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Eleaf iStick 60W TC Kit

Eleaf has been making waves in the industry ever since its release of the first iStick. They have iStick product for just about everyone that vapes looking for value and ease of use. 

Their latest iteration of the iStick ventures into temperature control. The iStick TC60W (shown at right) is available in two finishes. A Matte Black (left unit) and Brushed Silver (right unit). The kit we received included the Matte Black ... and the good news is a new version of the Melo tank. The Melo 2 features a unique top fill that extends ease of use with extreme convenience – and an incredible 4.5 ml capacity.

The Eleaf iStick TC60W has a unique look and design. The "frame" has flat edges with a convex center. Not only that design cue, but both convex sides are replaceable magnetic covers. The one with the logo and model name covers the battery, the other side is color matched. Canvape supplied this unit with the factory packed Matte Black unit and they also sell different color covers separately. 

There are four small magnets at each cover of each cover. They hold well ... my only gripe about this unit is that the magnetic cover on the back is purely cosmetic (change colors only, doesn't provide access to anything) – and it rattles. I don't like rattling, so I took it off and noticed that it was mis-shaped. Hard to bend back into shape, so I used some double sided tape to silence it and make sure it stayed in place. I have had the opportunity to handle a few of these now, and they all seem to have the same rattle from the back cover – no other rattles, though, it's a solid device.

In the hand, this fits comfortably. The button arrangement is familiar, but the button layout is not. If you look at the Brushed Silver unit at the top right, you can see the button arrangement. The fire button is in the familiar place, as is the screen. Screen is excellent, by the way. Below the screen, that long bar is both the + and - button ... you activate one or the other by pressing the far reaches of the bar. Below that is a "menu" button, as Eleaf calls it. It is actually the selector button to switch between Kanthal, Nickel 200 and Titanium. 

One point I will make right away: Eleaf did this right. This is one of the few units I can vape pretty much through an entire battery (in temperature control mode) without having the unit constantly ask to press a button to confirm whether this is a new coil or not. That "feature" on other devices can drive you nuts.

Eleaf recommend the Sony VCT4 ... someone ought to tell them that Sony isn't in the battery business anymore. I used a Samsung 25R 2500 mAh battery. Battery life was on par with other devices. With the TC60W I can vape through about one and a half tanks of juice before needing a recharge. Recharge is through a micro USB port at the bottom of the unit with the supplied charge cable. I suspect this is a 1.0 amp charger built into the TC60W ... it charges fairly fast.

Overall, the Eleaf iStick TC60W is an excellent device that is priced right. 

Now ... this is part of a kit that includes the Eleaf Melo 2. This is Eleaf's follow up to their excellent Melo tank system. The Melo 2 ships in the kit with a total of three coils. One is pre-installed (Kanthal 0.3 ohm). The other two coils are a Ni200 coil (0.15 ohm) and a Ti coil (0.5 ohm). All three coils are a pleasure to vape. 

The Melo 2 follows industry trends and features top filling. You can see that at the right. It's an unusual design compared to other top fill tanks ... and is far more convenient and easy to use than others. You'll like it too.

Capacity of the Eleaf Melo 2 is excellent. This holds a true 4.5 ml of juice. All the seals are silicone and the tank is easy to clean if needed. Air flow (you can see that in the picture at the right too) is quite generous with two large slots on either side of the tank. The specs in the box at the right are for the Eleaf iStick TC60W ... so here's the specs for the Melo 2:
Height with the drip tip is 66 mm. Diameter at the top and bottom is 22 mm.

At the left is a picture (click it to see a larger version) of the two units with the Melo 2 tank on top of each. The Matte Black at the left is the one we received for testing and review. The buttons are color matched. It's the same with the Brushed Silver ... the buttons are silver as well.

Regardless of which color you pick, you get a complete package that provides an excellent vape experience. Price-wise, this is a good value. 

The Eleaf iStick TC60W has a spring loaded 510 connector with a gold colored pin (likely brass). The Melo 2 tank has a silver plated 510 connector that stick out past the threaded portion and makes a perfect contact with the TC60W. Transfer of power from the TC60W to the Melo 2 is near instantaneous. I could not detect any lag time at all.

I mentioned one gripe about the rattle in the cover ... I actually have another gripe that is fairly nitty. The Eleaf iStick TC60W manual goes to lengths to convince the user to "lock in" their coil resistance when the tank is at room temperature. I did that and found that it doesn't work as expected. Whether locked in or not, the device vapes the same regardless of ambient temperature or coil temperature. Even after immediately using the coil, I could "lock" it in and get the same vape experience. I would have expected, as with other devices that lock in the base of the coil resistance, to get a lighter or harsher vape depending on how it was locked in. Not so with the TC60W ... however, that does not detract from using this unit. The vape experience is good, period.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

I have absolutely no reservations recommend the Eleaf iStick TC60W. It's an exceptional value. It is easily the equivalent of devices that cost more than three times as much, lasts almost as long as most dual battery devices, provides a great vape experience – and does this at a price that won't force you to choose between food and vape. It handles just about everything you might want to vape from regular coils and "normal" resistance to sub-ohm and temperature control. With interchangeable batteries, this is the way to go. I'd recommend this to new vapers just switching from tobacco too ... this will suit you right from the start all the way through your vape journey. It is small and can be more unobtrusive than eGo style batteries and last a lot longer between charges.

What’s in the box?

  • Eleaf iStick TC60W Body
  • Eleaf Melo 2 Atomizer (0.3ohm)
  • Spare TC-Ni head (0.15ohm)
  • Spare TC-Ti head (0.5ohm)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Istick TC60W User manual
  • Melo 2 user manual
  • Four spare silicon O-rings