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*mizers refers to Cartomizers, Clearomizers, "Glassomizers" and Rebuildable Atomizers – excluding the "dripper" style of rebuildables.

With the exception of Rebuildable Atomizers, these are convenient "fill-and-vape" type. The coils are pre-built and available in single packs and five packs (yes, we know there are some 10-packs and 12-packs). A "coil" is the heating element that heats up the eLiquid and creates the vapor.

A pre-built coil will usually last for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. They are available in low resistance (1.5 ohms and up) and high resistance. Low resistance heats up faster and typically provide a "hotter" vape experience, slight improvements in flavor, but with short battery life. High resistance provide a "cooler" vape experience with longer battery likfe.

Rebuildable atomizers are usually larger size. These units can be completely disassembled and you build your own coils. Because you build your own coils, you can control the resistance. You can also use different wire sizes so that more of the wire comes into contact with the eLiquid, producing better taste. You may have heard about "sub-ohm" coils. These are coils that are less than 1 ohm. As a general rule, Advanced Personal Vaporizers cannot use a resistance less than 1.2 ohms. Sub-ohms coils, then, can only be used on mechanicals. Note there are exceptions: some Advanced Personal Vaporizers are able to use coils as low as 0.6 ohms. Rebuildable atomizer coils can last as long as 3-4 months ... you may need to re-wick to get them to last that long.