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Heatvape Sniper

What a time for vapers. At the right is the new Heatvape Sniper tank with some awesome features.

It's a TOP FILLING and TOP AIR FLOW tank system. I had actually given up trying to find a decent top filling tank ... and just like the saying goes, you stop looking and it falls into your lap. Well, here it is and it works. No leaking.

Not only that, the air flow is through the top too. The bottom of that tank is completely seals – no possible leaking from the bottom into your battery.

Think that's it for innovation? Think again, this is one huge cloud machine. The air flow is moderate and designed for the vast majority of vapers. The coil is sub-ohm (the one installed in mine is 0.6 ohms) – and it's Ni200 ... designed for temperature control devices like the Vaporshark rDNA and the Smok XPRO M80. It's a flexible coil and most of the time I used it with the Heatvape Defender and part of the time with the Vaporshark rDNA 40.

Oh, the clouds. I vaped with the Heatvape Sniper in wattages ranking from 12 watts all the way to 40 watts. In the temperature control devices, I had it set for 420 F. And, got some incredible clouds that would make a cloud chucker work at tweaking his dripper to out do this. 

But, that's not really its advantage. This is a tank for all of us, not cloud chuckers. The air flow is more consistent with "Joe Average" vaper, than the cyclones we typically see in cloud chucker videos. What sets this apart even further is absolutely incredible flavor. That Ni200 coil is known for flavor and it delivers. Heatvape have capitalized on this capability and put it squarely in the hands of all vapers, not just a select few.

I personally like a more open air flow and hope that in their next iteration of this tank (or another model), that they double up on the air flow holes and increase the size of the air flow chimney. I'd rather give up some of that 6 ML capacity for more air flow. That being said, though, I am thrilled that this tank is out and satisfies a greater percentage of vapers.

I normally wait until the end of my reviews to declare my position on this: but in this case I will make an exception: find one and get it. The flavor and clouds generated make this worth while. I will point out a few things though before you buy this. The box includes the Heatvaper Sniper with one installed 0.6 ohm Ni200 coil. The box also has a spare coil, same resistance. The box also has instructions on filling juice form the top, and how to change the coil. That's all there is in the box – there are no spare O rings and no warnings about low resistance wire, Ni200 being designed for temperature control battery systems, or alerts about sub-ohm vaping. Through trial and error, I found that it is fairly easy to get this tank gurgling. In the entire tank setup, there are 9 seals and O-rings. Actually, make that one silicone seal, and 8 O-rings. The O-rings are also silicone. Three of those O-rings are very small and delicate. You might want to consider replacing those immediately when you get them with more substantial sized (thickness, not diameter) O-rings. The three dainty O-rings that are at the top of the coil, and near the top of the tank (two of them, one sealing the air flowing in, and one sealing the air flowing out). When I had taken the tank apart and put it back together with light fighter tightening, I ended up with leaks into the coil center and flowing upwards through the air flow chamber (and gurgling). When I took it all apart to figure out what went wrong, I couldn't see anything obvious. On reassembly, I made sure everything was very tight, and no other issues after that point. I then disassembled again and noticed that these three O-rings are so dainty, that it's easy to see how anything less than really tight would cause a leak.

The diameter of the Heatvape Sniper is 25.0 mm and it has a capacity of 6.0 ml. And, that would be a "real" 6.0 since you are filling to the very top of the tank and filling from the top. That's the same diameter and capacity as the KangerTech Subtank. The O-rings are the same color too, you could almost make the mistake of thinking this is the Subtank just by looking at it – excep for that deeply embossed 'SNIPER' logo at the top. Hehehehe, though, there is more cloud with the Heatvape Sniper. And more hehehehe, there's more flavor too. You almost feel like a kid in a candy store ...

As noted, I have a few concerns about the packaging and lack of information and warnings on the box. Those of you observant types will have noticed the black rubber-like material on the side of the coil (top right picture). I was initially concerned about this and contacted Heatvape. That black material is a silica gel – and this is a pre-production unit. In the production version it will still be silica gel, but will be transparent and less noticeable to others.

In real world use, this is an excellent clearomizer. I've used it like any other clearomizer. I've had it sitting up so that the drip tip was pointing towards the ceiling. I've had it laying horizontally so that the drip tip is pointing to the wall. I've had it so that the drip tip was pointing towards (not upside down, but on a sharp angle). No leaks, no drips, nothing negative. From my use, I would judge this to be a solid and reliable atomizer. Just heed the warnings above about tightening it down properly when you change the coil. 

I've used this at fairly wide variety of wattages. To tests its limits, I used the Fraken IPV up to 50 watts. Gheez, nothing but increased flavor and increased clouds. I won't vape anything over 70 wattts, so I mounted this on my IPV Mini 2 and started at 55.0 watts and went up in 5.0 watt increments to 70 watts. Again, only increased flavor and increased clouds. The only way the drip tip warmed up was by chain vaping. Otherwise, the only differences between 20 watts and 70 watts were increased flavor and increased clouds. I expect staying up really late after this ... the flavor is so exceptionally good, I want to finish off this tankful. 

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Well, I have already let the cat out of the bag above. This is clearly a tank that should be in your atomizer collection. It definitely transfers the flavor from your vapor liquid faithfully and gets you making some clouds. There's always a side of us that wants to "chuck a cloud or two" ... this puts you firmly in that aspect of vaping and will raise a few eye brows if you go to a vape meet – you'll get the drippers tweaking their attys to catch up to you. I don't want to ignore some major features in this clearomizer: you can top fill this with your vapor liquid and without even removing it from the battery system. Air flow is good and will satisfy a considerable percentage of vapers – and likely will disappoint only some of those that drip. The Heatvape Sniper has all the attributes I look for in a safe vape: glass tank, silicone seals and O-rings, no leaking, no gurgling (except as noted, and that is easily controlled). Go get one. 


  • Posted by Brandon Helmuth on October 14, 2015, 8:53 pm

    I have had the Sniper for a couple months now. No complaints with function. Went looking online for coils and cannot find replacements anywhere. Do you know if this tank is compatible with off brand sub ohm coils?

  • Posted by Brandon Helmuth on September 24, 2015, 12:53 pm

    I feel like it should be noted that vaping nickel on an unregulated, non temperature controlled device could produce caustic vapors. I've noticed some respectable online vape product reviewers heed warning to this combination. Nickel is such a soft metal, it does not require as much heat. If it glows red, you may want to get rid of it for health reasons

    Reply>> Agreed.

  • Posted by Rick Herron on May 11, 2015, 9:00 pm

    The coil is Ni200 (Nickel)...not NiChrome. NiChrome doesn't work for temp control.

    Reply> Thank you for catching that and pointing it out. We have corrected that in the review.