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Clearomizer Specs

These specs are for Clearomizers designed for "eGo" style batteries. Note that there are many vendors and manufacturers of these types of clearomizers and a considerable number of clones are available. Each manufacturer will have some variations, so before you buy one of these based on the specs below, verify with the vendor on the exact model you are planning to buy.

You also need to be aware that some vendors buy kits that include these clearomizers, break apart the kits ... and sell the clearomizers individually. These may not include the components listed in this chart.

Top Fill Clearomizers

KangerTechUniTankTop FillBCC2.51.8/2.2/2.5190.75652.56510/eGo
KangerTechUniTank MiniTop FillBCC1.31.8/2.2/2.5140.55752.95510/eGo
KangerTechEVODBottom FillBCC1.82.2190.75602.36eGo
InnokiniClear 16Top FillTop, Wicks (4)1.61.6/
InnokiniClear 30Top FillTop, Wicks (4)3.02.1190.75863.39510/eGo
InnokiniClear 30 BTop FillBDC3.02.1200.79773.03510/eGo
KumihoiTankTop FillBCC2.81.8/2.4/2.8190.75732.87510/eGo
Eigate/AspireCE4Top FillTop, Wicks (2)1.61.814.30.56732.72510/eGo
Eigate/AspireCE5Top FillTop, Wicks (4)1.61.814.30.56752.95510/eGo
Eigate/AspireCE5 (2)Top FillBDC2.21.814.30.56843.30510/eGo
VisionV2Top FillTop, Wicks (2)1.61.8140.55752.95510/eGo
VisionV3Top FillTop, Wicks (4)1.61.8/2.4/2.8140.55752.95510/eGo
VisionV3+Top FillTop, Wicks (4)1.61.8140.55752.95510/eGo

Bottom Fill Clearomizers

KangerTechProTank MiniBottom FillBCC1.52.5140.55742.91510/eGo
KangerTechProTank 2Bottom FillBCC2.82.5190.7550 (w/o drip tip)1.97510/eGo
KangerTechProTank 3Bottom FillBCC2.52.0190.7565 (w/o drip tip)2.13510/eGo
KangerTechAeroTankBottom FillBCC2.52.0190.7571 (w/o drip tip)2.80510/eGo
AnyVapeDavideBottom FillBCC2.51.8190.7564 (w/o drip tip)2.52510/eGo
Eigate/AspireNautilusBottom FillBDC5.01.6/1.823.450.9283.653.29510/eGo


  • BCC = Bottom Coil Clearomizer (single coil design)
  • BDC = Bottom Dual Coil
  • There are many "clones" available, This list is approximate and generic.
  • Verify these specs before purchasing. There is no guarantee my specs are the same as the unit you are buying.

Manufacturers are reporting lengths that are not consistent with each other: in some the drip tip is included, and, in others the drip tip is not included in the measurement.

If there are any "specs" missing and you want those added to this list, please use the Comments field and I will make sure it gets added to the table (grid).