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EOS Starter Kit from Total Evapes

Out of the many Starter Kits available, the EOS Starter Kit is a much better value.

Packaged in an acrylic shrink wrapped case, it includes an EVOD style 900 mAh battery, an Aspire ET Bottom Dual Coi, l clearomizer, a wall charger, USB charger cable, three Aspire BDC Coils and a user manual with warranty information. The included coils are two 1.8 ohm and one 2.1 ohm versions. There are two coils in the box and one already assembled in the Aspire ET clearomizer. Add eLiquid and you are completely ready to vape.

The EOS Starter Kit is available in a variety of colors, all color coordinated:

Blue with Blue clearomizer
Red with Red clearomizer
Green with Green clearomizer
Multi color with Yellow clearomizer
Brushed steel with Clear clearomizer
Black with Black clearomizer
White with Clear clearomizer
Purple with Purple clearomizer

The Aspire BDC is an unusual item in a starter kit. As one of the best clearomizers on the market, we would have expected this to be an upgrade kit. The vapor generated by the Aspire BDC is outstanding providing excellent taste, throat hit, and a satisfying vape experience. Having the coil at the bottom also provides a cooler vape helping with a more tasteful draw. The Aspire ET BDC is also one of the only clearomizers we have tested that absolutely does not leak ... not once. The Aspire ET BDC can be fully disassembled and rebuilt if needed. 

The battery itself is a 900 mAh EVOD style. The button is nearly flush with the battery body and is surrounded by an LED ring that displays up to three colors depending on the remaining charge in the battery. White color means power is over 50%, blue color means power is between 11% and 50% and red color means the battery is below 10% capacity and should be recharged. It features both a 510 and eGo style threads for complete compability with all cartomizers and clearomizers. With a full charge, this battery should last 8 to 9 hours of use (for a former one-pack a day smoker).

Starter kits typically come in blister packs. This is clearly an upgrade packaged in an acrylic box quite suitable as a gift. The finish on the battery is a rubbery feel and very well built. The actuator button is well positioned and metal. The threads at the top are smooth. A well thought out package at a great value. 

Total Evapes offers the EOS Starter Kit for $30. If you are fortunate to live in the GTA, you can also arrange for pick up and avoid shipping wait times and costs.