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Samsung 25R

The familiar look of the Samsung 25R is shown at the right. 

This is my go-to battery ... 

Let me clarify a few mis-conceptions. The Samsung 25R is an INR composition. INR means Lithium Manganese Nickel.

This is a hybrid battery that is reported safer than any other type of lithium-ion cell.

IMR means Lithium Manganese. 

The two are quite similar, manganese in a lithium cell is incredible and is responsible for the "high-drain" applications that we need for vaping.

INR is the ultimate of the 18650 vaping world. This chemistry adds nickel to the IMR chemistry above, making it a "hybrid". It combines the safety and low resistance of manganese and the high energy of nickel.

The Samsung 25R in particular has great appeal – largely because of its high maximum pulse capacity: 100A. Anyone using a mechanical device should be using these ... they will take a spike in power output without degrading for a "pulse". Other batteries max out at 40A or 60A ... only the Samsung pulses to 100A.

The blue vinyl wrapping on the Samsung 25R is what we are familiar with. To the manufacturer, this is known as the 25R2. 

Recently, and quietly, Samsung has upgraded the Samsung 25R (known to them as the 25R5) with a green vinyl wrapper.

The specifications are nearly identical. Same 2500 mAh, same 20A rating, same 100A max. pulse rating.

One of the big differences between the two is in life cycle. The familiar blue wrap Samsung 25R2 has a 250 charge life cycle. The 25R5 has a higher charge life cycle (but no claims, nothing I can put in this review). 

Samsung has also changed the chemical composition slightly. They have increased the Fluoroethylene Carbonate (FEC) from 3% to 5%. FEC gives better performance, meaning longer life cycles and less damage to other elements in the battery. They have also decreased Succinoitrile from 1.5% to 1.0%, meaning lower impedance growth during cycling (again, longer life cycles).

Compared to other batteries that cost significantly more than Canvape's prices, the Samsung 25R are a bargain. It's a safe vape. Canvape now carry the Samsung 25R5 (the green vinyl wrap version). Although the Canvape site shows these as 30A batteries (they can handle 30A continuous, though).

Get them from Canvape for $6.95 each. A bargain.