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vapeonly eGo Flashlight 650 from Canvape

Here's an unusual take on the familiar eGo battery: vapeonly has released two eGo batteries with pass-through USB charging and a built-in flashlight. It's a single LED, but nice and bright. Quite useful functionality.

eGo batteries are standard for electronic cigarettes. They are the most common available and most commonly "cloned". This makes it quite difficult for manufacturers to maintain quality and still effectively compete against the lower priced cheap knock-offs.

vapeonly has released two versions of this. The 650 mAh is shown at the right, and an 1100 mAh version. Those are the two units I received for testing. The only real difference between the two is the capacity. The 650 mAh version should last about 5 to 6 hours and the 1100 mAh should last about 9.5 to 10.5 hours (for a one-pack a day former smoker).

Regardless of the size of battery you get, the vapeonly eGo batteries deliver a constant 3.7 volts. That is the same voltage for all electronic cigarettes. It's a "standard" that only waivers depending on the charge status of your battery. Fully charged, these tend to output a bit more than 4 volts. Batteries all shut off once they are depleted to 3.2 or 3.3 volts.

These are really well built. The top thread will accommodate either 510 or eGo clearomizers (or cartomizers). It's a great way to progress from a Cig-Alike or other eGo and still maintain the investment you have in cartomizers or clearomizers.

The batteries charge by using the included USB charge cable directly into the micro USB port at the bottom of the battery. You can use your computer or a USB wall charger (not included) The vapeonly eGo batteries are available in Red, Black, Blue or Stainless. Five clicks to power on, and five clicks to power off. The batteries also have security features such as 10 second cut off, atomizer leak protection, over charge protection, and low voltage protection.

In the picture above (left), you can see the pass-through capability. It's impossible to take a picture of the LED flashlight, but it is just beside the micro USB port. The bottom of the battery has a chrome colored threaded cap that covers both the micro USB port and the LED flashlight. Remove the cap, and you can start the flashlight when the battery is powered off. Press the firing button and hold for five seconds and the firing button will flash. Click it again within 2 seconds and the flashlight powers on. To turn it off, either click the eGo five times rapidly or press and hold the firing button for five seconds.

The vapeonly flashlight eGO battery adds a new feature that is incredibly useful: pass-though charging. That means you can charge and vape at the same time. If you have multiple spares you carry around with you just in case you run out of battery power, there's now less chance of that happening. All you really need is one of these and any micro USB cable. Either with a computer or a wall plug, you can be charging while vaping and never really run out of power. Only one battery to carry around with you.

The flashlight feature can be seen as a trivial feature. However, keep in mind that most people carry around a small flashlight for night time use when looking for the key hole to insert your key in the door. Or to find something you just dropped in marginal light. At least I do (at my age) and can now leave the extra flashlight behind and rely on this.