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Kanger e-Smart from The Canadian Vaper

The Kanger e-Smart is the latest compact electronic cigarette from KangerTech. The E-Smart system features high capacity batteries rated at 320mAh and the latest easy to use clearomizer technology. A new kit includes two of these high capacity batteries that should last an 8-hour working day. The kit also generously includes five 1.3 ml clearomizers: choose different flavors or fill up on your favorite – you'll have plenty to last.

These batteries feature a 5 click on and off that prevents them from being activated when not in use. The KangerTech E-Smart batteries are the manual type and much preferred. Manual type mean that they are fully sealed and prevent any leaks from getting inside the battery and ruining it. The button to actuate when you puff is also flush with the outside of the battery creating a very nice looking unit. The one I tested had gold tones and looked exotic against the black color. The Kanger e-Smart is available in quite a few colors: Black, White, Ping, Blue, and Red – with matching clearomizer colors. You can also get them with silver tones or gold tones. 

The batteries are the standard 510 threading and backwards compatible with any existing 510 style accessories you may have such as cartomizers. All aspects of your 510 accessories are completely compatible. You should note that the batteries are 11 mm and are larger than the standard 9 mm 510 batteries. Quite comfortable to hold in the hand and hold like a regular tobacco smoke. This is even compatible with larger system ... you can use the Kanger EVOD VV (Variable Voltage) battery with the same clearomizer. This greatly enhances your investment, never obsolete.

The e-Smart is much simpler and easier to use than the 510 style cartomizers. The clearomizers included with the e-Smart are designed with replaceable bottom coils. To add eLiquid, unscrew the bottom knurled metal base and squeeze eLiquid from a needle bottle. As long as you avoid the air flow tube, the process is fast and simple. If filling for the first time, you should place the e-Smart clearomizer upright and let it sit for a few minutes before vaping. You want the eLiquid to completely saturate the coil. On second and subsquent refills, add the eLiquid and start vaping right away. Coil replacements are readily available and should last about one week before needing replacing. Note that many people also extend the life of their coil by cleaning them after each use. You can probably get an additional week out of them this way, and keep in mind the e-Smart coils are not very expensive. When you compare your overall costs of using an e-Smart with the costs of buying regular tobacco smokes, you come out smiling with about $2000 saved over an entire year (for a one pack a day smoker).

Each e-Smart kit includes:

  • Two 320mAh high capacity pushbutton batteries with 510 threading
  • Five 1.3ml blank clearomizers ready to be filled with eLiquid of your choice (not included)
  • One AC to USB wall adapter
  • One USB e-Cigarette charger
  • One very useful and clear instruction manual
  • and an e-Smart gift box

Despite its small size, this is one powerful eCig. Consider that the battery is the same capacity as even the largest electronic cigarette: 3.7 volts. Combined with the new Kanger e-Smart clearomizer, this creates a vaping experience that is exceptional. This is the evolution of the 808/cartomizer, but in a far more convenient package. 

So is this designed for? Anyone, and I mean anyone. If you ever run into me on the street, ask me to show you my Cig-Alike. I always have one with me. I might be puffing away on a mod or an eGo when in the car, but put me anywhere others are gathered or in public and it is always a Cig-Alike size eCig that I pull out. The rule-of-thumbs work for me: a 1.3 ml clearomizer is roughly equivalent to 13 tobacco smokes; and, a 320 mAh battery lasts me about 3 -  3.5 hours. I used mine for almost four hours. For many, the e-Smart is the eCig of choice. Bring along the USB charger, and you can charge up in case the batteries run out. Better yet, bring along a third one  

Randy at The Canadian Vaper has this kit on sale for $42.95. They also carry the Kanger EVOD VV (variable voltage) batteries (650 mAh and 1000 mAh).