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iJoy Asolo

This is NOT a full review, this is a quick view that I just had to get out there. This is one incredible personal vaporizer – if you have the opportunity to try one, grab hold of it. If you have an opportunity to own one, jump at it.

Your vaping experience depends on several aspects that interact together. The most important is an E-Liquid that you find tasteful and satisfies you. The rest all have to work together to deliver the best of that E-Liquid – and to your satisfaction.

There really are few devices that deliver this. The iJoy Asolo is one such device with minimal settings "learn" how you like to vape and deliver.

The iJoy Asolo is available in three colors, as shown at the right. There's a black (that's the one we received for testing and review), a gold unit, and a silver. All share some common attributes in color. Note, the picture at the right is part of iJoy's marketing literature. In the production version, the T button in the unit is color matched to the case color. 

When I first read the specifications on this device, I was finding "credibility" problems with the literature I was reading. Temperature control is fairly new and works with nickel wire and titanium wire. Only those wires provide the feedback on the temperature they reach to provide adequate time for the device to adjust wattage that meets the settings you picked. The Asolo specifications were claiming they had developed a hybrid technology that also delivered temperature control with any type of wire (ie. Kanthal, Nichrome – even 316 stainless). There have been similar claims before ... but none materialized. iJoy have reached this nirvana for vapers. No more burned taste – regardless of what type of wire you use.

That hybrid capability is not the reason to buy the iJoy Asolo, though. This is one highly effective performer. The temperature control is accurate. Power transfer to the coil is incredibly fast (as fast or faster than any other device we've tested). It's comfortable and small. Just a shade bigger than the single-battery Vapor Shark, and smaller than any other dual battery system. It's complete and even includes a silicone skin and an adapter for those of you using eGo threaded atomizers. In short, this works with any tank you have. And, darn near every type of coil you can buy. 

Look at this:

  • 0.5 to 1.5 ohm resistance support for nickel and titanium
  • 0.1 to 2.5 ohm resistance support for common coils
  • 0.05 to 2.0 ohm resistance in variable wattage mode
  • 5 watts to 200 watts

Just about everyone's wish list matched by one single device.

The iJoy Asolo is powered by two 18650 batteries. We used the new Samsung 25R batteries (green wrap) and it's a powerful package.

The battery door is a sliding mechanism at the bottom of the unit – with four retaining points. There are two magnets, a dimpled flat end, and a slider pin set on either side.

The battery connectors on the retaining clip is copper and the connectors inside the device are copper (and spring loaded, quite strong springs). The iJoy Asolo will only work with flat top batteries – and not all of them either. I originally started the tests with eFest 35A 2800 mAh batteries and ended up scraping some of the purple wrapping off the top of the positive end. Scrap those batteries. When I switched to the Samsung 25R batteries, it was a perfect fit with the battery retainer slipping in perfectly – and providing a tactile feeling that it would stay in place. By the way, that retainer also has battery vent holes (five of them).

You can see from the picture that the iJoy Asolo connects the batteries in-series. 

The top right picture showing the available colors is from the iJoy marketing literature. The actual unit I received is shown at the left with the T button in black. The button has a + and - function and works as we expect to increase/decrease either wattage or temperature ... it also increases/decreases a percentage display when used in temperature control mode on wire other than nickel or titanium (meaning Kanthal, Nichrome or stainless).

The bottom portion of the T button is for temperature control. Here's where it gets a bit interesting. The way iJoy has implemented this, temperature control means that it is working on "traditional" wire like Kanthal, Nichrome or stainless. It does NOT apply to nickel or titanium wire. To get to "temperature control" or variable temperature with nickel or titanium, you start from wattage mode and then press the T portion of the button three times in rapid succession. You then get a screen where you pick either NI or TI (NIckle or TItanium). 

The iJoy Asolo seems to be in learning mode most of the time. I ended up with quite a few displays asking if this was a new coil. A bit frustrating, but as I found out, this feature pretty much stopped after about the 10th time. And then, pure joy (or should I say iJoy) with an exhilirating vape.

I have a few devices that I just won't part with. I trust them. I let others try them so they can make an informed decision on purchase. And I watch them carefully, damage my trusted gear and you're in trouble. The iJoy Asolo is different: I won't even let anyone touch this thing. It's mine, and mine alone. This is the most effective and accurate device so far.

The other devices that I trust and won't part with are the IPV 3 LI, IPV 4, D2, and Sigelei 150W TC. The IPV line are not as accurate as Sigelei ... until now, Sigelei held that crown. This iJoy Asolo changes all that: it's dead accurate, and (by my calculation) about 98% effective in power transfer to the coil. 

I combined this with a Smok GCT atomizer. The coil I used is a VCT Ni200 at 0.25 ohm resistance. This is one of my go-to tanks and I typically use it for testing and reviewing vaporizers – because I know its capabilities, the flavor I can expect, and cloud generation.

Sitting on top of the iJoy Asolo, this is the best flavor and clouds that the GCT can produce (so far). A perfect combination as far as I am concerned ... and the flavor of this combination rivals the Freemax Starre Pro and Smok TFV4. In the coming days and week, I'll be testing this iJoy Asolo with both of these flavor machines and report back to you. I've also done some preliminary tests with regular wire and will update this page with those results shortly.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

Without any hesitation or doubt, this is a must-have device. Although not a thorough test and review, this device performs flawlessly. No rattles of any kind, a case that is solid and well machined, no button rattle with great tactile feel, spring loaded 510 copper connector and an incredibly small form factor. I'm thrilled to call it mine, you should grab one too.

What’s in the box?

  • iJoy Asolo 
  • User manual
  • 510 to eGo adapter
  • Warranty card
  • Silicone Skin
  • ... there's also two black/gold vinyl sheets to put on the front/back of the unit ... not sure if they are part of the regular package, they were included in the one I received for testing and review – I did not use these

Review Update

Update 16 October 2015: I've now spent a full day using the Smok TFV4 tank system using two types of coils with the iJoy Asolo. And, I've run into problems with this combination using any of the coils I had on hand. The first coil I used was a 0.15 ohm resistance Ni200 (genuine Smok). This coil worked for about one hour and generated a great vape experience while it worked. After that initial hour, anytime I pressed the fire button, the iJoy Asolo jumped back to its default setting of wattage mode at 15.0W and would not fire the Ni200 coil. Thinking the problem was the coil, I tried the same setup on another device and it fired and vaped perfectly. Back on the iJoy, same issue ... it jumped back to default wattage mode from temperature control and would not fire. Thinking the problem was the iJoy Asolo, I tested six different tanks with Ni200 coils installed. No problems whatsoever. So, whatever the issue is (it isn't the coil, it isn't the device), the TFV4 with a Ni200 coil isn't not working on the iJoy Asolo. The second coil I tested is a genuine Smok Quad coil. Got a perfect vape from 75.0 watts through to 140 watts. In temperature control mode, I got the same vape experience at 100% F through the same wattage range. And, when I ran out of juice, there was no burned cotton. It works. I need to make several points:

  • You will get a slight burned taste, ever so slight
  • You need to set up your wattage first, then go into temperature control mode with Kanthal, Nichrome or stainless wire. If you want to change the wattage, you have to exit temperature control mode, adjust the wattage, and then return to temperature control mode ... while this sounds obtrusive, it's an ideal way to prevent inadvert changes in wattage

Overall, the Smok TFV4 with the regular coils work well. I am stumped about the Smok Ni200 coils on the Smok TFV4 ... that combination does not work well on the iJoy Asolo. It's even more quirky that my go-to tank is the Smok GCT with Ni200 coils. That works great on the iJoy Asolo and renders flavor equivalent to the Smok TFV4 (and the GCT is quite inexpensive compared to the TFV4). Tune in tomorrow for the results of the Freemax Starre Pro tests on the iJoy Asolo.

USER TIP: I have noticed several iJoy users struggling with the battery retainer at the bottom of the unit. If you slide it all the way in and out, you will eventually damage the vinyl wrap on the top of one battery and bottom of the other. Don't slide it all the way in ... it's simple: insert the tongue into the the retainer slot in the base, press down on the rounded edge, and then finish pushing it all the way in. That way, the copper contacts on the battery retainer only come into contact with the metal portion of the battery. Enjoy!