical to the Sigelei 90W Plus ... I suspect the electronics and circuitry to be identical. The button faces are slightly different (I prefer the ones on the Sigelei Spark), but other than aesthetics, are identical to the Sigelei 90W Plus.

Sigelei Spark compared to Sigelei 90W PlusAt the left is a picture showing the Sigelei Spark (at the left) and the Sigelei 90W Plus (at the right). The Sigelei Spark is smaller in width, depth, and height. The width and depth are easy to explain: the Sigelei Spark uses a single 18650 battery, while the Sigelei 90W Plus uses a 26650.

If you look at the 510 connector (both are floating pin, by the way), you will notice that the Sigelei Spark has a smaller base on the 510 connector. Smaller base also means that it will be shorter in height, requiring less space to clear the battery anodes.

The Sigelei 90W plus is larger diameter to accommodate larger tanks – thanks to its 26650 battery, you can use the larger tanks and drippers designed for larger size battery systems.

Both 510 connector pins are copper.

I need to point out a major advantage of the Sigelei 510 connectors on all of their devices. The 510 connector pin on Sigelei devices is compatible with all tanks that I have used on these Sigelei devices. Not so with all mods. Pioneer4You, for example, has much larger 510 pins and do not work with connectors on many tanks ... the Pioneer4You is often larger than the pin on the tank – which ends up not making a proper connection. If you end up with "Check Atomizer" on the Pioneer4You IPV line, that's likely the culprit. About 1/3 of the tanks I try to connect with Pioneer4You IPV devices will not make a connection. Always default to the Sigelei for tank compatibility.

Sigelei Spark ColorsThe Sigelei Spark is available in two colors as shown at the right. Black and Silver. Both include a translucent skin. Other than the top and bottom showing the original color, the translucent skin will always make it look like a silver body anyhow ... color shouldn't ber a major criteria when selecting one of these. Unless of course,  you are trying to color match a tank.

The Sigelei Spark is an outstanding device, just like all other Sigelei mods. It's a practical size for unobtrusive vaping. With its rounded (actually, oval) shape, it is a comfortable device in the hand. The translucent skin provided with all Sigelei devices always fit perfectly ... the only issue is that the firing button is usually flush with the skin and can be difficult to locate (particularly in dim lighting). It's the same with the Sigelei Spark ... and the firing button is actually slightly lower than the skin, which makes it a tad easier to find.

The Sigelei Spark and Sigelei 90W Plus work exactly the same, hit exactly the same. Both deliver on the usual excellent Sigelei engineering and quality workmanship and materials. Other than size, the big difference is in longer battery life of the Sigelei 90W Plus.

Sigelei Spark Battery and Magnetic CoverThe Sigelei Spark battery cover is a perfect fit. At the bottom (you can see that at the left) are a total of 17 vent holes. There are also six slots in the battery cover for venting as well. Note that the seventh slot in the battery cover is decorative only ... it is blocked by one of the magnets.

The magnetic cover slides downwards.

A few notes about the picture at the left. That is a marketing picture from Sigelei. In the production version, the reddish logo is blue and there is no arrow on the magnetic cover.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Absolutely, it's worth it. I am always thrilled to get Sigelei products to test and review ... never been let down by any Sigelei product. The Sigelei Spark is designed for unobtrusive vaping. It's an excellent small size, and light. If you are looking for a bit longer battery life, you can't go wrong with the Sigelei 90W Plus. That's what it boils down to in choosing between these two great devices.

What’s in the box?

  • Sigelei Spark (90W) device
  • Translucent silicone skin for the Sigelei Spark
  • User instructions
  • Warranty Card
  • Pamphlet Instructions of Security Code
  • Micro USB charging cable