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Freemax Vmains Air Flow Controller

The Freemax Vmains is an unusual accessory with multi-functionality.

What you get in the box is shown at the right:

  • a base adapter with air flow control function
  • a beauty ring (shown at the top)

And, specifications:

  • Height: 19.6 mm (when using eGo threading)
  • Height:  30.1 mm (when using 510 threading & beauty ring)
  • Diamater 13.9 mm (at narrowest)
  • Diameter 14.8 mm (at knurled air flow control ring)
  • Diameter 14.0 (bottom of beauty ring)
  • Diameter 14.8 (top of beauty ring)

The Freemax Vmains is one of those "must-have" accessories. As you can see in the picture, this will attach to your battery's eGo thread. On many batteries, the 510 connector is wonky and damages easily. This solves the problem nicely, and still lets you connect your tank to your battery using either the 510 or eGo connector.

The included beauty ring is for those tanks that connect with the 510 connector. The beauty ring covers up the eGo threads.

Now to the main functionality of the Freemax Vmains – this is an outstanding air flow controller. In the picture at the left, the knurled air flow control ring has two large holes that match two large holes in the base. You can adjust the air flow from wide open to completely closed. And it's great!

Let's look at how this works using a 510 connector tank. At the very top of the Vmains there is the 510 connector that is fully sealed. The top of the Vmains 510 connector is flat and seals out the air flow from the tank, forcing the air to flow through the hollow 510 connector pin of the Vmains. The Vmains 510 connector pin is hollow allowing the air to flow from the side air holes through to the tank 510 connector air flow.  The holes in the Vmains are much larger than the holes in tanks, so this will actually improve the overall air flow getting into the tank. In this setup, you have the choice of covering up the eGo threads with the Vmains beauty ring.

When using an eGo threaded tank, the tank is fully sealed by the Vmains eGo threads. That forces the air to flow through the hollow center pin forcing the air to through through the Vmains.

Another excellent benefit of using this is that it protects your battery from any possible eLiquid leaks. The bottom portion of the Freemax Vmains is fully sealed, any eLiquid leaking from your tank (regardless of which connector type you are using) will be forced out through the Vmains side holes.

The entire unit is also easy to wipe clean. If you do need to clean out the air flow, put it under warm running water and let it air dry until all the moisture is out of the air flow.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Without a doubt, this is a "must-have" accessory. I have several tanks (Davide Mini, as one example) where the air flow is strange. The air flow is good, but when drawing through the drip tip, it sounds like you are sucking air through a tiny hole – and it makes a huge noise. The Freemax Vmains solved this problem. As an adapter, it's worth having. As an air flow controller, it is exceptional. And, it's complete with an air ring.


  • Posted by Mark Timblin on June 21, 2015, 1:58 pm

    NICE!! I have not seen this before! I have several protank mini clone that are decent enough, this would make them a lot more useful. Thank you for this very informative article!!