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Lrider Smart Lambo

It took me awhile to review the Lrider Smart Lambo. I am particularly fussy about any Cig-Alike product, largely because so many manufacturers have problems getting it right. 

Lrider got it right. This is a very well balanced system that is designed for a full day of vaping experience. I requested one each of the Silver and Black – but it is also available in Red, Ping and Green. The color you request comes with matching clearomizers. The Silver Smart Lambo has a clear one, the Black Smart Lambo has a translucent black clearomizer. The other colors have matching translucent clearomizers.

By "balance" I mean it is far more extensive in balance that simply weight distribution. The weight is great, the balance of weight from front to back is well done, and the capacity of each battery is 400 mAh. This means a fully charged Smart Lambo battery should last you a full 4 to 4.5 hours before you need to switch the second one. That will get you through a working day without needing a whole bunch of extras with you. 

The clearomizers are outstanding ... they feature a bottom coil (changeable, too). The tank will hold 1.3 ml (that is the scale on the tank, in practice you will easily get 1.4 to 1.5 ml). That is equivalent to about 14 tobacco cigarettes. With two clearomizers and two batteries you are set for a working day of vaping. The clearomizer included in this kit is well above the quality I expected. The flavor transfer from your eLiquid is superb. You also get superb throat hit that will satisfy. The clearomizer fills from the bottom and is easy to fill. The design of the clearomizer with the bottom coil is quite good. Once the bottom is threaded back onto its base, it is very well sealed and will not leak.

The kit is really well packaged. It is in a really nice gift box and includes two batteries, two clearomizers, a well written and illustrated user manual, wall charger and USB cable. You also get a quality control / certificate of authenticity. You also get a zipper case with the kit.

The battery has the Lrider logo at the bottom so that you can be certain you are getting the real deal. Very well constructed. The firing button is flush mounted with a chrome finish. It sits well and is surrounded by an LED ring that lights up when you are pressing the button to vape. Five clicks to power on, and five clicks to power off.

Both the battery and clearomizer are 11 mm in diameter (0.43 in.). It sits quite conveniently either with a finger overlap or palmed. The button is well placed for using this either with a thumb or finger – and the firing button is easy to find (the LED ring is slightly recessed making it much easier to find than other similar sized products). The battery has an operating range of 3.3 to 4.2 volts. It also features over-charge protection, leak protection, has a 10-second cut off, and will blink several times when the battery charge is getting low.

The Smart Lambo is aptly named ... but I would suggest it was designed by some "smart" guys. They have designed a system that far exceeds their competition and provided us with a powerful system in a familiar form factor that us "former tobacco smokers" are used to and desire. With colors that appeal to all genders, this is a win-win.

By the way, this kit is a lot easier to fill with eLiquid than other Cig-Alikes. Those use "cartomizers" and require a needle top to properly fill (or guessing with drops around the edges). The Lrider Smart Lambo has a clearomizer and you can see the liquid level. Here is my overall opinion. At the end of each criteria, I rate on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the best. (At the end of this section, I also provide an overall rating):

  1. Taste. As I previously noted, the taste is based on the eLiquid selected. I used my own preference (a Dragon Fruit eLiquid). I would give taste a rating of 9.5.
  2. Draw. The draw is quite good. It is very close to puffing on a regular cigarette with no sucking sound. I would give draw a rating of 9.
  3. Throat Hit. This is where I was quite surprised. Throat hit depends very much on the draw. If you draw from the Smart Lambo similar to the draw on a regular cigarette, the throat hit should be similar. In the case of the Smart Lambo with several eLiquids I tested (Dragon Fruit, Ice Menthol), the throat hit was surprisingly similar to a regular cigarette. I would give throat hit a rating of 9.
  4. Amount of Smoke. Again, I was very very surprised. The amount of smoke was better than a regular cigarette based on a draw similar to a regular cigarette. I am not quite sure why ... the battery power is identical to all other eCigs (3.7V) but regardless I would give amount of smoke a rating of 8.5.
  5. Battery Duration. The battery duration is exceptional for this size format. The battery lasts about the equivalent of 13 to 15 regular cigarettes. At 400 mAh, the Smart Lambo battery is above average capacity. I would give battery duration a rating of 9.
  6. Outer Shape and Look. This is a familiar presentation that looks and feels similar to a regular cigarettte. I would give outer shape and look a rating of 8.5.

Overall, I am comfortable with the Lrider Smart Lambo electronic cigarette kit on a long term basis as part of my quit-smoking strategy.

For the time being, my overall rating is 9.3 out of a possible 10.