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Kanger Subtank from Canvape

Here's the production version at the right. If the product is as slick as the packaging, you'll get an incredible vape.

KangerTech is a company that listens to its customer base and the vendors that carry their products. This KangerTech Subtank has been through several iterations of coils and air flow changes.

The first was a coil that looked very much like the current Kanger Bottom Dual Coils, you can see it at the far left. About the only distinguishing feature is the square element that houses the coil wire and wick material. The second iteration is the one beside it with the open top ... you can clearly see the wicking material at the top, plus some larger liquid flow holes along the side. The one that was released in the third one (at the right) with a machine pressed top covering the open top. The larger liquid flow holes made it in to the final iteration. That's not the only change in the progression of test/review units. As you look at the larger image at the top right, the air flow holes that are visible in the base were much smaller in earlier pre-release versions. The draw on this production unit is much improved. There were also some rumors floating around that the KangerTech Subtank was chrome-plated brass ... that was nothing more than a rumor – I can confirm that the production unit is stainless steel, glass, and silicone seals.

The KangerTech Subtank is complete and ready to use either as a convenience tank or as an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) with all the necessary components included in the box. It's pre-packaged assembled with the 0.5 ohm coil. If you want to use it as an RTA, you will need to remove two screws at the top, and swap out the base with a pre-assembled dual coil – all you need to do is wick the coils, fill and vape. Even the organic cotton is included in the box. Here's all the box contents:

  • KangerTech Subtank
  • OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) – 0.5 Sub Ohm providing a wattage range of 15 to 30 watts
  • OCC(Organic Cotton Coil) – 1.2 Ohm providing a wattage range of 12 to 25 watts
  • Four Pre-Made Coils (Organic Cotton made in Japan)
  • RTA Tip Connector
  • RTA Base
  • Screw Driver
  • Two Spare Screws
  • User Manual
  • ... and an Adapter (Beauty Ring) that is 25 mm at the top and 22 mm at the bottom

The unit itself is all stainless steel and glass with silicone seals. All of the threading is silky smooth with a perfect fit. It's well designed/engineered, and well constructed. At the left, you can see all the components used for the "convenience" tank with the coil inserted in the base. At the right, you can see all the components used as a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, with dual coils pre-assembled in the box. The unit shares the top retainer and glass tank and the lower base that connects to the battery.

The base itself is a really smart design. You can see it at the right. The pin that connects to the battery is spring loaded and "floating", meaning that it will connect regardless of how your battery connector is set up. This makes it easy to use on mechanical mods as well as regulated mods with as little fuss as possible. The threading is superbly smooth and the base is knurled to help with grasping while threading it on and off your battery.

Throughout all of these pictures, you'll see that KangerTech has prominently used red silicone seals. I personally like the look overall, some may not. There is no choice in this and it does emphasize that you are using a sub-ohm tank from KangerTech.

Filling the KangerTech Subtank is as simple as all other KangerTech tank systems. Just avoid the center air flow tube. It is wide open with no bridge in the way. You can use just about any liquid container with just about any tip. It's quite large. And, the capacity is extreme: you will easily get 6 ml of liquid in the tank when using it with the pre-made coils. You can actually get a bit more than that ... likely around 6.3 ml, but I didn't push filling it beyond the 6 ml. When you are using this as an RTA tank and making your own coils, the capacity is still quite generous: 4.2 ml.

it's impossible to test and review the KangerTech Subtank without comparing it to the new Aspire Atlantis. Both are aimed at sub-ohm markets. The biggest difference is in capacity: the Aspire Atlantis is a tiny 2 ml capacity compared to the KangerTech Subtank. The other differences are rather trivial. The Aspire Atlantis has a slight advantage on air flow, and it is a bit smaller. In terms of flavor, I would give a slight edge to the KangerTech Subtank. Vapor production is pretty much tied as is throat hit and the overall vape experience. With its larger capacity, the KangerTech edges out the Aspire Atlantis. If you aren't concerned about capacity, choose either: they are both excellent tank system. However, if you also build your own coils, the KangerTech is the only choice with its Kayfun like base and build style.

I used the KangerTech Subtank on the Cloupor T8, Cloupor T6 and the Aspire CF SUBΩ battery. The diameter of the KangerTech Subtank fits nicely on the T8, T6, but is larger than the Aspire CF SUBΩ (need the beauty ring to make it look right). On the Aspire CF SUBΩ and compared directly to the Aspire Atlantis: hate to say this, but the KangerTech Subtank works better on the Aspire CF SUBΩ battery than the Aspire Atlantis. It may be a slight difference in coils. The Aspire Atlantis coils that came with the unit measures at 0.68 ohms, and the coil that came with the KangerTech Subtank measures at 0.63 ohms. Shouldn't be much difference, but I ended up with better flavor and more vapor with the KangerTech Subtank on the Aspire CF SUBΩ battery. On the other batteries: the KangerTech Subtank is 25 mm, exactly the same as the depth of the Cloupor T8 and 5 mm smaller than the 30 mm depth of the Cloupor T6. Since I was already pleased with using 22 and 23 mm tanks on the T6, the 25 mm diameter of the KangerTech Subtank fits in even better. I'm am not sure that the 25 mm combined with the beauty ring to reduce the bottom to 22 mm would "look" right, though. When I used the KangerTech Subtank on the Aspire CF SUBΩ, I did not use the beauty ring (don't want to add to the overall height) ... it did look reasonable, though.

I did notice one particular anomaly between the two tanks. While not "scientific", I estimate that the Aspire Atlantis uses about 1.5 times more eLiquid vaping in my style than any other tank. I did not have that issue with the KangerTech Subtank – using it in my style and exactly the same way as the Aspire Atlantis, the KangerTech Subtank used eLiquid on a 1:1 ratio as other tanks. That means a lower cost and even longer lasting vaping between refills.

The KangerTech Subtank ships with both an 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm coil. Once you have tried both, you can purchase 5-packs of the coils that you prefer. Aspire offer only an 0.5 ohm coil for the Aspire Atlantis.

Overall, I would suggest the KangerTech Subtank is the better tank. It offers more flexibility with available pre-made coils in 0.5 or 1.2 ohm resistance, the ability to switch to building your own with the RTA base, a generous 6 ml liquid capacity. I personally preferred the flavor of the KangerTech Subtank and the very good vapor production.

Ok, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? The KangerTech Subtank costs more than the Aspire Atlantis, but you also get more. The KangerTech Subtank includes an RTA base and top that gives you the flexibility of choosing between pre-made coils and building your own. That alone makes it worthwhile ... but there is also the capacity to consider. 6.0 ml capacity is far more than one day of vaping for most of us. Less fiddling to vape. The floating connector pin (or spring loaded connector pin) is also a welcome feature. I've run into a few issues with mechanicals and one APV with the Atlantis where it just wouldn't register – no such issue with the KangerTech Subtank. I highly recommend the KangerTech Subtank.

Update - January 12 2015: The 0.5 ohm coil from the initial test lasted nearly 3.5 weeks before it started to give a slight off-taste. We switched to the 1.2 ohm coil and it is equivalent (as the 0.5 ohm) in flavor and throat hit with a bit less cloud production.

Update - January 26 2015: Those of you affected by the KangerTech Subtank RBA insulator:
I have been in contact with KangerTech ... you should contact the vape shop where you purchased your Subtank to get a replacement PEEK insulator. I also have received this message from Margaret of KangerTech if your retailer does not have the replacement insulators:
This is our distribuor in Canada. and we will send him the insulator of PEEK, pls contact
You will need to provide the vape shop name that you dealt with, the date of the purchase, the certificate of authenticity number, and the product number.


  • Posted by Lynnette gibson on December 30, 2014, 10:15 am

    I agree. I really love the RTA version. Great vapor and excellent flavor. Very much worth the price. This is something that actually beats the kayfun in flavor and ease of use. Plus can be a dual coil. I'm very pleased with the unit. This is something that won't disapoint no matter which mode is used. No leaking no gurgle , just a great vape. I highly recommend this product. .