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Tobeco Flip Modications (more)

In the first "modification" article , I posted a number of pictures of modifications to the Tobeco Flip. I mentioned that the firing switch modificaiton did not turn out as nicely or as well as I had thought it would. The entire modification started because of this firing button. It is sharp and not "user-friendly" to the finger used to push it in.

I had used a marine epoxy to fill in the recessed portion. That made it level with the metal and would have eliminated the problem of sharp edges, but there was no practical way to get a decent finish on it. Everything either came out the same color obscuring the nice milling work, or it would have required some really fine paint removal to make it look right. I'm not that good at "fine" pain removal.

I decided to remove the epoxy instead and find an alternate way to do this. I grabbed my trusty dental pick and started to remove the epoxy. That's when I noticed that the edge of the dental pick was sharp enough to act as a razor to remove some of the epoxy to provide enough room for the paint to be below the top surface of the metal. And, the dental pick is fine and sharp enough to get into the tiniest areas ... so I did that and used a fair amount of paint. After letting the paint dry, I blocked sanded it to reveal the metal again. I should also point out that the finish you see at the right on the metal parts is actually nicer than what came from the factory. With the contrast against the black paint, it's very nice.

At the right you see the end result. It worked out quite nicely.

So, I reassembled the Tobeco Flip.

Here's a picture at the left of the Tobeco Flip upside down so that you can get the full effect of the brushed stainless steel and the contrast from the black paint.

And at the right, fully assembled with the UD Aga T7 mounted. 

What a combination!

I like how this turned out. Right now I am using this with an 18500 Efest battery. That puts the Tobeco Flip at its smallest height configuration and a nice size in the hand.

Ah, if you are wondering why the top isn't aligned with the Aga T7: the extension tubes on the Flip are wider diameter. They are threaded so that you can accommodate various configurations of batteries and even a Kick with an 18650.

The firing button strategy to build up the recessed area worked out nicely. When using the Tobeco Flip as I have shown it at the right with the button firing button painted as shown above no longer has that sharp effect. It's quite comfortable to use. 

Personalized and looks great!