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Smok Treebox

An outstanding looking mod packaged in a very nice wood gift box. You can see the packaging at the right – obviously not the same quality wood (Zebrawood) as the mod, but color closely matches and it is an exotic packaging on Smok's part.

The mod itself is 100% Brazilian Zebrawood. Each mod looks similar, but there will be variations due to the nature of wood. The grain may be different, the stain may be lighter/darker depending on the density of the wood and the humidity when manufactured. But exotic it is – and extremely light compared to the zinc alloy frames we are used to.

The black foam structure the mod sits (in the box) has a tab to lift it out where you'll find the user manual and quality check card.

Be aware, to charge this single 18650 based mod, you'll need to remove the battery from the device and charge in an external charger. There is no USB port on this device.

The unit I received is shown at the left. The front (where the fire button, display, and adjustment buttons are located) has rounded edges – this parts fits very comfortably in the hand. The back has edges that are not quite as rounded ... they are not sharp,  but feel better against the palm. That means this is best fired with the index finger.

To maintain a quality appearance, the buttons are outlined with a metal ring so that no wood edges are exposed. Unfortunately, the buttons are metal to metal and there is some noticeable button rattle on all the buttons. The rattle is louder on the fire button.

The display is smaller than the standard 0.69" variety that is fairly common on Smok devices. It is recessed by about 1/8" below the Zebrawood surface. It is quite bright and easily read. The display does compliment the Zerbrawood, strangely. The picture at the left does not do justice to the device and I suspect that is because of the flash on my camera that makes the wood look lighter than it really is. The appearance is much darker unless you are directly in bright light. 

At the left you can see the battery cover. It's also made of Brazilian Zebrawood. It's really remarkable workmanship, the cover fits perfectly and held in place with four small rare earth magnets (two at each end). The hold of these magnets is ideal, no movement in the battery cover when in use, yet it can be easily removed to access the battery. Notice at the bottom that there are a total of 12 battery vent holes at the bottom (and a laser etched insignia) shown on the left. On the right is a thumb nail slot where you can lift the battery cover. I did notice that the cover can be inserted in any orientation, but there is only one "perfect" fit where the sides are perfectly flush with the battery cover. Insert it the wrong way and you end up with a small gap.

To the right is a picture of the top and front of the unit. The top is spring loaded 510 connector and the pin is gold colored. Smok is one of the few companies that makes the 510 connector pin a bit smaller than others and also one of the few companies whose mods don't generate "check atomizer" messages all the time. The other manufacturers should take a note of this, and vapers can enjoy using just about any atomizer with the Smok Treebox mod. Notice that there is also a small slot at the front of the 510 connector so that even 510 connector air flow atomizers will work.

Here's a picture of the inside of the mod. At the lower level, you can see two of the magnets. The battery housing itself is incredibly clean. I didn't expect this. I figured a hand-made wood box mod would show some wood working artifacts ... Smok really deserves some kudos for excellent manufacturing and assembly. The inner area for the battery is just about as nice as the exterior. The battery is held in place by a spring and contact pin pushing to the top where you find a fixed positive contact. This arrangement allows for button type batteries or flat batteries. Again, well done by Smok.

Performance and in-use feedback

The first thing I noticed using the Smok Treebox mod is how light it is. We are so used to the metal housing mods ... this Smok Treebox mod is roughly half the weight. Even the aluminum mods are heavier. It's really amazing and will catch you off guard. I expected it to weight more than other mods.

The next point will counter one of the negatives I pointed above. Button rattle. When you have the Smok Treebox in hand, your hand and fingers pretty much fall in the right place where the buttons are. Even holding the Treebox lightly and shaking it produced no button rattle at all. The buttons only rattle when  you are holding the device in an unnatural way (top/bottom or side/side).

And the next thing you'll notice is some exceptionally well done engravings. One side has the Smok logo, and the other side has "TREEBOX mini" at the top and "zebrawood TC75" at the bottom (smaller of course). The inlay of the engravings is nearly black against the Zebrawood and looks great. 

Smok is known for making really good mods and vaping devices. The Smok Treebox is no exception, it's an enjoyable experience. This works in variable wattage mode or temperature control. In temperature control, it supports nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. The chipset on this is similar to the Smok X-Cube II with the ability to change how it "hits" (hard, normal or soft). I am not 100% certain how this works, but in use it seems that changing this means that you are asking for more/less power on the initial press of the fire button to get the coil heating faster/slower.

The Smok Treebox is accurate, it's light, and functions excellently. I hate to admit this, but I dropped the Treebox from a height of about 2 1/2 feet ... my heart sank thinking the wood would be chipped or damaged. Not so, totally unscathed.

This is a single 18650 battery and it lasts for about a total of 6.5 ml of vaping.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

The price point of the Smok Treebox is excellent. For a hand-made device that is entirely stained and prepred by an artisan, the price is exceptional. Combined with Smok's electronics and circuitry, this is a fully functional vape device that you can show off. Wood is what makes it exceptional, wood is also the only concern I have. Wood can be easily damaged by extremes in temperature and the chemicals/oils in your hands and fingers. You'll need to treat this if you want the finish and look to stay like new. That being said, it is well worth it to get the accuracy and reliability that Smok is known for and get a woody ...

What’s in the box?

  • Smok Treebox mod
  • User Manual
  • Quality control check card
  • Wood gift box (packaging)