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18650 eGo-style Adjustable

This is an unusual design: it's an eGo style adjustable system that uses a replaceable 18650 battery. It appears huge, but surprisingly sits comfortably in the hand. The button, while it appears quite recessed, is also quite comfortable to access.

I purchased the kit as a backup to my regular eCig system. I had several 18650 batteries, and they all work (ICR and IMR).

Five clicks each to switch between 3.6 volts (and the firing button light changes to red), five clicks to 3.8 volts (and purple light), and five more clicks to 4.2 volts (blue light). The kit came with a vase shaped clearomizer, but I did not use that. The threads on the clearomizer are not that smooth and whenever I attempted to put thread it on the battery I had a sense I was cross threading all the time. I gave up on the clearomizer and used a regular 14 mm Aspire tank.

The full kit also came with a zipper case, needle bottle, user manual, and a charger. No battery though. The battery tube has a diameter of 21.3 mm (0.84 in.). The battery cap is slightly larger diameter at 22.7 mm (0.89 in.). 

When you put the battery in, this is powered on by default – at 3.6 volts. Five clicks gets you to 3.8 volts and five more clicks gets you to 4.2 volts. Five more clicks powers off the unit. And, five more to powers on the unit.

I do not have a scale to weight this, but it feels comfortable and not too heavy. This appears to be an aluminum thin wall construction. The unit I received is black with a black vase shaped clearomizer. The top can use either a 510 or eGo threaded clearomizer and the threads are very smooth. Both the top and bottom screwn on and off the battery tube. The bottom cap threads are much smoother than the top threads.

Performance is as expected of any adjustable eGo style battery that is adjustable. Other than using the firing button to adjust the voltage, it is cycling through three different voltage settings and works fine at all of them. 

Overall, it is an inexpensive backup using commonly available 18650 batteries. I used it with a new Sony VTC4 2100 mAh 30A battery and ended up getting about 26 hours of vaping from this. Not sure you would call that a backup, but that is how I use it. I ended up using a more common GTL 4500 mAh ICR battery. I do not expect this battery to give me anywhere near 26 hours, but again this is nothing more than inexpensive backup in a familiar form factor (a bit bigger, yes).

At the left, I have taken a picture of this 18650 adjustable voltage eGo system. I have an Aspire ET-S glass clearomizer on it and you can see the button position near my index finger. As you can see, it is not overly large or bulky. My hand is not that large, I only weight 152 lbs and this is a nice size and sits comfortably in the hand.

The pictures of the unit by itself make it look huge. However, if you look closely, it is quite short. At 99.7 mm (3.9 in.), it is shorter than most eGo batteries. For comparison purposes, I put it beside my 1300 mAh Vision spinner, and it is about 20 mm shorter.

Since you are able to swap out and use any 18650 battery, you can choose how long you want this to last. I figure if I can get 4 to 5 hours from it while I get back to a charger, it is worth it. You would have to decide whether or not it is practical as a main system. I do expect it to last longer than my 1300 mAh eGo spinner, though. And it is quite a bit shorter than the 1300 mAh.

This is a clone, by the way. There is no brand associated with it that I know of. The instruction manual that came with it is accurate in terms of cycling through the adjustable voltage and the firing button colors, but nothing else. The pictures are not correct and there is nothing to identify a brand or website.