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Lrider eGo Starter Kit

eGo batteries are standard for electronic cigarettes. They are the most common available and most commonly "cloned". This makes it quite difficult for manufacturers like Lrider to maintain quality and still effectively compete against the lower priced cheap knock-offs.

Somehow Lrider managed to put together a kit for us users looking for a reliable and quality product. The Lrider eGo Starter kit includes two eGo batteries, two CE4 clearomizers, a wall charger, a USB charge cable in a quality Lrider zipper case.

I specifically requested a 'stealth' style battery – the 350 mAh eGo. I just love these. They are quite small at only 45 mm in height (1.77 in.). When you add the clearomizer to the top, you an essentially hide the entire eCig in your hand and just expose the drip tip to use. You can order from a choice of 350 mAh, 650 mAh, 900 mAh or 1100 mAh. The general rule of thumb is that 100 mAh is roughly equivalent to one hour of vaping ... which means even a dual 350 mAh kit should go for 7 hours or so. I like the 350 mAh as a backup strategy or to use when in the company of others (that do not smoke or vape). At least I don't feel like I am trying to overwhelm them with cigarettes or electronics.

Regardless of the size of battery you get, the Lrider eGo batteries deliver a constant 3.7 volts. That is the same voltage for all electronic cigarettes. It's a "standard" that only waivers depending on the charge status of your battery. Fully charged, these tend to output a bit more than 4 volts. Batteries all shut off once they are depleted to 3.2 or 3.3 volts. It's the same whether using a Cig-Alike, a Mid-size, or a Mod.

The Lrider eGo batteries are really well constructed. The top thread will accommodate either 510 or eGo clearomizers (or cartomizers). It's a great way to progress from a Cig-Alike and still maintain the investment you have in cartomizers or clearomizers. The 510 thread is a standard that is used on 510, 510-T, 510-X ... and is even common to the Lrider Smart Lambo clearomizers. 

The batteries charge by using the included USB charge cable screwed directly onto the 510 threaded top of the battery and then plugging that into the wall charger. Lrider eGo batteries are available in Black, Stainless steel, Chrome, Red, Yellow, Pink, Golden, Blue, or Camo. Five clicks to power on, and five clicks to power off. The batteries also have security features such as 10 second cut off, atomizer leak protection, over charge protection, and low battery alert. 

The Lrider CE4 clearomizer is very nice and easy to use. The drip tip has a slight thread on it (to assure sealing and no leaks) at the top. Unscrew the drip tip and you add eLiquid from the top. This is my personal preference: top loading clearomizers. The screwn on drip tip seals against a silicone portion on the air flow tube. This is designed in such a way that you can fill this with either a needle top bottle or the regular tip on your eLiquid bottle. The air flow tube sticks up a bit more than competitive products and is not likely to end up with eLiquid in the air flow chamber itself. The Lrider CE4 clearomizer has long dual thick wicks to saturate the top coil with eLiquid. Since the coils are at the top, you draw a warmer vape more similar to tobacco smokes.

Designed and built by Lrider, the eGo starter kit is a great choice: plus, you get two batteries and clearomizers to last you all day long if you wish – or choose the smaller battery as a back up or for 'stealth' purposes (like I do).

At the left, you can see a picture of an assembled unit beside a battery and clearomizer. Notice the quality? The threads are super smooth and glide together. 

By the way, the black color is more a rubbery finish. It makes it a bit easier to hang on to.