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26650 Golden Stingray from Canvape

It's big, it's gold colored, and it's 26650 compatible. 

I must admit, I picked this. I have a Chrome colored Hades and really like it. It hits like a Mack truck. The only reason I have the Hades is because I had tried a 26650 Black Stingray a few weeks earlier. I didn't like the size, weight or how it fired. ended up with a giant Kayfun to test and review. At 30 mm in diameter, the giant Kayfun would be a perfect fit for the Stingray, I figured. The joke's on me, though, the Kayfun turned out to be 28.5 mm (1.12 in.). 

The 26650 Stingray you see at the right comes in at 30.4 mm (1.20 in.). Fully assembled, it is 98.5 mm in height (3.87 in.). Still a good size for the giant Kayfun.

I thought I was getting the Black 26650 Stingray, instead the box had this gorgeous Gold and Silver colored 26650 Stingray. It does hit hard ... with a 60A Efest 3000 mAh battery, this kicks. But it is also heavy. I discovered that the key to getting this giant Stingray to fire properly is to set it up properly to begin with. I initially had some problems and noticed that if the bottom firing button is too close to the bottom tube and tried to slide over the edge of the bottom portion of the center tube, the "drag" against the metal makes it difficult to fire. On looking at it closely, if I could adjust the top to push the battery down a bit further and get the bottom firing button to connect before it tries to slide over the lower portion of the center tube, the firing action dynamics would be much smoother and easier to press. And, that's exactly what did it.

The spring is still a bit on the tight side, but at least it fires with just one finger.

Like all other mechanical mods I have received, this has no instructions or user manual. All you get is what you see at the top right. However, it's a mechanical device – insert battery, screw on the atomizer, press fire switch at the bottom and you are vaping. It's that simple.

This is a polished brass unit. Highly polished and looks almost like gold. The chrome accents really add a nice touch and make this look like an expensive package. It does show every finger print – but again, who cares. This is about vaping. Vaping with tons of power at your finger tip. 

As large as they are, I like 26650 size devices. It's not really a size issue, it has more to do with how long the battery lasts. I have two sets of 26650 batteries, all of them Efest. The 3000 mAh battery is rated at 20A minimum and 60A maximum. The 3500 mAh battery is rated the same. Both last at least 24 hours between charges. This means more than one full day of vaping between charges. The battery drop off effect is a lot less with these 26650 batteries. At full charge, they are 4.1 volts. I used the 3000 mAh battery for five hours and put it to the test on a multimeter. Remaining: 3.9 volts. And, I still had more than 20 hours of use left. The 3500 mAh battery lasts even longer.

This 26650 Stingray is almost entirely brass. The only portions that I am not certain of are the parts that are chromed or polished stainless steel and the inner contact pins. When I took the firing button apart, it was all chrome or polished stainless steel. The metal does not appear to be brass, it looks like a highly polished stainless steel. I am certain everything else is brass. The top portion is a thinner metal threaded onto a brass component. The top silver portion is not only decorative, it is the air flow for tanks that have air flow through the 510 connector. The bottom firing button also doubles as the battery vents, with four slotted areas for vent holes.

Inside, there is some delrin to sit against the battery at the bottom and against the top part of the battery. The pin at the top is adjustable to accommodate flat top and button top batteries. It's a dual screw type, with the upper most screw adjustable for the 510 top connector, and the bottom most screw adjustable for the battery height. The firing switch appears to be adjustable to ... but it should be screwed in tightly. If used to adjust for the height of the battery, it will thread out when removing the firing switch to recharge the battery.

As nice a finish as this is, I can't wait for a bit of patina and less shine. I want this to look well used – and the patina should be on it soon. 

Comparing this to the Hades, it is roughly the same height, give or take 1 or 2 mm. It is larger diameter, again by about 2 mm. The "comfort" level of the Hades in the hand is a bit better – but the straight look of the Stingray is more to my liking. It's impossible to choose a favorite. I'd perhaps give a slight edge to the Hades for a tad less weighty feeling – very slight edge, though.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? This depends. For a "regular" vaper, this is a bit heavy and large. On the plus side is the convenience of a long lasting battery. For a "hobbyist" that likes tinkering and pushing the limits, this is a powerful, high end, hard hitting vape if you want it to be. Although you can use this with regular clearomizers, this is made for sub-ohm vaping and dripping. You do get the full power of the battery without circuitry controlling any aspect of the power, watts, or amps. If you use a protected battery, though, this is not a big issue for non-hobbists.

My thanks to for providing this Golden Brass 26650 Stingray to test and review. They have this in stock for immediately delivery. It's on their website for $44.95, a great value. While you are on their website, have a look at the Efest 26650 3000 mAh battery. At $10.95, it is a superb buy.