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Lrider Robust A VV

The Lrider Robust A is a variable volt system that is a terrific alternative to eGo style adjustable batteries. There is one aspect that makes it even more desirable, that is its cube design.

I can't tell you how many times my eGo has rolled off the car seat, sofa seat, coffee table, or rolled around my coffee cup holder. I have even damaged a few clearomizers when the eGo rolled off the kitchen table and hit the floor (clearomizer head first).

The Robust A solves that with a very nice cube design that stays put. Even with an oversize tank on it, the bottom of the Robust A keeps it firmly where you lay it down. It may be round at the clearomizer end, but it is still cube at the bottom and will not roll away.

The cube design, however, it not what the Lrider Robust A is all about. This unit features a removable 14500 lithium-ion battery that should last between 6 and 7 hours of use. Because the battery is removable, you can simply insert a second battery and just continue on. The 14500 can be recharged in a dedicated lithium-ion charger. Unlike an eGo battery that has to be discarded after the battery portion wears out, with the Robust A you just replace the battery and keep on going. No need to replace the entire unit like the eGo (or VV V3.0 or any other dedicated device).

The Lrider Robust A that I received is blue. These are available in a range of colors (as can be seen at the right): Silver, Red, Blue, Pink and Black.

The Robust A has a 510 threaded connector at the top and the 510 connector is about 1 mm higher than the silver ring around the unit with air vent holes. You can use any 510 threaded clearmizer of any size on this unit. eGo threaded devices will not work.

At the bottom is a knurled threaded vented battery cap where the battery can be put in or removed. In most circumstances, you won't have to do this more than the initial time you put the battery in. The battery is an IMR and rated at 650 mAh (included in the kit). You can recharge the battery using an eGo style charger that screws into the 510 threaded top. Alternately, if you want to bring a spare 14500 with you, you can charge them in a lithium-ion charger (not included) and swap them out any time you like. The knurled threaded cap has very smooth threads. The cap has a firm spring that you will need to press to get the cap back on, but it is simple to do. The unit is powered on the minute you insert the battery, no need for fumbling with the eGo style on/off buttons.

The LED display is high contrast blue with large numbers. The display is flush with the battery housing. The display can show ohm resistance of the tank, remaining battery voltage, and your target voltage when adjusting up or down. If you press the smaller left button (the minus button) for five seconds, it turns off the unit. Hold it again for five seconds and it turns on the unit. If you press the smaller right button (the plus button) for five seconds, it displays remaining battery capacity. If you press the plus or minus button in rapid succession, it cycles the adjustable voltage from 3.0 volts to 6.0 volts in 0.1 volt increments.

The firing button is conveniently placed. It requires a firm press, and I was not able to get it to fire by accident. I placed the Robust A on the edge of a cell phone with only the button on the edge of the phone and it did not fire. When you press the firing button, you get a feeling that it is pressed with a click. If you press the firing button rapidly five times, the LED will display the coil resistance.

I was using a Vivi Nova with a 1.8 ohm coil. When I set the Robust A to 6.0 volts, I was getting the equivalent of 20 watts of power through the clearomizer. Tons of flavor and tons of vapor. If you continue pressing the plus button to adjust the voltage, it cycles back to 3.0 volts. Even at that, I was still getting 5.0 watts through the clearomizer and a very good vape. I tend to prefer vaping at 8 to 8.5 watts, so I set the Robust A for 4.0 volts (actually, 3.9 would have done it) and vaped to my heart's content. (If you are trying to figure out how I do these calculations, I use the Ohms Calculator).

I am a big fan of devices that let you swap out your own battery. Not only can you save money on the unit itself by just replacing the battery, but as battery technology progresses, you can buy different batteries and get even longer life with them. As it is, the battery included with the Lrider Robust A has a terrific high-drain function that lasts about 6 to 7 hours. That's longer than all equivalent eGo style batteries, plus the Robust A is far more attractive and safer to use with its cube design.

Update Somehow I had missed that I had an Lrider CE4 Wickless clearomizer. Actually, I have several of them in various colors. I unpackaged the blue one. It's a design that has a 510 connector only and put it on the Robust A. I checked the coil resistance: 2.3 ohms. WOW, what a combination. The blue clearomizer blends in perfectly with the blue Robust A. I added my favorite juice: an ice mint at 12 mg strength. The flavor rendered by the Lrider CE4 is excellent. Combined with a Robust A setting at 4.8 volts, this is the ideal vape. I took a picture of it with my small camera so that you could see the combination and the LCD high contrast. It's not the perfect angle, but it does show the nice color combination and how easy it is to read the digital display. PS. The juice I use is almost 100% VG. I somewhat expected some flow problems with this clearomizer, but it worked perfectly. No dry hits, no burning from flow issues. Very nice!

The Lrider Robust A kit includes your choice of colors Robust A, two 14500 high drain high capacity lithium ion batteries, two cleareomizers, lithium ion charger, user manual and gift box.

Check out the full specs at the Lrider Robust A page.