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Ares mechanical mod

The Chief Vaper Authentic Ares (shown at right) is a highly polished stainless steel mechanical mod.

This is a very attractive device. The threads are incredibly smooth, yet remain a tight fit. The top is threaded and bevelled. At its widest, it matches the width of the top of the tube: 29.8 mm. At its narrowest point, it is exactly 23.0 mm. 

When I tested it, all I had available as a Nautilus Mini clearomizer. You'd think it would have looked out of place at only 19.1 mm, but it actually looked like it fit right on there. A natural look ... 

The Ares is best used with a dripper, of course. It accommodates only a 26650 size battery. I tested it with the Nautilus Mini mentioned above and put an Efest 3500 mAh battery (32A constant, 64A maximum). The hit is incredible, even with a clearomizer. It would be absolutely outstanding with a dripper. Ah, but this is about the Ares. 

The bottom firing switch is magnetic and a very short throw. There is a threaded ring on the switch that you can use to "lock" the firing switch in place when you want to set it down and prevent the switch from firing. It's a bit of a unusual look. When set to lock mode, the lock ring retracts upwards towards the battery tube, exposing a narrower portion. On other mods, that would be how you fire and you would be blamed for thinking this is firing mode. And in firing mode, the lock ring sits flush with the bottom part expanding the diameter to full width of the tube – with a larger surface to press for firing. Counter intuitive, but it works well.

I tried firing by placing the tube straight in my palm and using my baby finger to press the fire button. No problem at all. I tried putting the tube in between my thumb and forefinger and using my middle and fourth finger in a plunger style. No problem at all. This is far easier to use than most 26650 mods. 

You should note that you cannot set the Ares mod on a table without first putting it into lock mode. The firing switch is quite sensitive with a very short throw and fires unless it is in lock mode. The switch itself is also an unusual design for a device this large. The center carrier post is quite narrow and has two pins to help keep it aligned. Unfortunately, this doesn't work that well and there is a noticeable wobble in the switch. This does not affect firing in any way, but it is disconcerning and gives the sense of a lower quality than this unit really is.

Internally, the bottom firing negative connector is made of brass. At the top, there are two adjustments: one for the 510 connector pin height and one to adjust for flat top and button top batteries. Both are brass. It is set as a screw within a nut/screw with the larger threading into an acrylic plastic component that is press fit into the stainless steel top. This will protect from juice leaks, but is not 100% sealing.

This is an impressive mod and a very reasonable price – one of the lowest cost authentic mods available. At this quality level, I would have expected a much higher price. Every thread, male or female, is incredibly smooth – even the 510 connector. The diameter is just 1.5 mm larger than the Hades mod and awful close to being the smallest diameter 26650 mechanical mod available.

Note in the large image of the Chief Vaper Ares mechanical mod, I have edited out the serial number. When you purchase yours, you will get a unique serial number laser etched just below the logo.

So what's the verdict? Is it worth it? As pointed out, this is an authentic mod, yet is it available at a reasonable price. I would consider this as a highly recommended mechanical mod even if priced 50% higher, maybe even double the price. The only possible down side is the "wobbling" effect of the firing button. I don't see this as a show stopper though, every other aspect of this device is well done and well engineered.