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Vaporesso Target Kit

The uptake on this unit has been slowed down considerably by the controversy launched by another reviewer based on a "trusted vendor" and email exchanges between the reviewer and this trusted vendor.

That's a shame. Not only is this device well packaged (as can be seen at the right), but it is a small powerhouse device with a good bottom-fill tank.

The ceramic coils included with the device provide some incredible flavor.

We received the unit at the left for testing and review. It's a brushed stainless steel look reminiscent of an older-style game controller. It fits perfectly in the hand and is quite small – not the smallest in the market, but certainly unusual and unique.

It is available in five color combinations, although we've only seen three in retail locations. The three we've seen are black, silver, and white. The other colors may be available by the time you read this.

The firing button is aligned to be pressed with the index finger. Trying any other orientation (like firing with your thumb) doesn't work well. This is designed to sit in the hand much like a game controller. The slanted top at the back of the unit (that's where the black plastic battery cover is in the picture above and to the left is a natural resting spot for your thum. Hold it like that and very little of the unit shows. What you would end up seeing is a bit of the black battery cover, the bottom of the unit and the top and tank. Quite unobtrusive.

Get past the unusual look, and you have one good performer (with one issue noted below) that is well designed and assembled. Absolutely no button rattle. There's actually no handling noise whatsoever in this unit. The firing button has smooth action. The firing button, by the way, pivots from the top. It's the bottom of the button that moves to actuate the micro switch inside.

The display is high contrast and visible in just about all lighting conditions. The screen shows a graphical battery indicator, coil resistance, wattage, and temperature. Ah, this is designed for Temperature Control, but will also function in wattage mode. In its designed state, it shows temperature and can be adjusted from 300 to 600 F (150 to 315 C). Coil resistance support is from 0.15 ohms.

To switch to wattage mode, press the + and - simultaneously and hold until the display changes. Wattage range is from 5 watts to 75 watts.

The battery compartment holds one single 18650 battery. We used the Samsumg 25R and managed to vape about 7.5 ml of juice before needing a recharge. That's efficient use of the battery. We have some dual 18650 battery systems that don't last this long.

The display orientation can be changed to support both right and left hand vaping. Three rapid clicks of the firing button is all it takes.

Charging this with the supplied micro USB cable was quite fast – faster than most. This is an excellent unit to have with you when you are out of the house. We were able to charge it from nearly dead battery to full charge in about 1.5 hours while in the vehicle (using a 2 amp car charger).

The tank included with the kit is the Vaporesso Target tank. It holds 3.5 ml of vapor liquid and is bottom filling. The tank we received is brushed stainless steel with silicone seals and a plastic drip tip. The drip this sits in a heat sit top designed to help cool down the vapor and tip as you vape.

It is bottom filling. The claim to fame for this tank is the included ceramic coil. The flavor generated by this coil is absolutely incredible.

The controversy created by the other reviewer and "trusted vendor" ... both well known, by the way, is rather unfortunate. The quality of this device is excellent. Vaporesso's response to the controversy was appropriate and clarified their position.

As it turns out, the coils are safe and tested by an independent lab. The initial reports of ceramic particulates and "toxic" elements have been clarified with none found in subsequent tests.

That's good news.

If you are not comfortable using ceramic coils, note that the coils are compatible with Atlantis style coils. You can use any of these from any source. We also tested the reverse and use the Vaporesso coils in an Atlantis tank with no problems.

The tank is well designed with generous air flow. And, as specified, we had absolutely no spit back or liquid draw through the air flow chimney. We can't definitively say how long the coils last, but the test version we have is still going strong after 5 weeks. A five pack box should last you at least half a year ... or more.

Other users report a solid vape with the Vaporesso Target. That is true, it is a performer. We ran into issues with the temperature control. Using the supplied Ni200 coil, the Vaporesso Target switched automatically out of TC mode with the message "not a Ni200 coil". We also ran into issues with other tanks with Ni200 coils – with some we had to crank the temperature up to 600 F to get the same vape experience that 450 F would produce with other devices.

The Vaporesso Target Kit has an excellent tank. It is bottom filling and that seems to be bucking the trends towards top filling these days – but still, it is an excellent tank. The Vaporesso Target device, though, is not quite up to par. Perhaps we got a bit of a dud, your experience may be better than ours. The temperature polling functionality of the chipset is not quite up to par. I personally don't mind having to vape at 600 F (it's not a true 600 F, only set to get a reasonable vape). Where it becomes a problem is when you want to increase the temperature to get a bit more throat hit from a moderate juice, or improve the flavor a bit. You can't, you are already at the maximum setting.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

This is a tough call. With the temperature control issue, this is not recommended. We will be in contact with Vaporesso ... perhaps we have a defective unit. We'll update you on that. That shouldn't stop you from getting one, though. Other than the temperature polling issue, it works well.

What’s in the box?

  • Vaporesso TC unit
  • Vaporesso tank
  • 2 x ceramic coils
  • Micro USB  charging cable
  • User instruction booklet
  • Ceramic coil card