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Clarification on nicotine strengths

by Andy Prevost

I have read on various forums and facebook pages about the confusion with nicotine levels and how they are expressed. I'm in the process of writing up my articles on dropping to 0 nicotine levels. Rather than spend time explaining this in the articles, here's a separate article.

For illustration, I will use the most common nicotine levels. That is 12 mg/ml. The vast majority of vapor liquids will have this on the bottle ... but there are some vendors that also express that as a percentage. In this example, that would be 1.2%.

Mg is a measurement of weight (milligrams) and Ml is a measurement of volume or liquid (milliliters).

When you say that the vapor liquid is 12 mg/ml, you are saying: there is 12 milligrams of nicotine in each milliliter of liquid.

In a 30 ml container, 12 mg/ml means that there is a total of 360 milligrams of nicotine in the entire bottle. 360 milligrams of nicotine when liquified also happens to be about 0.36 milliliters. If you do a search on Google for a conversion from grams to milliliters, you'll find that 1 gram is equal to 1 milliliter. So, we are dealing with 360 milligrams – or 0.36 grams. 0.36 grams equals 0.36 milliliters which is exactly 1.2 % of the total in a 30 ml container of vapor liquid.

I am vaping at 3 mg/ml right now. That is 0.3% of the total of a 30 ml bottle is nicotine.