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Smok XPRO M80 Plus from Canvape

The Smoktech M80, shown at right, follows in the style of the "mini" devices like its predecessors (M22, M50, and M65). 

Unlike its predecessors, the M80 features dual batteries (that Smoktech calls 18650's) that are built into the device ... they are NOT changeable. The batteries are lithion ion polymer (li-po).

The features of the M80 are similar to the M50/M65. It is unusual, in that it supports funcitonality as a regulated mod, but – at the user's option – can be set to function as a mechanical mod. Unlike the M50 and M65, the M80 does have a buck converter and works across the full wattage range while using it as a regulated mod. The other major change is support for 0.1 ohm coils.

There are four colors available: gold, dark silver, black and light silver. This time around, I received the dark silver unit ... it's really quite nice and has a pewter look.  

The 510 connector is spring loaded and can also be adjusted with a flat screw driver.

The case is solid but it does have a bit of button rattle. 

This is an unusual device and can be used as a regulated mod and can be used as a mechanical mod – at the user's option.

To access the options, the user clicks the fire button three times quickly while the OLED screen is displaying. I need to point out that when viewing the menu options, you have to be quick. You have less than 3 seconds to make a choice or the screen reverts back to the default OLED screen display.

Rather than go through all of the menu options, I will scan in the user manual and post it online for your reference. The only point I want to make is that the Menu Option 1 has three possible settings: Wattage Mode, Temp Mode, and Mech Mode. While the M80 does work in all modes, there is a known issue in Temp Mode where pressing the fire button has a noticeable lag before power reaches the coil. Smoktech is aware of this and will issue a firmware update. We'll publish an update to this review when that update is available. However, note that the Temp Mode works with Nickel 200 coil wires – and the M80 works superbly in the other two modes.

I was impressed with the M50. The M65 is identical to the M50 with only the wattage increase as the difference. Both support replaceable 18650 batteries ... but both also suffer from a missing feature. Neither has a buck converter which means that regardless of your wattage setting, the device will deliver whatever wattage is dictacted by the charge remaining in the battery.

The Smok X-Pro M80 works as it should and has both the buck and boost converters. You can set this as low as 6 watts ... the Smok M80 will deliver (that's using the buck converter). At 80 watts, the Smok M80 will deliver (that's using the boost converter). I tested it in all settings and it works great.

At 4000 mAh, the Smok M80 will fundtion for quite some time before needing a recharge. I used it for well over 26 hours straight before I needed to plug it in. This is an all-day vape and then some ... quite an attractive value proposition.

The depth of the Smok M80 is 22.0 mm ... I was a bit concerned about using the KangerTech Subtank with it. At 25 mm, I was concerned the KangerTech Subtank would overwhelm the M80 ... however, other than a slight overhang on either side, it looks like it belongs on the M80.

There are some devices that you just know will make a bit hit in the market. The Smok X-Pro M80 is one such device. I was throroughly impressed and thrilled that when you press the fire button, power hits the coil almost instantly. At the price point of the Smok M80, though, nothing comes close. This is definitely a good value, and a good buy for vapers. The only caution I would express is that the M80 is fixed battery technology. It has a life cycle of recharges of around 350 cycles. Once the battery can no longer hold a charge, you need to replace the entire unit.

I did try the Temp Mode (Temperature control mode) and set it to 450 F. That's the same setting I use with the Vaporshark rDNA 40D. While the coil did fire, it did take about 6-7 seconds before the coil fired properly. Once the coil was warmed up, firing was more instantaneous (on second and subsequent fires), but when the coil cooled down, the lag time was just as pronounced.

In Wattage Mode, this is a a spectacular device. Power to the coil is near instantaneous. The only other device that is as fast as the IPV line featuring the Yihi chipset. I used the M80 from 6.0 watts through to the full 80.0 watts. Changing the wattage (in 0.1 watt increments) is surprisingly quick. If you press and hold the + or - buttons, they start out slowly with speed acceleration the longer you hold the buttons. Getting from one extreme to the other takes about 9 second.

In Mech Mode, this works just as fast in getting power to the coil. The OLED display will show all zeros, though ... since the M80 is essentially only providing battery power to the atomizer. The advantage, of course, is that you get a lot of power for a long time. 

In Wattage or Mech Mode, this is an outstanding device. Once Smoktech provide an upgrade to fix the Temp Mode issues, this will be one of the more superior devices on the market. About the only "glitch" I can find, if you can call it that, is that the OLED screen does not display voltage and wattage information after you release the fire button in Mech Mode. That's actually true in Wattage Mode too, but less important since the device is regulating for you. In Mech Mode, though, it would be useful to have that information available for a second or two after releasing the fire button.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Undeniably, yes, go get one. I would rate this as one of the top box mods available ... the other box mod that is in the same quality and functionality range is one that I refuse to let go. I've got two in my collection and plan on keeping the M80 right alongside. It provides a good vape experience, no muss, no fuss, no bother. I do not use Nickel 200 wire, so the Temp Mode issue doesn't affect me that much (although Temp Mode usually also works with Kanthal A1 wire – which I do use). I do look forward to Smoktech's upgrade to fix the Temp Mode issue and will report back on that as an upgrade to this review when it is released. I wouldn't wait for that upgrade to get the M80, though. Even without the Temp Mode, I'd be recommending this device and rate it just as highly.


  • Posted by Jim patrick on August 13, 2015, 4:46 pm

    Hi there good review ! My m80 is taking 6 hours to charge on a wall adaptor is that normal? Because I have read it takes 2 to 3 hours to charge

    Reply>> The amount of time it takes to charge from a wall charger depends on the specifications of the wall charger. If it is a 2 amp wall charger, it will charge twice as fast as a 1 amp wall charger ... and so on.

  • Posted by colin gardner on July 24, 2015, 9:11 pm

    I bought the device last week progressing from my mvp 20 n love it. Use my kanger nano and isub g. Great vaping. Still mot really sure diffrence of Mech mode but I shall. Well with the money

  • Posted by Gary Hawkins on July 1, 2015, 9:05 am

    I've got one of these coming in the mail along with an Atlantis 2.0. I've read and watched many reviews on this particular box and they all say relatively the same thing. From what I've seen the temp control can be a bit iffy however for me personaly thats not an issue as I won't be using the TC with my sub tank. From what I've seen on videos of testing and disassembly it seems to be a fairly solid and seems to work fairly well. If possible I'll be updating this once the mod and tank comes in the mail tommorow and I've spent some time with it. On a side note to the author of this article it might pay to proof read your artocles before you publish them. It's not a terribly big deal however it looks more proffesional if everything is spell checked properly.

    Reply: Thanks for pointing out the spelling errors. We're not quite sure how those slipped by our editing process, but they are now corrected.

  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 20, 2015, 10:03 am

    You just reviewed one of my top favorite box mods. Mine has the updated firmware 0006-1 and in temp mode even using A1 Kanthal works surprisingly well. Never thought I would go much above the 50 watt threshold, but recent sub ohm tank coils that needs the higher wattages, like the SMOK XPro M80 are now a must.

    The MVP 3.0 Pro while it does not have temp control it does boast a 60 watt configuration this is another favorite of mine. I do have the XPro M22 and use my Lemo with a 1.9-2.1 ohm coil build in it and, like the M80 have had zero issues with it.

  • Posted by Ellis Newbury on June 20, 2015, 5:18 am

    I purchased an m80 and I used it for about a day now wen I press the fire button it comes up with the time feature on the device how do I fix this

    Reply: Read the instructions. You have locked it.

  • Posted by Richard Pyle on May 30, 2015, 10:53 am

    Just got my M80. Found that it is running version 6. Is there a big difference between 6 and 6-1? Also, is there any danger of ruining the mod in this process or is it pretty safe?

    Reply: The only difference that we know of between 0006 and 0006-1 is that the short-circuit protection message has changed from "CHECK ATOMIZER" to "SHORTED" - all other functions remain the same. If you follow the instructions, the upgrade process is fairly quick. We've updated the firmware on several of these now, no problems.

  • Posted by Ryan Bloch on May 18, 2015, 9:50 am

    It is a bad mod that doesn't work. How much did they pay you for this review?

    Reply> No one pays us for reviews. We tested several of the Smoktech XPRO M80s and found them to be reliable devices that function as indicated in the tests and review article. Please note that early versions (particularly those with the firmware version 0004) were prone to failures. The ones we tested were firmware version 0006 and 0006-1.