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How I Quit, Part 4

Article: 03 Febuary 2015 – by Andy Prevost

We all thread lightly when we use terminology like "stop smoking", "smoke cessation", "health/healthier".

I started smoking over 46 years ago. Through the years, I did manage to quit several times, never for more than a few weeks, perhaps once for a few months.

I want to shout it from the roof tops: I HAVE STOP SMOKING – I AM VAPING INSTEAD.

Today is a message for Health Canada, the federal government of Canada, the provincial governments of Nova Scotia, the tobacco companies, the pharmaceuticals, Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Lung Association – and particularly to the government of Ontario.

I have stop smoking. Entirely. 100%. No tobacco products anymore, not even nicotine derived from tobacco (or any other source). Nothing, nada, zip ... In that process, none of you got any of my money, other than some retail sales tax. I didn't spend any money on any more tobacco crap, I didn't spend a dime on pharmaceutical smoke cessation products that don't work, I didn't ask for or get any assistance from the Canadian Cancer Society or the Heart and Lung Association – actually, I quit IN SPITE OF YOUR TWO F**K GROUPS. I quit in spite of the government legislations. I quit with no help from the governments at any level – perhaps aided only by the disgust at all of our government representatives and the big pharma pawns they have become.

I got quite nasty in my choice of words for the Canadian Cancer Society and the Heart and Lung Association ... and they well deserve that. These two organizations that originally founded to help educate, and promote healthy life styles and healthy alternatives. What they have become is nothing less than the marketing arm of big pharma. They are shills for promoting smoke cessation products that have limited success. They lie to us – they are part of the problem now and not part of the solution.

I'm chuckling as I write this. I am usually one of the first to read something like this and pop up with comments like "grassy knoll theory", "other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?" ... all suggesting sleight of hand and conspiracy theories. In this case, it walks like a duck, it talks like a duck ... and so darn obvious. The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS – it occurs to me this acronym could also mean cancer causing shit) for example, spin doctors at their finest, like to point out that they only promote Health Canada approved smoke cessation products. But, CCS is actually promoting a brand, not a technology. They promote Nicorette – at the expense of other pharmaceutical NRT products approved by Health Canada. What gives Canadian Cancer Society?

Well, I have a message for you Canadian Cancer Society and Heart and Lung Association: You'll never see another penny from me or anyone that I can influence to stop supporting the lying shills you have become.

I live in Ontario where Kathleen Wynne is Premier of Ontario. The leader of the Liberal party. I didn't use "honorable" in front of the title: I tend to reserve honorifics like that for those that truly deserve them. Premier Wynne, after watching your performance as the Premier of Ontario and leader of the Liberal party of Ontario, I can truly say that I now have a much better appreciation for voter apathy. We've listened to your promises, we've listened to your explanations for the various scandals you are involved in ... the voters gave you another chance and only months into your mandate and you've already f**ked it up. The Oakville power scandal just won't go away and more proof shows you as either a complete fool or liar. Pandering to an NDP candidate with possible jobs and offers to help with positions and your denials, or spins, to put this in some good light are laughable. The carbon tax that you said in July would not be introduced in Ontario and the Electronic Cigarette legislation you said in August was not on the government's agenda are both so damn laughable ... within months of your pronouncements and promises you and your government introduce the most draconian legislation. Gheez ... do you even have a clue what you are doing and who is paying off your government?

However, your lies aren't what my article is about today ... I am shouting out that I stop smoking – despite every move you and your government have made to keep me on cigarettes and contributing to sin-tax revenue for the province. I refuse to stand with smokers in the designated areas you want to force them in (and us vapers too). The medical community has shown vaping to be effective and safer than smoking. Health Canada approved research facilities have published reports that indicate vaping is healthier and safer than smoking. Gheez, if you could take the aluminum foil from around your head and eyes long enough, you could read hundreds of reports on the safety of vaping, on the effectiveness of vaping as an alternative nicotine delivery system, and how it has contributed to smokers quitting the filthy habit. Quite frankly, the province losing sin tax revenue is really a wash – the province will gain overall in more productivity from new non-smokers, dramatically lowered smoking-related health costs.

But, you'll never get another dime of smoking sin tax revenue from me. Vaping – that which you vilify – will actually come to your rescue shortly. You'll see so many of us switch to vaping and stop smoking that OHIP won't get whacked so severely and the province can actually keep some  health dollars in its coffers. Productivity will increase – and add to the general tax base. And all because people like me are totally ignoring you and your lies about vaping.

Fellow "former" smokers ... fellow vapers ... for years the tobacco industry has lied to us about the effects of tobacco products on our health, our lungs, COPD, and cancers. Our own governments have hidden the facts of tobacco from us. If you follow the money trail, our governments are complicit in keeping their own tax revenues flowing through tobacco sales. Well over 60% of the money spent on tobacco ends up in government hands. They don't give a flying f**k about us or our health, it's about money and profits. It's well documented that there is "profit" left after the health costs are deducted from tobacco tax revenue.

My research shows that four solid days without nicotine and you've licked the addiction. There is still the habits to deal with, the physical manifestations – and that where pharma NRT solutions usually fall apart. I'm in the last stretch of that four day without nicotine and do not miss it at all, nada, nothing.

Add to the voter apathy this: I am now using a battery system that is approved by the federal government as a consumer device and it has all of the certifications required by the federal government. I am using an atomizer that is also a consumer device and has all of the certifications required by the federal government. I am using batteries and chargers that are consumer devices and have all the certifications required by the federal government.

I am now using a vapor liquid that is a blend of ingredients that is all approved by the federal government and is widely used in food products, pharmaceutical products (prescription and over-the-counter), beauty products and more. These ingredients are consumed and inhaled by the general population every day. You can't walk by a coffee shop or bakery without inhaling every single ingredient I use in my personal vaporizer – it's impossible. The ingredients are available in grocery stores, in pharmacies, in bulk food stores, and even convenience stores.

And I will continue to vape. Despite any laws you can introduce, I know I can walk or drive within minutes of my home and buy every single ingredient I need to keep the tobacco garbage out of my life.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 5:19 pm

    Outstanding! We are suffering the same fate here in the US. The same lying politicians, the lobbyist who are lining their pockets on lies and deceit. The FDA who STILL won't make a decision one way or the other on weather or not the ingredients of the e juice we use in our personal vaporizer is safe. Irregardless of the fact that each ingredient by itself has been approved long ago.

    It does get a bit...irritating at times, are we gonna be able to vape the way WE wanna vape without the government interfering. Or..will this same government listen to more lies from the lobbyist saying that second hand vapor is dangerous that it shouldn't be allowed. Will we as vapers have to go underground to get our devices, our atomizers, will we have to resort to making our own juices, something I have been toying with for some time now. Still have not put it into practice yet, still deciding weather or not it is worth the time and effort? The time isn't the problem, it is the effort needed, being disabled I don't always have the energy to do a lot of things even that I used to enjoy. Do I need to add one more thing that will either work like a dream, or will crash and burn. Thank you for this article, well said sir...well said.