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eGo-Style Battery Specs

These specs are for the "eGo" style batteries. Note that there are many vendors and manufacturers of these types of batteries. Each manufacturer will have some variations, so before you buy an eGo style battery based on the specs below, verify with the vendor on the exact model you are planning to buy.

BrandTypeConst/VarmAhOutput (volts)Diam./mmDia./inLen./mmLen./inWt./gWt./OzConnector
JoyetechManualVariable6503.2 to 4.8140.55983.8632.51.15510/eGo
JoyetechManualVariable9003.2 to 4.8140.551114.3738.51.36510/eGo
JoyetechManualVariable10003.2 to 4.8140.551214.7642.01.48510/eGo
eGo-CManualVariable11003.2 to 4.8140.551114.3739.01.38510/eGo
eGo-CManualVariable13003.2 to 4.816.50.651024.0251.01.8510/eGo


  • There are many "clones" available, This list is approximate and generic.
  • Verify these specs before purchasing. There is no guarantee my specs are the same as the unit you are buying.
  • "Twist", "Spinner", and "Variable" refer to the same thing: the battery features adjustable or variable voltage.

Have a close look at the eGo Mini batteries (350 mAh, 400 mAh, 450 mAh). The specs on those is correct: they output 4.2 volts at full charge and tend to maintain that output as you puff (unlike the other "higher capacity" batteries). As an example, it is well worth considering buying a 450 mAh battery that costs about $8 rather than paying $30 for a 650 mAh twister, especially when you consider that buying a twister style battery is to get around 4.0 to 4.2 voltage output.

If there are any "specs" missing and you want those added to this list, please use the Comments field and I will make sure it gets added to the table (grid).